Theories of Failure in Strain space

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In theories of failure (e.g von-Mises, Tresca, Max. principal stress etc), yield funcion,          f(sigma ij, Y) = 0 is plotted in principal stress space (sigma 1, sigma2 and sigma 3). Why shouldn't we express the same yield function, f(epsilon ij, epsilon Y) = 0 and plot in principal strain space?

Y = Yiled stress, sigma ij = stress ij, epsilon ij = strain ij. and espsilon Y = Yield strain = Y/E,   E = Young's modulus

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Go through  Chapter 8:

Go through  Chapter 8: Strain Space formulations for Plastic deformation.

Topic 8.3- Yield surface in strain space.

Continuum Theory of Plasticity A S Khan and S. Huang

 experimentally,one major problem is to track the strains especially for finite deformation.


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