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iMechanica has over 16,000 registered users

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The number of registered users of iMechanica passed 16,000 early today.  The the number of posts passed 6,900, and that of comments, 12,500. 

iMechanica was founded in September, 2006, with the mission:

  1. to use the Internet to enhance communication among mechanicians
  2. to pave a way to evolve online all knowledge of mechanics

I quote what I wrote when the number of registered user passed 1000 in early 2007:

iMechanica will stay focused on its mission, and will run like a common. It belongs to no individual person or institution. iMechanica belongs to whoever uses it.

And so, my fellow mechanicians: ask not what you can do for iMechanica - ask what iMechanica can do for you.

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