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Novel silicon nanowire-based 3-dimensional devices and systems

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A new approach for monolithic integration of silicon nanowires with 3-dimensional devices (for more details of the project see: Integration of silicon nanowires in three-dimensional devices including integrated circuits (ICs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) leads to enhanced functionality and performance in diverse applications. The immediate challenge to the extensive use of silicon nanowires in modern electronic devices is their integration with the higher-order architectures. Utilizing a well-tuned combination of etching and protection processes, silicon nanowires can be batch-produced in bulk silicon with an extreme trench depth of 40-μm, the highest trench depth obtained in a monolithic fashion within the same Si crystal so far. (for more details see: the associated lack of high-temperature processes and its CMOS-compatibility, the technique is a promising enabler for future miniaturized piezoresistive sensors. (for more details see: implications of the technology regarding the electromechanical resonance are studied within a particular setting, where the resonator is co-fabricated with all terminals and tuning electrodes. (for more details see: 

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