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Contact in soft tissues

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Dear Colleague,  the III International Conference on Biomedical Technology (ICBT 2017, an Eccomas conference) will be held in Hannover (Germany) from November 6th to 8th, 2017. In this context, we are organizing the mini symposium entitled: Contact in soft tissues: Experimental, Theoretical & Computational tools, and the participation to this event is by invitation only.  The minisymposium (link) wishes to represent a forum between the experimental and theoretical side on the common ground of contact mechanics. Therefore, it aims at promoting a multidisciplinary discussion among engineers, mathematicians, biochemists, biophysicists and biologists.  Based on your expertise in the field, we would like to invite you to contribute to our minisympoisum. If you agree, please inform us at your earliest convenience sending us a provisional title of your contribution. Then, please submit electronically an abstract through the Congress web sitebefore July 15th, and specify that You want to participate to our minisymposium (M.S. 02).   We are looking forward to receiving a kind feedback and welcoming You in Hannover,



Marco Paggi, MUSAM Lab, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Alessio Gizzi, Nonlinear Physics and Mathematical Modeling Laboratory, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, José Reinoso, Elasticity and Strength of Materials Group, School of Engineering, University of Seville, 



Contact in soft tissues: experimental, theoretical & computational tools

M.S. 02

Keywords: contact mechanics, biomechanics, multiphysics, soft tissues.

Contact theory is a well-established modelling tool in the context of hard and soft tissues mechanics. Recent advances have further introduced multiphysics couplings during the mechanical contact in which the development of complex interfaces has led to novel emerging behaviors. However, a comprehensive overview of the subject is still in its infancy when related to contact in soft biological tissues.

The aim of the present mini-symposium is to bring together different scientific communities under a novel inter- and trans-disciplinary subject. This session will allow sharing the last advances in the development of novel experimental techniques, generalized theoretical formulations and efficient computational tools addressing the study of the interaction between soft tissues as well as hard and soft tissues at different length scales. The additional identification of biomedical technological problems will further promote the exchange of ideas.

The mini-symposium will promote a multidisciplinary discussion covering, but not restricted to, the following subjects:

  • experimental techniques for quantifying contact interaction among biological media 

  • physiological and pathological contact mechanics characters at molecular, cellular, and tissue scale

  • theoretical description of multiphysics contact interfaces

  • numerical techniques of contact mechanics
  • design, modeling and simulation of biomedical devices in contact with biological tissues
  • adaptive modeling tools for soft tissue characterization towards contact problems in robotic assisted biomedical procedures
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