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Temperature field simulation by using LS-DYNA??

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Hallo welding simulation experts,


i am trying to simulate the temperature field in a single pass weld by using the commercial software LS-DYNA. I had simulated the welding torch by using beam element concept and it works perfect.


The welding torch (beam element) moves with a constant velocity from one node of the plate to the end node of the plate on a straight trajectory. I want to simulate the cooling phenomena , i.e. when the welding torch reaches the end node of the plate then it should stop providing more heat, so one can see how the temperature field is distributed once the welding torch is off.


Can anyone help me out, how can i do such kind of simulation by using LS-DYNA.


Thanking you



Temperature field simulation by using LS-DYNA??. Available from: [accessed Jul 20, 2017].

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