Post Doctoral position at French research centre LMPM-ENSMA : numerical developement applied to multiphysic coupling


The LMPM ( seeks candidates for a post-doctoral position in the domain of numerical development applied to the modelling of coupled phenomena. It consists in understanding, modelling and simulating the different couplings (like mechanical, thermal, chemical and diffusion problems) on industrial cases.

The LMPM is a research centre in France which focuses on  durability of material under severe environment (multiphysic coupling).

The aim of the post-doc is to contribute to developing a computing code inside the laboratory in order to integrate the thermal/chemical/mechanical/diffusion coupling.

A bibliographical study will deal with solving techniques of strongly coupled problems and with the resolution of numerical models involving a large number of degrees of freedom. A second step will first aim at implementing the various chosen solutions in the computing code, then at testing their respective efficiencies. Finally, the modelling ofan industrial case will be achieved. The numerical development will be made on the laboratory cluster, and will take into account possibilities for parallel computing.

Applicants should have skills in numerical methods (finite elements) and programming (C++ / Fortran / MPI /  object-oriented programming) and a motivation for dealing and updating a numerical code is mandatory. Skills in mechanics could help for the second step, with the possibility to implement complex behaviour laws and to analyze the simulation results.

Salary: 30 000 € per year/ gross salary


LMPM UMR CNRS 6617 – ENSMA - Poitiers

Futuroscope France

Contact :

GRANDIDIER Jean-Claude and/or BERINGHIER Marianne  or

Tel0(33) 05 49 49 83 41      or  Tel 0 (33) 05 49 49 83 40