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Themed Article on Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Mechanobiology may Interest you ——Published in Acta Mechanica Sinica (Vol.33, Issue 2, 2017)

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Dear everyone!

Welcome to themed article on molecular, cellular, and tissue mechanobiology published in SCI-indexed journal Acta Mechanica Sinica


Themed Article on Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Mechanobiology

Guest editors: Xi-Qiao Feng, Peter Vee Sin Lee, Chwee Teck Lim

Abstract: Mechanics plays a crucial role in a diversity of biological processes at different length (from molecules, cells, tissues, organs to organisms) and time scales. As a rapidly growing field across the interfaces of mechanics, biology, and medical engineering, mechanobiology aims to identify the mechanical and biological responses of cells and tissues of mechanical factors (e.g., stress, strain, and substrate stiffness) and their underlying mechanisms at different scales; to correlate the physiological and pathological growth, adaption, remodeling, and degradation of tissues and organs with their mechanical forces, properties, and environments; and to provide mechanics-based approaches and techniques for diagnosis and therapy. To this end, mechanobiology integrates the experimental and theoretical methods of biology and mechanics to investigate the physiological and pathological responses of biological molecules, cells, and tissues to mechanical factors at different levels. Mechanobiology not only provides insights into a wealth of biological processes at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels but also cues to developing novel therapeutic strategies for diseases such as cancer. This thematic issue of Acta Mechanica Sinica contains six invited articles in the field of mechanobiology. The editors hope that it will bring new interests and inspirations to the research of molecular, cellular, and tissue mechanobiology.

1. Preface: molecular, cellular, and tissue mechanobiology

    Xi-Qiao FengPeter Vee Sin LeeChwee Teck Lim

2. Growing actin networks regulated by obstacle size and shape

    Bo GongJi LinJin Qian

3. Mechanics of water pore formation in lipid membrane under electric field

    Bing BuDechang LiJiajie DiaoBaohua Ji

4. Effects of adenosine triphosphate concentration on motor force regulation during skeletal muscle contraction

    J. WeiC. DongB. Chen

5. A dynamic cellular vertex model of growing epithelial tissues

    Shao-Zhen LinBo LiXi-Qiao Feng

6. The race to the nociceptor: mechanical versus temperature effects in thermal pain of dental neurons

    Min LinFusheng LiuShaobao LiuChangchun JiAng LiTian Jian Lu, Feng Xu

7. Osteoporosis affects both post-yield microdamage accumulation and plasticity degradation in vertebra of ovariectomized rats

    Siwei LiGuodong NiuNeil X. DongXiaodu WangZhongjun LiuChunli Song, Huijie Leng

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