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ACM2015 : International Conference on Advances in Applied and Computational Mechanics ,5-7 August 2015, Izmir/Turkey

We are proud to announce International Conference on Advances in Applied and Computational Mechanics, which is organized in the honor of  70th birthday of Prof.J.N.Reddy. This is a tribute for his many and lasting contribution to education and research in applied mechanics.


Conference will be held at  Izmir Tepekule Kongre Merkezi,Izmir/Turkey during August 5-7, 2015. 

Postdoc/PhD Position available 05/15/2015

We are currently accepting candidates for 1 Ph.D. and 1 Postdoc position in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, working on the smart materials with application to sensing, energy harvesting and control.


Individuals with very good knowledge in the following area(s) are invited to respond.

o                     Structural Dynamics

Postdoc Position

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PhD Position in Computational Ice Mechanics at Aalto University, Finland

We are looking for a doctoral student to join our Arctic Marine and Ice Technology research group at the Aalto University, Department of Applied Mechanics, to study ice-structure interaction process in shallow water.  In this complex interaction process an intact ice sheet fails into discrete ice blocks, which affect further stages of the process. Realistic calculations of ice loads due to this process require modeling of the ice blocks and their pile-up process.

PhD Scholarship in Computational Mechanics, Swansea UK

Fully-funded PhD Studentship: Homogenisation and Upscaling Modelling Technology for Simulation of Oil and Gas Exploration & Production

The studentship covers the full cost of UK/EU and international tuition fees, plus a tax free stipend of £14,562 p.a.

The deadline for applications is Monday 18th May 2015.

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Extreme Particle Shape Effect for Packs of Platonic Solids

For centuries, great minds like Kepler, Maxwell and Einstein have investigated the statistical characterization of many-body systems, and implications of small-scale structures on the macroscopic transport and mechanical properties. In this work, an accurate statistical description of heterogeneous particulate materials is computed using novel adaptive interpolation/integration scheme. This statistical information is then utilized within mathematical theories for predicting the overall thermo-mechanical behavior.

PhD position in computational mechanics at York University @Toronto/Canada

Vacancies exist for high calibre PhD student to join the Innovative Design and Engineering Analysis Laboratory at York University, Toronto, Canada starting immediately.
The position’s primary area of research will focus on multi-scale material modelling and optimization.

- Strong background in numerical simulations, finite element analysis, and/or computational solid mechanics
- Excellent programming skills and experience with high performance computing
- Proficiency in English, good written and verbal communication skills

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The current development of the isogeometric approach in various fields of mechanics is explained by the high-accuracy results which can be achieved at a reduced computational cost by codes based on non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS). In the case of strongly curved beams the simple diagonal de Saint-Venant’s constitutive model can lead to significant errors as it has been reported in the classic literature. Other models such as Winkler’s have been proposed and seem more suitable for these kinds of structures.

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Residual Stresses and Poisson’s Effect Drive Shape Formation and Transition of Helical Structures

Strained multilayer structures are extensively investigated because of their applications in microelectromechanical/nano-elecromechanical systems. Here we employ a finite element method (FEM) to study the bending and twisting of multilayer structures subjected to misfit strains or residual stresses. This method is first validated by comparing the simulation results with analytic predictions for the bending radius of a bilayer strip with given misfit strains.

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A fully-supported Ph.D. position is available for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization at Villanova University (Philadelphia, USA)

A doctoral (Ph.D.) research assistant (RA) student position is available on the Synthesis, Characterization, and Modeling of Pristine and Atomic-Layer-Deposition-Treated Individual Nanoparticles. The Ph.D. position is financially fully supported including the tuition and stipend.

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Lecturer (Above The Bar) in Mechanical Engineering Design, UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Permanent)


The UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering seeks applications from outstanding candidates for a lecturing post in Mechanical Engineering Design to support the growth of its undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes and its key research priorities. 

2010 (2013) Lecturer (ATB) Salary Scale: €50,807 - €76,936 per annum
2011 (2013) Lecturer (ATB) Salary Scale: €45,726 - €69,275 per annum *

* Subject to all new entrants to public sector as of 01 January 2011

Nanobrücken 2015: A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop & Hysitron User Meeting

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and Hysitron, Inc. are pleased to present Nanobrücken 2015: A Nanomechanical Testing Workshop & Hysitron User Meeting, which will take place on April 21-23, 2015 in Potsdam, Germany. Nanobrücken 2015 is the fifth edition of the now-annual Nanobrücken workshop series, having been hosted in both Saarbrücken and Dresden.

The Keynote Speaker for this year's workshop will be Prof. Mathias Göken, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

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What is Extreme Mechanics?

This question was raised repeatedly when the journal Extreme Mechanics Letters was getting ready to launch.  The editorial board did put together the aim and scope.  But the journal has its own life.  Once launched, it has been shaped by the community.

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3 Visiting Assistant Professor Positions in Mechanical Engineering at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

Visiting Assistant Professor #495212, #495213, #495214

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lamar University invites applications for several full-time non-tenure track Visiting Assistant Professor positions. Successful candidates will contribute to the department’s teaching mission. This includes teaching multiple undergraduate or/and graduate courses and participation in research activities.

Opportunity - Post Doctoral Researcher, Structural Joint Simulations, Metals

SIMCenter, College of Engineering

The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

Position description:

Conducts applied and fundamental research in computational mechanics; Develops and maintains competency in commercial computational packages; Trains students and staff on the appropriate usage of simulation packages; Assists in the development of sponsor reports, research articles, and presentations; Assists in the development of research proposals and problem-solving tasks.

Required Qualifications:

•PhD in Engineering

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Summer School on Fatigue and Damage Mechanics of Composite Materials

Dear Colleagues,

we are glad to present the Summer School on Fatigue and Damage Mechanics of Composite Materials (13 . 17 July 2015) and the Short Course on Experimental Techniques and Testing of Composite Materials (9 . 10 July 2015) organized by and to be held at The Department of Management and Engineering  - University of Padova in Vicenza - Italy.

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Post-doctoral position in Montréal on crystal plasticity in collaboration with the aerospace industry


I am looking for a 12-15 months post-doctoral fellow to work on crystal plasticity finite element simulation of impacts. This project is parts of a larger collaborative project with Pratt and Whitney, Bell Helicopter, L3 and Héroux Devtek aiming at understanding the effects of shot peening on fatigue life. The project involves 3 other post-doctoral fellows and 4 PhD students.

The starting date is flexible and could be as soon as now, depending on the candidates expertise.

The interested candidates are invited to send me their CV and publication lists.

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Share/run engineering simulation codes in the cloud

I know the mechanics community have many codes to share. If you have developed engineering software including legacy Windows codes or linux codes, you can easily publish your code in the cloud and have it run on any devices including smart phones through The codes could be simple codes you wrote for your dissertation or comprehensive commerical package like ABAQUS or ANSYS. You don't have to change your code, no source codes are needed. All you need to do is to upload your executable through a very straight forward way which only takes a few minutes.

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Will the virtual work be valid in finite deformation?

"We see from the above that the virtual work statement is precisely the weak form of equilibrium equations and is valid for non-linear as well as linear stress-strain (or stress-strain rate) relations." --- written by O.C. Zienkiewicz etc. at Page 71 of <The Finite Element Method: Its Basis and Fundamentals  Sixth edition>


Here is my question: Will the virtual work still be valid for the case of non-linear strain-displacement relations (finite deformation)?


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