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Characterization of Human Diaphragm at high strain rate loading.

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In this paper, we studied the strain rate dependent failure properties of human diaphragm tissue using uniaxial tensile testing at four strain rates, i.e. 0.0015/s, 65/s, 130/s and 190/s. The custom made quasi-satatic and drop tower based dynamic test setups was used to conduct the tests uptill 200/s strain rate. The engineering stress- strain curves obtained for diaphragm tissue at every strain rates observed bilinear behaviour - initial low strain toe region which typically represents the physiological range in which soft tissue normally operates and a linear region where collagen fibers become taut in direction of loading. Hence, a blinear constitutive model was developed from the stress-strain curves of human daphragm tissues. The failure properties obtained are of value for use in  in human body models.

The paper is attached with this post for the interested readers. 

Diaphragm research paper5.96 MB
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