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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica, Vol 24 issue 1 online now

Dear colleague, 

   The 1st issue in 2010 (Volume 24, Issue 1) of Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is now online.

   Welcome to this SCI-indexed journal <> for rapid publication of your exciting results.




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Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica (AMSS) is devoted to publication of papers in English in all fields of solid-state mechanics and its related disciplines in science, technology, and engineering, with a balanced coverage on analytical, experimental, numerical and applied investigations. This journal has been indexed by SCI since 1995.

Article TypesResearch Articles, Letters, Discussion, Reviews


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Vol. 24  No. 1  2011

Perspectives in mechanics of heterogeneous solids    Review Article                    

Authors: C.Q. Chen, J.Z. Cui, H.L. Duan, X.Q. Feng, L.H. He, G.K. Hu, M.J. Huang, Y.Z. Huo, B.H. Ji, B. Liu, X.H. Peng, H.J. Shi, Q.P. Sun, J.X. Wang, Y.S. Wang, H.P. Zhao, Y.P. Zhao, Q.S. Zheng, W.N. Zou

Cell and molecular biomechanics: perspectives and challenges   Review Article                   

Authors: Baohua Ji, Gang Bao

Surface stress effect in mechanics of nanostructured materials   Review Article                    

Authors: Jianxiang Wang, Zhuping Huang, Huiling Duan, Shouwen Yu, Xiqiao Feng, Gangfeng Wang, Weixu Zhang, Tiejun Wang

Transient response of a bi-layered multiferroic composite plate   Original Research Article         

Author: Ruifeng Wang, Qingkai Han, Ernian Pan

Self-adaptive molecule/cluster statistical thermodynamics method for quasi-static deformation at finite temperature   Original Research Article

Authors: Hao Tan, Haiying Wang, Mengfen Xia, Fujiu Ke, Yilong Bai



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