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I  am a Student of 2 year M. Tech. studying in S. V. National  Institute of Technology, Surat . My name is Zoeb K Lakdawala. My topic for disseration is 'Implemenation of Fracture Mechanics on Pressure  Vessels". In my disseration I want to develop a code on fracture mechanics and compare it with standard Packages like ANSYS & ABAQUS.

Actually, In this project work i also wanted to conduct fracture toughness test using normalization technique as specified in ASTM E - 1820 using material SA 516 GR 70. I have conducted the test and prepared the specimen as per the test standard ASTM E - 1820. I have, also calculated the intial and final crack length and obtained the normalized curve of the type

PN = ( a + bvpli + cvpli^2)/(d + vpli)

Now as suggested in ASTM E-1820 one has to increased the crack length and adjust the Pni calculated such deviation would be less than 0.1%. The major difficulty which i am facing is that i cannot attend this deviation value and % deviation in my case is more than 15%.

Also I taken the load 0 to Pq as the crack will start to grow after load Pq and at Pmax,  I have obtained the final crack length

I will be most thankful to you if you suggest me few more things applicable to (and few tips how to minimize % deviation,) normalization curve technique such as some papers and related documents.

Thanking You in Anticipation,

Zoeb Kaizar Lakdawala
M. Tech (Industrial Process Equipment Design)
S. V. National Institute of Technology, Surat
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