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Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering I am going to offer a course entitled Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering on National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) of Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) of Govt. of India. The course content is similar to what we offer in undergraduate course at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi( IITD:) Crystallography, Defects, Phase Diagram, Diffusion, Phase transformation, Mechanical Behaviour.  There are about 40 hours of video recordings. They will be offered in 12 weekly instalments starting Jan 22, 2018. Every week there will be about three hours of video and a short quiz based on these videos. A certificate with IITD and NPTEL logo will also be issued to those who are interested. For such students there will be a final examination. 25% marks will be from weekly quiz (best 8 out of 12) and 75% from the final examination. Those who score 40% or more will be awarded a certificate. However, those not interested in certificate are also welcome to attend and participate in the forum discussions.

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