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MSC.Marc Subroutine and visual fortran compiler

Dear iMechanicians,
I am using intel(R) visual fortran compiler installed together with Microsoft visual studio in order to run MSC.Marc with subroutines.
I wrote the following subroutine to extract nodal stress values. It perfectly wrote down the nodal stresses in MSC.Marc 2005r3 installed for Linux; however, when I try to implement this subroutine in MSC.Marc 2012.1.0 installed on Windows using intel(R) visual fortran compiler, error "forrt1: severe <157>: Program Exception - access violation" occurs.
The subroutine is:
      subroutine impd(lnode,dd,td,xord,stnod,f,v,a)
      include '../common/implicit'
      include '../common/array3'
      include '../common/array2'
      include '../common/spacevec'
      include '../common/strvar'
      include '../common/concom'
      include '../common/elmcom'
      include '../common/dimen'
      integer j
      character NodeStress*90
      dimension lnode(2)
      dimension dd(ndeg),td(ndeg),xord(ncrd),f(ndeg),
  310 format(I4,(1H:),6E14.6)
      if(lnode(2).ne.1) return
      if(lnode(1).eq.1) then
      write(NodeStress,'(a,i4.4,a,$)') './NodalStress_',inc,'.dat'
      open(unit = inc+1000 ,file=NodeStress,status="new")
c      if(lnode(1).eq.1) then
      end if
      write(inc+1000,310) lnode(1)-1,(stnod_d((lnode(1)-1)*6+j),
I would appreciate if you could help me to figure out the problem.
Kind Regards,


mohamedlamine's picture

Hello Reza,

I can't find in your subroutine where  ndeg  and  ncrd  are defined. Is it in one included common.

If you have generated a  .exe  file  and  changed also the computer : try to run this file on the new environment. If it doesn't work don't search the error in the developed syntax.


Mohammed Lamine 

Hi Mohammad,

As you have mentioned ndeg and ncrd have been defined in one of the included common blocks.

What do you mean by running on the new environment?

mohamedlamine's picture

Hi Reza,

The hardware. Because a software like your visual compiler may have a slight different installation because of different processors. A reliable software is also another important selective criterion.

Mohammed Lamine

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