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Control volume

These slides are used in a course on thermodynamics.

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Teng Li wins the 2016 SES Young Investigator Medal

It is my pleasure to announce that Teng Li, of the University of Maryland at College Park, has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Society of Engineering Science Young Investigator Medal.

The prize is awarded to a young researcher (within 10 years after PhD at the time of nomination submission) in his or her ascendancy whose work has already had an impact in his/her field within Engineering Science.

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Real-Time Stress Measurements in Germanium Thin Film Electrodes during Electrochemical Lithiation/Delithiation Cycling

Real-Time Stress Measurements in Germanium Thin Film Electrodes during Electrochemical Lithiation/Delithiation Cycling (

Siva P. V. Nadimpalli, Rajasekhar Tripuraneni, and Vijay A. Sethuraman

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Stress Evolution in Lithium-ion Composite Electrodes during Electrochemical Cycling and Resulting Internal Pressures on the Cell Casing

Stress Evolution in Lithium-Ion Composite Electrodes during Electrochemical Cycling and Resulting Internal Pressures on the Cell Casing (

Siva P.V. Nadimpalli, Vijay A. Sethuraman, Daniel P. Abraham, Allan F. Bower, and Pradeep R. Guduru

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Postdoc Position at Vanderbilt University Multiscale Computational Mechanics Lab

We welcome applications for a post-doctoral position in the Multiscale Computational Mechanics Laboratory (MCML) at Vanderbilt University. MCML is a part of the interdisciplinary Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MuMS) facility.

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Suppression of Shear Banding and Transition to Necking and Homogeneous Flow in Nanoglass Nanopillars

In order to improve the properties of metallic glasses (MG) a new type of MG structure, composed of nanoscale grains, referred to as nanoglass (NG), has been recently proposed. Here, we use large-scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of tensile loading to investigate the deformation and failure mechanisms of Cu64Zr36 NG nanopillars with large, experimentally accessible, 50 nm diameter.

Hydraulic Fracture and Toughening of a Brittle Layer Bonded to a Hydrogel

AbstractBrittle materials propagate opening cracks under tension. When stress increases beyond a critical magnitude, then quasistatic crack propagation becomes unstable. In the presence of several precracks, a brittle material always propagates only the weakest crack, leading to catastrophic failure. Here, we show that all these features of brittle fracture are fundamentally modified when the material susceptible to cracking is bonded to a hydrogel, a common situation in biological tissues.

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Understanding geometric instabilities in thin films via a multi-layer model

Dear Colleagues,

I want to share with you our work on geometric instabilities in thin films, which was recently accepted in Soft Matter.

Open Postdoc Position Applied/Computational Mechanics, University of Stuttgart

at the Institute of Applied Mechanics at the University of Stuttgart ( We are looking for a highly motivated young researcher with a background in engineering or mathematics and with experience in continuum modeling of solids. Applications should be sent to Christian Miehe via email (christian.miehe (at)

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A zinc oxide/polyurethane-based generator composite as a self-powered sensor for traffic flow monitoring

A zinc oxide (ZnO)/polyurethane (PU)-based generator composite was fabricated and its piezoelectric performances were examined in the present work. In addition, the influence of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and copper powder incorporation on the piezoelectric performance of composites was also studied. The performance level of the composites with various ratios of the constituents was compared in terms of piezoelectric responses obtained from three different tests, i.e., foot stamping, vehicle loading, and cyclic wheel loading tests.

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XVIII International Colloquium on Mechanical Fatigue of Metals (ICMFM XVIII) - Abstract submission open

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to contact you again to give you some new details about the XVIII International Colloquium on Mechanical Properties of Metals (ICMFM18), to be held in Gijón (Spain), from September 5th to 7th of 2016.


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PhD Openings in ME and MSE at SUNY Binghamton

1. Research Assistantship (RA) for a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering An NSF-funded research assistant position is available for a new PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton. The research is focused on materials printing using a hybrid inkjet-electrospray technique. The goal is to print highly-ordered monolayers of functional nanoparticle inks at high throughput. The student?s research will be experimental; however, close collaboration is expected with faculty and students in materials science and computational physics.

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2016 APS March Meeting - Focus Session on Physics of Bioinspired Materials (abstract submission deadline: November 6, 2015)

Dear Colleagues,

The upcoming 2016 APS March Meeting will take place in Baltimore, MD during March 14-18 2016. Here, we would like to invite you to contribute to a focus session called “Physics of Bioinspired Materials”. 

Session title: 2.1.3 (same as 4.1.17) Physics of Bioinspired Materials (GSOFT/DBIO)


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A multi-scale modeling framework for instabilities of film/substrate systems

Spatial pattern formation in stiff thin films on soft substrates is investigated from a multi-scale point of view based on a technique of slowly varying Fourier coefficients. A general macroscopic modeling framework is developed and then a simplified macroscopic model is derived. The model incorporates Asymptotic Numerical Method (ANM) as a robust path-following technique to trace the post-buckling evolution path and to predict secondary bifurcations.

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Postdoctoral position in Mechanical Engineering

Description:  Postdoc position in computational mechanics of materials in the Mechanical Engineering Department and Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute at the Johns Hopkins University


Full PhD scholarship at Curtin University, Australia (Structural Engineering; Civil Engineering)

The candidate will work with Prof. Hong Hao and Dr. Wensu Chen in the area of structural Engineering on an Australia Research Council (ARC) Linkage project.

Please refer to  and for more information about Prof. Hao and Dr. Chen's research work


The Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is seeking to fill Assistant Professor vacancies in the following research areas.

1) Experimental Structural Mechanics/ Composites 
2) Aircraft Aerodynamics (experimentalists preferred)
3) Control and Flight Mechanics of Aerospace vehicles 
4) Aircraft Design (aerodynamic/structural)

Apply online at by 9th Nov. 2015.

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MIT Infrastructure Innovation in a Changing Environment Conference - Fri, Nov. 20, 2015

Hosted by the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in collaboration with the MIT Industrial Liaisons Program (ILP), Infrastructure Innovation in a Changing Environment will explore new economic opportunities and market-driven responses to the challenges facing large-scale infrastructure projects.

PostDoc in high performance composite materials

The FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland includes nine schools with more than 10’000 students. The School of Engineering is specialized in practice-oriented education, continuing education, applied research and development, and advisory services. We are looking for you to join the School of Engineering, Institute of Polymer Engineering, in Windisch, Switzerland, at the earliest possible date:

PostDoc / Senior Research Engineer (m/f) high performance composite materials

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Two PhD Openings in Computational Mechanics at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) invites applications for a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering at the Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS).

We seek two highly motivated candidates who will be involved in one of the directions below:

1. The modeling and numerical simulation of electrical and mechanical properties of nano-particles (such as carbon nanotubes and graphene) composites.


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