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Free Online Mechanics of Materials Textbook

I have posted the second edition of my book “Mechanics of Materials” online for free educational use. The book was reviewed and checked for accuracy by 30 faculty across the USA and was line edited by a professional editor.

The preface in the book describes the objectives and the design of the book, with details elaborated further in “Note to the Instructor”. The “Note to the Students” elaborates the many pedagogical features of the book. All these are in the file labeled “Table of content and front end material”.

Even if you do not use the book for teaching, I hope you will take a look at two features which will be useful to you in teaching of Mechanics of Materials and related courses.

(i) Sections labeled “MoM in Action” phenomenologically explain engineering triumphs and disasters using mechanics of materials (MoM) concepts.

(ii) Sections labeled “Concept Connectors” connects the concepts studied to their historical development and to advanced concepts the students are likely to see in their professional development.

By opening the table of content file and double clicking the appropriate “MoM in Action” or “Concept Connector” you can go directly  to the appropriate page.

In addition, on the web site you will find sample syllabus, lecture slides, and sample exams.

All the above are posted on the following web site:


Great materials. Thanks.


so wonderful materials,thank you

Day Day Up

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Dear Sir,

A very good effort. Very useful book.

With regards,

- Ramdas

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Dear Sir,

Wonderful Book & Reference.

 Many thanks!


Kumaravel Saravanan

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