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Ductile damage calibration in ABAQUS

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I am using abaqus for simulating a rockfall flexible barrier. I calibrated ductile damage parameters for high-strength steel wire of 4 mm diameters and the results are very close to the ones from experiment. I assume that ductile damage is a material properties and should not change by changing dimension, but when I used the calibrated parameters for 3mm wires, the results are not stisfactory. 

I know that ductile damage in ABAQUS is mesh dependant so I used diferent element size in 3 mm and 4 mm models and they both have similar aspect ratio. Therefore I expected 3 mm model to work well using calibrated parameters from 4 mm model. however, it is not.

Could you please let me know if I am doing something wrong or I am ignoring somthing effective.





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