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Cyclic Stress-Strain Curve (Bauschinger)

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I want to import a cyclic stress strain curve into my model (Uploaded picture). Modelling of non-linearisotropic/kinematic materialbehavior by means of constitutive material description according to Lemaitre-Chaboche.

I only have the stress strain data of cyclic tests. The options are "Hardening: combined" and "data type: stabilized". My Problem is that the strain data has to be increasing in Abaqus. But the cyclic tests include negative strains. How do I avoid this problem?

If I chose the data to be "parameters" I have no informations about Q_infinity, Hardening Parameter b, Kinematic Hardening C1 and Gamma1. Are those parameters obtainable from Cyclic Tests?

Best regards and thanks for your help.

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