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Composite plate analysis using ansys. coding using matlab

hi friends,


 I  have coded for laminate  using matlab. for further analysis i want  code for composite plate simply supported at all 4 edges. 

 then analyse with ANSYS. and use optimization techniques for optimizing the plate.

material : Graphite /eposy

thickness of each lamina : 0.127

Seq [45 0 -45]


Please anybody know how to code for composite plate and do stress analysis using Ansys.

feel free to share ur thoughts 


I can send you the code to analysis the plate but I do not know what you want to optimize. I am working on optimizition of plate so I think we can cooprate.


Hi friends

I’m trying to find the natural frequencies and the static buckling load
of a composite plate for both angle ply and cross ply laminates. But, whatever I
try to validate my result with some papers, mentioned below, it doesn’t fit completely.
Maybe that’s because of wrong boundary conditions. Actually, there is a special
kind of SSSS (simply supported on all sides) in those papers. But the results show
that the BCs. mentioned in the papers doesn’t lead to correct answers. It
should be noted that my results for (45,-45) and (45,-45, 45,-45, 45,-45, 45,-45)
is not very bad, but it has a lotof differences for (0, 90) laminates. Also the
CPT is used for finite element analysis. “The reference papers is: parametric
instability of composite curved panel subjected to concentrated edge loading,
The BCs. have brought in this paper and my results are validated by “stability
and vibration of isotropic, orthotropic and laminated plates according to
higher order shear deformation theory, Reddy ”.

amin i also need same but in ansys also ineed code yar plz send it to my mail

please send code for me writing for composite plate with piezo wil b helpful 4me

, i dunno how to apply the ssss condition for a full plate. i know how to apply for a quarter size plate with syym conditions, but when ever i apply ssss for ful plate the answers are incorrect.since i am using elliptical hole with various angles, so i cant apply my problem for a quarter plate..  so please mail me a ssss condition composite buckling code to

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