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Last Call for Abstract Submission to Symposium 356: "Mechanics and Design of Mechanical Metamaterials" for 2018 USNCTAM at Northwestern University, DUE Extended by 11/25/2017

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Dear Colleague, We would like to bring your last attention and invite you and your students/postdoc to submit abstracts for oral presentations to Symposium 356 on “Mechanics and Design of Mechanical Metamaterials” under the umbrella of “Phononics And Metamaterials” at the 18th U.S. National Congress for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM 2018), hosted by the Northwestern University during June 4-9, 2018.

The extended deadline for abstract submission is November 25, 2017

Please be reminded to submit your abstract online at the abstract submission site by clicking “SUBMIT NOW” on the bottom of the page by November 25, 2017 to Symposium 356. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Symposium Description:

Mechanical metamaterials are becoming an emerging frontier in scientific research and engineering innovation due to their unprecedented physical properties, arising from the innovative geometrical design of unit cells. Meanwhile, when in response to different stimuli, mechanical metamaterials can be reconfigured beyond their original designs by reversibly changing the size, shape, and symmetry via simple deformation, offering enhanced flexibility in performance and tunable properties coupled with dynamically changing structural configurations. Mechanical metamaterials synergistically integrate mechanics, geometry, design, properties, and manufacturing. This symposium will represent the emerging and recent advances in mechanical metamaterials with a focus on their extraordinary mechanical behaviors through purposeful geometrical and mechanical designs, as well as enabled novel engineering applications across a wide range of length scales. Topics of particular interest include:

• Modeling, simulation, fabrication, and experimental characterization of mechanical metamaterials at all scales

• Manufacturing of metamaterials in polymers, metals, ceramics, and combinations

• Design of architectured metamaterials for unique mechanical properties

• Origami and Kirigami-based 2D and 3D deployable and expandable metamaterials

• Programmable and reprogrammable mechanical metamaterials

• Buckling-based reconfigurable metamaterials

• Design of unit geometry and hierarchical structure for unprecedented mechanical and acoustic properties (e.g. negative Poisson’s ratio, negative stiffness, negative acoustic indices etc) • Stimuli-responsive active soft mechanical metamaterials

• Multifunctional mechanical metamaterials in mechanics, acoustics, electronics, medicine, and reconfigurable soft machines etc.


Symposium 356 Organizers

Dr. Jie Yin, Assistant Professor, Temple University,

Dr. Yaning Li, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire,

Dr. Lifeng Wang, Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University,

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