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Is machine learning a research priority now in mechanics?

Hi all,

I  know that the study and application of machine learning/artificial intelligence are somehow popular nowadays, in a general academia. I happen to be interested in that. I found people use this tool to predict crystal structure in material science, to characterize molecule structure in chemistry. The first impression is that the machanince learning helps to deal with the raw data, to constitute empirical models etc. However, there are not as many published works as I imagine, on the application of machine learning in mechanics.

Senior Structural simulation engineer with management skills, Robert Bosch

Position Title: Senior structural simulation engineer with management skills
Location: Bosch Viet Nam
No of open positions: 1, only applicable for Vietnamese or anyone who are having working permit to be able to work in Vietnam

Contact Manager: Khuong Anh Dung,

 Perform FEA simulations for mechanical products
 Responsible for the high quality project deliverables on-time
 Owning the responsibility of projects/tasks/process assigned
 Mentor and guide junior engineers

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Crack tip mesh size - Interface cracks ?

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Hello everybody,

                   I am working on FE Simulation of interface cracks. To this end, I use modified VCCT, CSDEM and other such methods to determine mesh independent strain energy release rate (G) and Mode mixity (ψ). Now I have a fundamental doubt.

Postdoctoral position in Experimental Mechanics in the Franck Lab at Brown University

There is an opening for a post-doctoral position in Prof. Christian Franck's group (Franck Lab) starting January/February 2017 (exact dates are flexible). The scope of the particular research project entails development of new 2, and 3D soft matter cavitation experiments using high-speed imaging, and digital image (volume) correlation techniques along with image reconstruction (and potentially interferometry) techniques.



1) Ph.D. in mechanics, or applied physics. 

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Postdoc position at CSIRO - microstructure modelling

There is a post-doc position at pretigious CSIRO laboratories in Melbourne, Australia. My friend Dayalan Gunasegaram from CSIRO asked me to post this on Imechanica for those of you who may be interested in applying. The link for the position is:

I also included the position details below:

The Position

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Postdoctoral Position at Georgia Institute of Technology

There is an opening for a post-doctoral position in Prof. Phanish Suryanarayana’s group starting October/November 2016. The objective of the research project is to develop a new parallel formulation and implementation of Density Functional Theory (DFT) for large-scale calculations, and then apply it to lithium-ion battery anode-electrolyte systems.

Call for Nominations for ASME Applied Mechanics Division Awards (approaching deadline)


Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to alert you of the approaching deadline for the nomications of the awards of the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): October 1st, 2016.

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PhD position on the mechanics of living epithelial materials in Barcelona

We are seeking applications for a PhD position at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech, Spain. The applicant will develop mathematical models, perform numerical simulations, and closely interact with experimental collaborators to quantitatively understand various aspects of single cells and epithelial tissues, pertinent to mechanobiology and to the mechanics of living materials.

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Davide Bigoni and Oleg Kirillov co-ordinate the CISM-AIMETA Advanced School on
The course will be held at CISM in Udine on April 10-14 2017

Invited Lecturers

Davide Bigoni - Università di Trento, Italy

6 lectures on: The experimental realization of follower forces and the
evidence of flutter and divergence instability. How to experimentally
attack the problem of the Ziegler paradox. Flutter and friction. Flutter
in continuous media: the case of granular materials.

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PhD STUDENTSHIP (FSI), URV Tarragona, Spain

The Laboratory for Fluid-Structure Interaction (LIFE) ( of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) ( in Tarragona (Spain), is looking for an ent

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SIMULIA Regional User Meetings

There will be more than 20 meetings held around the world. 

Topics will cover linear and nonlinear Finite Element Analysys, Contact, Multiphysics, Multscale, Optimization, Simulation for Additive Manufacturing and ore.

Learn about the newest features in Abaqus, Isight, Simpack, fe-Safe, Tosca

Check out the worldwide schedule here:

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SES2016 Technical Program is now available online


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the technical program of the 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES2016) is now available online at

(Click the link to individual symposia for detailed technical program)

Post-Doctoral Research Associate at SCOREC, RPI

Organization and Location:

Scientific Computation Research Center and Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

Job Title:

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Position Responsibilities:

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Special issue on "Low-Dimensional Phase Transforming Materials"

A special issue of Journal of Nanomaterials is devoted to "Low-Dimensional Phase Transforming Materials" which obtained significant interests in the recent years. This topic covers a broad range of research such as 


As indicated in the review by Cardou & Jolicoeur (1997), and depending on the application, a helically stranded system may be modelled using a semi-continuous approach whereby each layer is replaced by a continuous helical orthotropic material. For those able to read Russian, this approach is presented in a paper by Danilin & Al. specifically oriented towards Overhead Electrical Conductor mechanics: “Modelling of Deformation of Wire Spiral Structures” published in the PNRPU Mechanics Bulletin (2015, No 4, pp.

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Two PhD positions in computational mechanics of materials at the University of Tennessee

Two PhD positions are currently available in the Computational Laboratory for the Mechanics of Interfaces at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville ( Research topics are in the following areas:

1. Modeling of titanium alloys using dislocation density based crystal plasticity finite element method.

Post-doctoral position in failure micromechanics

There is an opening for a post-doc in Prof. Shailendra Joshi’s research group at NUS, starting November 2016, in the area of micromechanics of advanced structural steels. An ideal candidate for this position must possess a PhD in mechanical engineering or related field with a strong background in computational materials mechanics.

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M.Sc. student position in MEMS lab at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

The Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems labratory ( at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is seeking applications for the M.Sc. program in Mechanical Engineering with a starting date of spring 2017. The funding will be through TA position. 


Required qualifications:

  • A Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering or closely related fields with a GPA of 3 or more.


Preferred qualifications:

PhD Position in Mechanics & Materials of Origami Metal Structures at UC Merced

The IDM lab at University of California, Merced  ( is seeking applications for the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering with a starting date of spring 2017. The research position is in the area of Mechanics & Materials of Origami Metal Structures.


Required qualifications


* A Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering or closely related fields with a GPA of 3 or more.


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