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install franc3d

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Hi all

 I want to install franc 3d , i read the installation guide in  the site:


You can examine the documentation at . Below, I will try to explain how to install, start and use the program in a very basic way.


- In order to use Franc3d, you should first install cygwin inclusing XFree 86 package, which is fully free from . If you are not sure which packets to install, just install every package. Install it, for example, directly to main directory of C. 

- Go to Cornell site again and download Franc3d, OSM and BES from the page

- Unzip the these files for example directly into C/cywin folder. That is it for installation.

- Then go to c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\startxwin.bat (or wherever you installed cygwin) to open a bash shell.

- Here when you two times go to an upper directory (that is, type cd .. (that is write "cd blank dot dot" and press enter two times)) you can reach to c/cygwin. Here if you type "dir" for example, you can see the directory listing. As you already copied your franc, OSM and Bes here just type OSM.EXE

 - OSM starts. You can use OSM to create your own model files. It is a fairly strong software to design relatively simpler geometries. But if you are modelling very complex components, it may be better to import them from one of the accepted formats. You will see these formats on the right side of the OSM screen.

- Save your OSM file first in OSM format (while you may in the future play with the geometry) then as a Franc3d file 

- Close OSM and write on the bash shell franc3d.exe

-Franc3d starts. Import the geometry via "read geometry file" button on the upper left side of the screen.

- Add a crack

- Define material properties and boundary conditions

- Mesh the model

-Save the file as a BES file

-Press "run bes analysis" button

-Import the results via "read bes file" button

-Enjoy your results


That is it. Of course about how to draw the model or how to create a good mesh, it is much better if you first read the manuals and examples.





thank you volkan  ,  but i cant use cygwin !!

I download it from the link , then i choose install from internet and i secect all install sub menu ,  

But i cant find this link :

c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\startxwin.bat (or wherever you installed cygwin) to open a bash shell. ]

I use start menu and run bash shell , but how i can install franc 3d ?? 

when i typ in bash window (franc3d.exe) an error message shown

help me for install franc3d.


My way of running this version of Franc3d is:

1. Start menu -> All Programs -> Cygwin-X -> XWin Server, then you will open a command window

2. In the command window, go to the dictory which contains Franc3d.exe

3. Type ./franc3d in the command window

Then you should be able to run this program.

About the installation of Cygwin, you can go to this page:

Download the setup.exe file, and follow the installation instructions.

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Thanks, i will try it.

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Hi zero

thank you , it runs !


sir ,if you have any idea about comparing the stress intensity factors from franc3d results with theoretically calculating results,

thanking you sir

Hi Hossein

i got a problem with install franc3d!

i have downloaded cygwin(it is about 1.8Gb) and install it and launched xwin server.(not from start button. i launched xwin.exe directly)

 then i opened cmd.exe and type ./franc3d 

but it could not be launched. i encountered with this error: "can not open display"

startxwin.bat is not in mentioned directory. what should i do?

I installed Cygwin inclusing XFree 86 package and  Downloaded Franc3d, OSM and BES from the page I Unzip the these files for example directly into C/cywin folder.  How can I run Franc3d.exe and osm.exe from cygwin64 terminal? however; I can't find c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\startxwin.bat (or wherever you installed cygwin) to open a bash shell. What commands do i use for running Franc3d.exe using cygwin64?


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I do not have license for install franc3dة  please help me.


what's the problem opening the directr this is what i found on the page

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