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minisymposium on "Fatigue and Tribology" in July 2-6 in Bologna, 2018, ESMC2018

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   Inline images 1MS-3-13Mini-symposium title3-13 - Fatigue and TribologyOrganizersFilippo Berto (NTNU), Michele Ciavarella (Politecnico di Bari), Daniele Dini (Imperial College London)Mini-symposium description

Fatigue is an old problem, but still responsible for many unexpected failures, mainly because microscopic defects become critical in a relatively short time. The subject is relevant to modern technology and a wide range of industrial applications, such as additive manufacturing processes and new materials. Safe life, fail safe and damage tolerance are various approaches to deal with fatigue design.  Tribology, i.e. the study of rubbing interfaces, on the other hand, is a relatively new area, but has also crucial importance to limit damage occurring at the surfaces between interacting components, in the form of e.g. wear and contact fatigue.  The symposium will aim to receive contributions from the broad areas of solid mechanics, fatigue and fracture, and tribology, which target new methodologies and recent advances in these fields, with particular emphasis placed on the problems occurring at the boundary between those disciplines.


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