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A thermo-elasto-plastic theory for special Cosserat rods

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A general framework is presented to model coupled thermo-elasto-plastic deformations in the theory of special Cosserat rods. The use of the one-dimensional form of the energy balance in conjunction with the one-dimensional entropy balance allows us to obtain an additional equation for the evolution of a temperature-like one-dimensional field variable together with constitutive relations for this theory. Reduction to the case of thermoelasticity leads us to the well known nonlinear theory of thermoelasticity for special Cosserat rods. Later on, additive decomposition is used to separate the thermoelastic part of the strain measures of the rod from their plastic counterparts. We then present the most general quadratic form of the Helmholtz energy per unit rod's undeformed length for both hemitropic and transversely isotropic rods. We also propose a prototype yield criterion in terms of forces, moments and hardening stress resultants as well as the associative flow rules for the evolution of plastic strain measures and hardening variables.

The article will soon appear in Mathematics and Mechanics of solids and can also be accessed at the following link:

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