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Micromechanics Simulation Challenge Level I Initial Results Available

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The initial results of level I of micromechanics simulation challenge have been compiled into a report, which is available at  Results for various composites including iber reinforced composites, particle reinforced composites, laminates, woven composites, short fiber composites from several readily available micromechanics simulation tools include MAC/GMC, MAC/HFGMC, FVDAM, MDS, DIGIMAT, SwiftComp are compiled. The accuracy and efficiency of each tool are compared with 3D FEA of RVE with periodic boundary conditions using either ABAQUS or ANSYS. Comments will be appreciated. it is a live report and will be constantly revised and updated by inputs from the community. All the data generating the report are hosted in a live database entitled Micromechanics Simulation Challenge at cdmHUB. This will serve as a reference for those who want to learn about the readily available homogenization tools, most importantly from the perspective of different models' predictive capabilities.




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Dear Wenbin Yu,


I tried to access the report but it seems to be rerstricted. Is there any way to have a look at the report?




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You need to sign into cdmHUB and reques to access to it. 

This is an interesting exercise, very informative. I would like to draw your attention to a similar (much smaller in scope though) activity we had performed 2 years ago. We compared the predictive abilities of the Mori-Tanaka formulation and Pseudo-grain discretised version of the Mori-Tanaka formulation for stresses in individual inclusions and the RVE for random fiber orientations and short fiber composites. As you know, pseudo-grain discretised version of the Mori-Tanaka formulation is commonly implemented in the commercial homogenization softwares.

Our results were published in journal Composites Science and Technology, the link of the paper is This paper might be of interest for you.



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Thanks a lot for pointing me to this. 

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The report is recently updated due to inputs from tool participants. 

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