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Immediate postdoc opening on 3D printing of electronics on conformal surfaces

Duration: 1 year and subject to renewal for another year based on performance

Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland (UMD), College

Park, MD 20742

Supervisor: Dr. Siddhartha Das (UMD)

Project Description: The current technologies of 3D printing have huge potential in the domain

of printing flexible electronics and direct write printing on curved surfaces. In this project, we

want to explore such technologies to print electronics on curved surfaces. We would experiment

with various kinds of printing solutions for the fabrication of printed electronics onto arbitrary

non-flat surfaces. We would test the feasibility of printing with various kinds of multi-axis

printing platforms like syringe/extrusion printing, aerosol jet printing etc. The final goal is to

create printed hybrid electronic circuits that can eventually lead to enhancement in the area such as

of wearable technologies. It will also enhance the possibilities of printing electronics on

conformal surfaces widely found in the aerospace and automotive industry.

The person will be working using 3D printing facilities at UMD.

Desirable qualifications: The candidate should have a Ph.D. during the time of application.

Previous experience with 3-D printing and knowledge about the fabrication of electronic systems are

desirable. The candidate should be ready to take up leadership roles in different challenging


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