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How to define Drucker-Prager model for soil in Abaqus

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Hi everybody,

I am doing a pipe-soil interaction study using Drucker-Prager model in Abaqus software. The parameters related to soil properties are presented as below:

Soil Density: 1900 kg/m3 

Young's Modulus: 400E6 Pa

Poison's Ratio: 0.3

Drucker-Prager model:

  • Angle of Soil Friction: 45 deg
  • Flow Stress Ratio: 0.778
  • Dilation Angle: 30 deg

Drucker-Prager Hardening using hardening behavior type: Shear

  • Point 1: (Yield Stress, Abs Plastic Strain)=(100 Pa, 0).
  • Point 2: (Yield Stress, Abs Plastic Strain)=(100 Pa, 0.01).

When I used Data Check in Job module to check the input data. Abaqus gived me a message like this: "The soil have an incorrect properties definition".

My CAE model is attached as the link below:

Please give me the instructions to fix the model.

Thank you so much!

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Why did you use Eulerian domain for the soil ? won't it prevent you to be able to define a good interaction between the soil and the pipe ? I notieced you have not defined any particular type of contact property between the components

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Also to add about the error, are you sure it's not the  xxx elements have missing property definitions ?

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When the pipe moving on the seabed (sand), the soil will be form an configuration named "soil berm". 

Please see this link to get more information:

The soil bearm is as a results in extreme large deformation. So i must use Eulerian domain to solve this problem.

Can you help me to define Drucker-Prager model for soil in Abaqus?

Thanks in advance!


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