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Gurson REV CELL PP .......

hi all 

i need more information about : Cell REV Gurson GTN PP Traction Curves ....



Need some info about Mechanics and Control of Chatter Vibrations

Can anyone cite some resources for chatter vibrations...the google search results dont throw up good results...I need some thing that will explain the basics - mechanics,causes, measuring and control of chatter in machine tools!

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Excess energy and deformation along free edges of graphene nanoribbons

Q. Lu and R. Huang, Excess energy and deformation along free edges of graphene nanoribbons. Posted online at arXiv:0910.0912, October 2009.

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Post-doctoral position in solid mechanics at Harvard

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of mechanics of solids and structures. The ideal candidate will have expertise in mechanics of materials, will be creative and willing to explore new ideas.

For additional information, please contact Katia Bertoldi at or visit the website

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iMechanica has over 16,000 registered users

The number of registered users of iMechanica passed 16,000 early today.  The the number of posts passed 6,900, and that of comments, 12,500. 

iMechanica was founded in September, 2006, with the mission:

  1. to use the Internet to enhance communication among mechanicians
  2. to pave a way to evolve online all knowledge of mechanics

I quote what I wrote when the number of registered user passed 1000 in early 2007:

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Professor Huajian Gao will give the Robert Henry Thurston Lecture at the 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress

Professor Huajian Gao, Brown University, will give the Robert Henry Thurston Lecture at the 2009 International Mechanical Engineering Congress, Orlando, Florida.  His lecture “Nanomechanics of biological systems - What can we learn from nature about hierarchical materials?” will be in room Euro 10, on the 3rd floor at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel (conference hotel), at 10am, November 16, Monday.

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Post-doctoral position in computational mechanics at Rutgers University

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of multiscale modeling of granular solids. The position is supported by the National Science Foundation and industrial partners of the NSF Engineering
Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems ( 

Open PhD position: Inverse identification from full field measurements

The part of full field displacement measurements is increasing in
experimental mechanics. Their taking into account relies on the
development of suited identification approaches, which have to be able
to take advantage of their richness. When dealing with composites, they
offer the possibility to perform the identification at a scale where
the material is heterogenenous. The goal of this thesis is to apply
inverse approaches on the challenging case of the identification of
heterogeneous elasticity and develop a robust identification

Nonlinear Buckling of Cylindrical Tubes w/ ANSYS

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run a nonlinear (elastic for now) buckling analysis in ANSYS. Basically I have a thin cylindrical shell (made up of SHELL181). fixed at one end (rigid) and applied force and/or displacement specified on the other end to make it buckle.

I have pretty much tried all options. These were:

i) Linear buckling (Eigenbuckling)

ii) Displacement controlled buckling with a lateral point force to provide eccentricity/imperfection.

iii)Force controlled buckling with, again, a lateral point force (arc-length method)

Bending and wrinkling as competing relaxation pathways for strained free-hanging films

A thin film subject to compressive strain can either bend (for large strain gradient) or wrinkle (for small strain gradient). The bending is traditionally used in thermostats (bimetal stripes), but couple of years ago, it was extended to the nanoscale thin films which can bend and roll-up to tubes with defined number of rotations. The wrinkles are also rather common in macro- and microscale thin films.
Here, we developed an equilibrium phase diagram for the shape of
compressively strained free-hanging films by total strain energy

Abaqus modelling to find out the time of failure when increasing the temperature???

Hi all,


If you can pls advise me to modelthis experiment.


First I have applied a constantload for the steel member.

Then I have increased thetemperature of one of the member surface with time

until the member got failed.

This resulted in non-uniformtemperature variation across the section.

I have measured the temperaturesof the different surfaces of the member and

I would like to use thesetemperature values in my structural modelling.

Now I would like to model themember so that I can find out the time

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Relationship between stress and magnetism

What are the effects of magnetism on stresses while material is under loading condition?Is there any relationship between magnetism and stress?



Extended finite element analysis tutorial in ABAQUS


 I am a new learner of XFEM. I want to start some exmaples in ABAQUS. The tutorial in ABAQUS is rather crude. If any body has experience, May I have small notes on how to solve problems with XFEM in ABAQUS?

Thank you for your help.




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Multi time scale simulations for wear prediction in micro-gears

Reliability of micro-gears is known to be adversely affected by wear. In this work we report a strategy to predict local wear with the aim of predicting their effective life span. For the prediction of local wear we start from the relevant model experiments, choice of a suitable wear model and identification of the wear coefficient from these experiments. This wear model is then implemented in an efficient finite element based scheme to predict local wear.

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Expert programmer needed for atomistic project in Minnesota

Expert programmer needed for an exciting project at the University of Minnesota involving the establishment of an online infrastructure for the evaluation of the transferability of interatomic potentials used in atomistic and multiscale simulations. The project called KIM -- the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models -- is funded through the NSF's Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) program. For more information see the attached PDF file. The position is available immediately.

PhD thesis Evaluation


one of my students is working on PhD topic " Study of cold hole expansion and evaluation of fatigue properties on critical aerospace components". His work has to be reviewed by professor of non indian origin in foreign universities. I request you to kindly help this student. If you are interested, let me know, so that I will ask my university to contact you in this regard.



Multiscale Modelling- Introductory Literature

I am looking for introductory-level papers/texts on multiscale modelling of solids. Please suggest some titles which give introduction alongwith a summary about the latest advances in this field. I will be thankful for your suggestions.


A computational mechanics position in microelectronics industry

We have an opening for computational mechanics experts with Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or Material science.


The position will work on thermal mechanical modeling, analysis, material characterization and reliability test to improve product reliability and manufacturability.


why thermal stress is self equilibrating

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Thermal stress does not develop when the free displacement is not constrained. How is this related to the term self equilibrating?


Say, I have a plate with the upper and lower surfaces at two different temperatures. The plate is not having any other constraint to prevent themal expansion. Why thermal stresses will not be generated in this case ( because of temperature gradient)?



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Journal Club Theme of October 2009: Peridynamics applied to the structure and evolution of discontinuities

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Discontinuities have a fundamental role in the mechanics of solids. The most famous type of discontinuity is a crack, but others are important too, such as dislocations and phase boundaries. Many types of deformation that appear to be continuous at the macroscale, such as plastic flow in metals, really involve the evolution of discontinuities at some smaller scale. 

Modeling Short-Beam Shear in Abaqus

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Hi All, 


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