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Modeling sandwich composite in ANSYS

Hi, i need help modeling sandwich structure in ANSYS 12.1, i have found some materials online on how to do it? I have tried the basic steps. got some results, but now how do i validate that.   I have experimental data for three point bending. But i want to make sure that what i am doing in ANSYS APDL is darn right. 

inputs are,

3 layers 45/0/45

thickness 0.1/0.365748/0.1   (inch)

material i am using right now are carbon fiber and foam DH100

properties of each layer have been assumed to be isotropic

 carbon fiber weave

E=3.33e7 psi

poisson's ratio = ?



E=18855 psi

Poisson's ratio = 0.4

G=5080 psi 

what kind of boundary conditions and how to check properties layer by layer, which elements should i use?

i am beginner in ANSYS and also in field of composites.

Need Help 

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