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Phd positions - Mechanical Engineering UT Dallas

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Openings are available for PhD. students in the Nanomechanical MUltiphysicals lab at UT-Dallas, with a start date of August 2018. Outstanding candidates may be considered for starting in January 2018.

The research topics are experimental in nature, and cover the areas of nanomechanics, electrical-mechanical coupling in nanostructures, and in-situ electron microscopy. Previous research experience, specially in mechanics, and experimental skills are highly desirable. For more details about our research please visit:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UT Dallas is growing rapidly into a research-intensive department, with a state of the art building slated for completion during the next year, added to a full array of experimental and materials characterization capabilities already available.

If interested, please submit to your CV, and short descriptions of why you want to pursue a PhD, and what do you find interesting about our research.

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