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Would you suggest a textbook or a paper help for building such a model



I need to build a model to predict the fatigue life of notched metal. No pre-existing fatigue crack, as the specimens is not based on the ASTM standards.

The crack initiation from a notch, and then propagation till failure needed to be accounted for. 

The plasticity at the notch due to the cyclic loading & the crack closure effect needed to be considered. 

In the literature there are few models, and some of them were built-in within a UMAT code. Unfortunately, I have not run into one of these codes as they are not shared or available for public.  

My purpose is to verify the model for the steel first and then modify it for my objective.

As many factors needed to be included in such a model, an advance understanding for crack initiation, notch-effect, and cyclic plasticity, plasticity induced crack closure is essential.

Would you suggest a textbook, papers which can assist me to gain a knowledge on the above mentioned factors? 

Do you know if there is a free UMAT code for modelling cyclic plasticity?


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