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Review paper by Professor Jerry Ericksen on Cauchy-Born rule; Special issue on scale effects---freely available for a month

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Xin-Lin Gao and I had the pleasure of guest-editing a special  issue on "scale effects in mechanics" for the journal, Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids (editor: Professor David Steigmann , UC Berkeley).

Professor Jerry Ericksen (Timoshenko awardee, 1979 ) kindly provided an authoritative review of the Cauchy-Born rule. In addition, the special issue contains six other notable papers. Interested folks can get an overview of the special issue and the contained papers by reading the attached preface.

For a period of one month starting from May 1st, the entire special issue is freely accessible.


MMSpreface.doc24 KB


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Dear Pradeep:  Do you have contact with Ericksen?  His lecture has been missing from our list of Timoshenko Lectures.  Could you please ask him for it?  Many thanks.

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Zhigang,  I did have some contact with him for the special issue. I have already requested him for this lecture and if found and made available, I will post it.



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Here is a quote from D D Joseph's Timoshenko lecture (which exists on the imechanica archive):

"I understand that when Jerry Ericksen got this award, he said "thank you" and sat down."

Sets a hard to beat standard for being to the point.

- Amit 

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Professor Ericksen did respond. Unfortunately he does not have a copy of his speech.

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I just checked and attempting to download an article results in an This item requires a
subscription to Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids Online.


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Rich, sorry for turns out that you have to first visit the following site:

Here, on the top you will see the following: "Free trial to all SAGE journals until May 31st"

Click on that, follow the instructions and you should be able to access not only this issue but also all the other journals by this publisher. In case you still have difficulty, please let me know which papers you are interested in and I will help you get those.


Rich Lehoucq's picture

Thanks for the help. I thought I followed the directions but now the username and password I created can't be used unitl activated. And for some reason, I can't activate unless I am already I'm a subscriber. sigh.

I appreciate your offer but it's not a big deal. 


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