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LS DYNA-Structural Mechanics

I am trying to simulate a seismic earthquake analysis in order to study collapse pattern on LS DYNA.

I have build the keyword from scratch.Although, I am new to LS Dyna, I have never performed such a simulation, I have build a test model consisting of 2 columns joined by a beam resting on a finite element representing soil.

The soil block(Red) consists of a block 15mx45mx12m consisting of two 9mx9mx6m cavities for non linear soil(Blue). The  columns(Green) are 3mx3mx9m with beam(Yellow) being 3mx27mx3m.(This sounds far unrealistic model, so please don't mind as this is just a test simulation as I am only trying to figure out how it is performed.For reference, please see the image"test model Image for reference")

The material used for the columns and a beam is concrete model RHT(272). The material used for soil is soil_concrete(078).

The contacts used are Tied surface to surface between all the contact regions in the model.

I have applied gravity load for first 25 seconds for pre-stressing using dynamic relaxation(convergence is observed at 5-6 seconds) before introducing earthquake acceleration loads(in directions x, y & z) at time 20 seconds in the analysis.

The moment I run the session, I get a GMBIN error.(Please see the image"GMBIN error")

Also when I replace the soil(Red) by material PML_Elastic(230), I get an error that elements are missing from PML block.(Please see the image"PML error")

Please someone tell me what is wrong and how to fix this.

My whole intention behind this is to simulate a progressive collapse of a structure made of several bricks.

Thanks in advance.


Image icon GMBIN error44.82 KB
Image icon test model Image for reference145.21 KB
Image icon PML error86.62 KB
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