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[Call For Abstracts]: 2017 SES symposium on "Mechanics-Driven Manufacturing of Functional Structures"

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Dear colleagues and friends,

Please consider submitting abstract (s) to the Symposium on "Mechanics-Driven Manufacturing of Functional Structures" at the 2017 SES meeting, under Track IX: Advanced Manufacturing.

Deadline of abstract submission: April 15, 2017.


Topics of interest include:

(1) Mechanics-driven manufacturing approaches (e.g. self-assembly, rapid evaporation and sublimation, transfer printing, crack/buckling/delamination /collapse -driven templating)

(2) Mechanics-guided design and integration of materials (e.g. soft-hard integration, solid-liquid integration)

(3) Mechanics modeling and simulation in manufacturing under extreme conditions (e.g. liquid environment, laser/nuclear radiation, high temperature/pressure, rapid phase transformation, constrained exploration)

(4) Mechanical properties of functional materials, structures and devices manufactured via advanced manufacturing techniques (e.g. additive manufacturing, self-assembly, electrospinning, rolling/joining technologies)  

Abstract submission is here

We look forward to your submission!

Best regards

Organizers: Baoxing Xu (University of Virginia); Kevin Turner (University of Pennsylvania); Weiyi Lu (Michigan State University); Horacio Espinosa (Northwestern University); Xiaodong (Chris) Li (University of Virginia)

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