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Themed Article for CCTAM 2017 Special Issue ——Published in Acta Mechanica Sinica (Vol.33, Issues 3&4, 2017)

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Welcome to themed article for CCTAM 2017 special issue published in SCI-indexed journal Acta Mechanica Sinica


Themed Article on for CCTAM 2017 Special Issue

Guest editors: Tian Jian Lu, Wei Shyy, Zhigang Suo

To celebrate and witness the 2017 Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CCTAM2017) and the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM), which is a large professional body consisting of more than 20,000 members from around the globe and also the sponsor of Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS), we here publish a special collection including twenty-one invited papers in this and the following issues. In this special collection, we present a wide range of papers to the research community, aiming to report the most recent development in the field. Together, they address a number of well-established and emerging topical areas, advance the state-of-the-art, and offer directions for future research.

Committing to publish papers with new insight and of potentially significant impact, AMS explores the frontiers of mechanics using analytical, computational, and experimental tools. AMS also encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, and serves as a bridge between mechanics and other branches of engineering and sciences. We extend a warm welcome to you all for attending the CCTAM2017 in Beijing, and encourage you to submit your future work to AMS.

1.   Preface

      Tian Jian LuWei ShyyZhigang Suo

2.   High-order discontinuous Galerkin method for applications to multicomponent and chemically reacting flows

      Yu LvMatthias Ihme

3.   Scaling of energy spectra in weakly compressible turbulence

      Yufeng DongGuowei He

4.   The relation between a microscopic threshold-force model and macroscopic models of adhesion

      Srivatsan HulikalKaushik BhattacharyaNadia Lapusta

5.   Computational dynamics of soft machines

      Haiyan HuQiang TianCheng Liu

6.   Adaptive nonlinear model predictive control design of a flexible-link manipulator with uncertain parameters

      Fabian SchnellePeter Eberhard

7.   Tough and tunable adhesion of hydrogels: experiments and models

      Teng ZhangHyunwoo YukShaoting LinGerman A. Parada, Xuanhe Zhao

8.   Lattice Boltzmann modeling of transport phenomena in fuel cells and flow batteries

      Ao XuWei ShyyTianshou Zhao

9.   Optomechanical soft metamaterials

      Xiangjun PengWei HeYifan LiuFengxian XinTian Jian Lu

10. Analytical and computational modelling for wave energy systems: the example of oscillating wave surge converters

      Frédéric DiasEmiliano RenziSarah GallagherDripta Sarkar, Yanji Wei, Thomas Abadie, Cathal Cummins, Ashkan Rafiee

11. Unsteady bio-fluid dynamics in flying and swimming

      Hao LiuDmitry KolomenskiyToshiyuki NakataGen Li

12. Dynamics of cavitation–structure interaction

      Guoyu WangQin WuBiao Huang

13. Numerical stabilities of loosely coupled methods for robust modeling of lightweight and flexible structures in incompressible and viscous flows

      Deniz Tolga AkcabayJian XiaoYin Lu Young

14. Forces and energetics of intermittent swimming

      Daniel FloryanTyler Van BurenAlexander J. Smits

15. A gas-kinetic theory based multidimensional high-order method for the compressible Navier–Stokes solutions

      Xiaodong RenKun XuWei Shyy

16. Experimental investigation on the wake interference among wind turbines sited in atmospheric boundary layer winds

      W. TianA. OzbayX. D. WangH. Hu

17. Interesting effects in harmonic generation by plane elastic waves

      Yanzheng WangJan D. Achenbach

18. Finite versus small strain discrete dislocation analysis of cantilever bending of single crystals

      Nilgoon IraniJoris J. C. RemmersVikram S. Deshpande

19. Topology optimization of 3D shell structures with porous infill

      Anders ClausenErik AndreassenOle Sigmund

20. Size and strain rate effects in tensile strength of penta-twinned Ag nanowires

      Xuan ZhangXiaoyan LiHuajian Gao

21. Complex dynamics of a harmonically excited structure coupled with a nonlinear energy sink

      Jian ZangLi-Qun Chen

22. Flow dynamics analyses of pathophysiological liver lobules using porous media theory

      Jinrong HuShouqin LüShiliang FengMian Long

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