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Dynamic Rolling Process FE Simulation

 Dear All,

Recently, I am simulation a rolling process with a very high dynamic speed (around 5 m/s). Hence, the model is quite dynamic and not Quasi-static.

I use Abaqus Explicit for this simulation. The structure is composite material including several layers with different material properties. In this case, I am using ''Cohesive Surface'' definition as the surface interaction between different layers. 

I have a big problem and there is an error during the simulation process so called:

 ''the ratio of deformation speed to wave speed exceeds 1.0000 in at least one element''. 

I tried to find a solution for this problem such as:

Larger mesh ……. But the larger mesh decreases the solution accuracy.

Have you ever seen any solution for this case? In this respect, may I imagine to let me know please if you have already any hints or solution for this problem.

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards,



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