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Call for abstract USNCTAM 2018: Materials Instability: Quantification, Constitutive Response, and Prediction

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Johns Hopkins

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit a abstract to the 18th National Congress for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM) Congress to be held June 5-9, 2018 in Chicago session on “Materials Instability: Quantification, Constitutive Response, and Prediction. Abstracts due are November 10, 2017.  See below for further information on this session.

Conference Website:

The abstract submission link is:

 We are looking forward to seeing you at USNCTAM in 2018!


Kavan Hazeli, University of Alabama in Huntsville (

Konstantinos Baxevanakis, Loughborough University, UK (

Brian Wisner, Drexel University (

Session description

Difficulties in predicting materials instability such as localization and fracture impose challenges to up-and-coming manufacturing process, and also in integration of new alloys and composites materials in engineering structures. This session is intended to provide a forum for researchers to discuss the constitutive response and roles of evolving intrinsic field variables to provide kinematic, kinetic and dynamic descriptions of materials instability such as localization and crack nucleation and propagation through solids. The focus is to investigate the fundamental mechanisms and physics of materials instability under various static and dynamic loadings at different length-scales and time-scale. 

Abstracts are solicited in (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Fundamental roles of length-scales, time-scales under different loading conditions as they affect mechanical response
  • Novel experimental and computational toolsets that can provide new paradigm for bridging length-scales and time-scales
  • Constitutive response of deformation and failure supported by experimental observations and analysis.
  • Micro-structural evolution and macroscopic instabilities
  • Crack nucleation and propagation at different length-scales and its interaction with microstructure
  • Damage prediction and prevention

 Abstract Submission Information:

To submit an abstract to USNC/TAM 2018, be sure to read the instructions provided at

When you click on "SUBMIT NOW" you will be asked to logon to a submission site.  The first time, you will need to register.  It is a very simple process and will take less than a minute. After logging on, you will be able to submit your abstract.  Please note that the submission does not involve uploading an abstract.  All text of the abstract is to be provided in the field provided.  Do not enter equations or figures. You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.  if you do not, first check you spam folder.  If you have still not received it, contact us at


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