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Postdoc Position (Computational Mechanics) at Idaho National Laboratory

Position: High Performance Particle Numerical Modeling Postdoctoral Research Associate

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

Closing Date: Until filled

Contact: Yidong Xia (Yidong.Xia at

A postdoctoral researcher position in high performance computational particle-based numerical modeling will be available starting from October 2017 in the Energy and Environment Science & Technology (EES&T) Directorate at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The EES&T modeling & simulation (M&S) group is looking for highly motivated applicants with a strong background and experience in particle-based computational methods and high performance computing (HPC). The research and development (R&D) work currently going on in the M&S group includes subsurface science, waste management and processing, bioenergy, catalysis, batteries, and nuclear science and engineering. The initial appointment will be for one year, and it may be extended to a maximum of 3 years based on satisfactory progress. To apply, please send your CV/resume with a cover letter, a list of publications, and contact information for at least 3 references to Dr. Yidong Xia (Yidong.Xia at with the email subject “Postdoc Position Application”. Applicants must be willing to participate in a telephone interview and on-site interview upon request. The salary is competitive with an excellent benefits package.

Minimum Qualification Requirements (Education and/or Experience):

PhD requirements must be completed by commencement of appointment and within the previous 5 years 

PhD in engineering, physical science, applied mathematics or comparable disciplines

Demonstrated oral and published written communication skills 

Special Requirements and/or Training, if any:

Strong background of code development in at least one particle-based numerical simulation method, e.g. molecular dynamics (MD), DEM, DPD, SPH, etc.

Strong skills of developing parallel computing codes using MPI and/or OpenMP.

Proficiency in C/C++ programming.

Familiarity with the Linux/UNIX environment.

Experience with at least one open-source particle simulation platform, e.g. LAMMPS, HOOMD-blue, GROMACS, etc.

Strong skills of parallel computing runtime performance analysis and optimization.

Experience with GPU programming.

Position Responsibilities

Research and develop advanced parallel computing schemes for particle-based mesoscale numerical methods, such as discrete element methods (DEM), smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), and dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) to achieve sustainable scalability on parallel computing architectures ranging from existing high performance computing (HPC) clusters, to U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) next-generation leadership-class supercomputers at DOE national laboratories. DEM will be prioritized during the initial phase of R&D.

Research and develop innovative modeling methods for supporting INL mission-critical research areas, such as recovery of unconventional fossil fuels from nanoporous tight shales, thermal-hydraulic fracturing of ultra-low-permeability crystalline rocks, flow and transport of fluidized biomass feedstock, and transport of electrolyte and ions in nanoporous electrodes.

Develop automated verification & validation (V&V) test problem suites for software quality assurance, and prepare technical documentation for all code development and simulation problems

Publish accomplished research work in high-impact-factor journals in a timely manner.

Participate in proposal writing in response to funding opportunity announcements when necessary. Actively work with mentor/manager in development and implementation of a postdoctoral experience plan.  The plan will outline both professional development including research development and career development.

About INL

INL is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory dedicated to supporting the U.S. Department of Energy's mission in nuclear energy research, science, and national defense. With 4,200 scientist, researchers and support staff, the laboratory works with national and international governments, universities and industry partners to discover new science and develop technologies that underpin the nation's nuclear and renewable energy, national security and environmental missions. More information about INL’s postdoc program is at <>.

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