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Nonlinear Elastic Inclusions in Anisotropic Solids

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In this paper we study the stress and deformation fields generated by nonlinear inclusions with finite eigenstrains in anisotropic solids. In particular, we consider finite eigenstrains in transversely isotropic spherical balls and orthotropic cylindrical bars made of both compressible and incompressible solids. We show that the stress field in a spherical inclusion with uniform pure dilatational eigenstrain in a spherical ball made of an incompressible transversely isotropic solid such that the material preferred direction is radial at any point is uniform and hydrostatic. Similarly, the stress in a cylindrical inclusion contained in an incompressible orthotropic cylindrical bar is uniform hydrostatic if the radial and circumferential eigenstrains are equal and the axial stretch is equal to a value determined by the axial eigenstrain. We also prove that for a compressible isotropic spherical ball and a cylindrical bar containing a spherical and a cylindrical inclusion, respectively, with uniform eigenstrains the stress in the inclusion is uniform (and hydrostatic for the spherical inclusion) if the radial and circumferential eigenstrains are equal. For compressible transversely isotropic and orthotropic solids, we show that the stress field in an inclusion with uniform eigenstrain is not uniform, in general. Nevertheless, in some special cases the material can be designed in order to maintain a uniform stress field in the inclusion. As particular examples to investigate such special cases, we consider compressible Mooney-Rivlin and Blatz-Ko reinforced models and find analytical expressions for the stress field in the inclusion.

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