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Stress intensity factor

hi all,

I am facing problem in understanding stress intensity factor. How exactly i can analyse crack propagation through SIF. In books it is given that SIF characterises the crack. But in numbers how can i know whether this crack will propagate for this value of SIF. According to westergaard equation crack tip stresses will go to infinity if θ and r tends to zero for any value of crack length. Please somebody help regarding this. If iam technically wrong please correct me.

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There are several papers on this topic indeed, starting from the early days of fracture mechanics. This is one of mine, maybe you may find it useful: "Crack kinking in brittle materials", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 58 (2010) 1835–1846.

Hope it helps.

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Perhaps you'd like to read the classic paper by Paul Paris on how the stress intensity factor governs the growth of a crack.

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