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PhD Scholarship Available, UNSW Sydney, High Entropy Alloys

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This opportunity is for a PhD scholarship for up to two students commencing in 2018 which includes an annual stipend of AUD$ 40k tax free, a UNSW tuition fee scholarship for international students (~AUD$ 38k p.a.), and additional AUD$ 10k p.a. for career development and conference travel. The project duration is four years.
This is a competative scholarship given only to the most competetive applicants.  Candidates from materials science, metallurgy or mechanical engineering with excellent academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will be supervised by a team of academics from both Materials Science and Engineering (Dr. Sophie Primig) and Mechanical Engineering (Dr. Bernd Gludovatz and Prof. Jay Kruzic).
A project description can be found here:
General information about the Scientia PhD program and UNSW Sydney can be found here:
The deadline for contacting the supervisor team is July 21. - -


High-entropy alloys are an exciting class of materials with at least five elements that can crystallise as single phases. Medium-entropy alloys contain three or four elements in equi-atomic fractions that can also form single-phase solid solutions. They have recently been reported to exhibit strength-toughness properties exceeding those of high-entropy alloys and multi-phase materials. The aim of this project is to develop an understanding of the processing-structure-property relationship of these novel materials to enable microstructural design for tailored mechanical properties. It is hypothesized that strengthening without the loss of toughness will be achieved by micro-alloying with interstitial elements into base materials such as face-centred cubic CrCoNi medium-entropy alloys. Thermo-mechanical processing methods will be developed to achieve grain refinement via dynamic recrystallization. The conceptual innovation of this project is the microstructural design of these emerging materials to achieve superior mechanical properties. This is economically and environmentally significant for enabling improved engineering designs.

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