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A new ABAQUS user needs some guideline

I am doing research in Bio mechanics field. I need to
get some urgent ABAQUS/Explicit result from my generated knee model
from MRI information. I am very very new user of ABAQUS. I need your kind
help.  In light of this connection, I am attaching one file regarding
to my quarries . if you kindly guide me for some few steps, I
will continue then on and it would be highly appreciable.

contact problem help in ABAQUS

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i am new to Abaqus and i am unsing Abaqus 6.10

i planned to solve a contact problem by taking a bearing for example problem. i modelled the bearing section in pro-e and inmported it to Abaqus.

*i gave the material properties of steel for both ball and races

* in interferance i defined ball as master and the surfaces in the reces in the bearing as slave. frictionless.

* i gave pressure on the top race and arresteed the bottom race.

* the sides were given symentric with respect to y axis.

when solved i get the job is aborted.

Help in ABAQUS


I am using Abaqus to model the profiled steel sheet and the dry board will be attached to it. i have two question:

1) i have drawn the profiled sketch and have to extrude it to the proper length. if i do so, then how can i add some points in between the sheet in order to put some springs.

2) if i extrude the created sketch to the certain length (ex. 200mm), can i then copy the created model and paste it there to reach the desirable length for the sheet.

thank you.

i want help to get cracks and strains in r.c columns

Hello all,I am an M.S student, my subject in modelling of high strength concrete column under eecentric loading.

Engineer/programmer sought for multiphysics simulation software development position in Baltimore, MD

CDI Marine Band Lavis Division is seeking individuals with skills in
engineering and software development in the Baltimore, MD area
(relocation assistance available) for full-time work on exciting,
research-oriented marine engineering projects. CDI is a large, stable
company of which Band Lavis Division is a small, profitable division
with a laid back atmosphere and small-company flexibility.

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Tenure Track Faculty Position at North Carolina State University

The Department of Civil Engineering at NCSU has an
opening for tenure track faculty position in the general areas of
Structural Engineering and/or Mechanics. Our plan is to hire the best
candidate irrespective of the specific area of research focus. Interested candidates should submit application material before September 30, 2010 to receive full consideration. The official advertisement is given below.


Crack modeling

Hi guys

I want learning about crack modeling in abaqus,

is there anyone to give me some example about crack modeling in abaqus?I think working on example is too faster to learn about modeling this type of events.

I'm waiting for your help

Elastic Deformations & Lie Groups/Algebras

I'm interested in representing elastic deformation in terms of Lie groups/algebras. Is anyone working on this area ? I think it's easiest to start (end !) with homogeneous deformations. Thanks, John.

6th International Conference on Fracture, Composites and Adhesives 11-15 September 2011

This will be the 6th International Conference in the series organised by the European Structural Integrity Society - Technical Committee 4 on Fracture Mechanics related to Polymers, Polymeric Composites and Adhesives. We are again inviting papers in the areas reflecting the current and future interests of TC4 as listed below.

Both experimental and analytical work is sought in order to give a balanced view of the subject areas:

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Professor Donald E. Carlson

It is with great sadness that I report the passing away of Prof. Don Carlson. The link below describes his life and work.

help about secnd order effect in columns

ello all,

I am an M.S student, my subject in modelling of high strength concrete column under eecentric loading. I made a model of reinforced

 concrete column with in ANSYS by solid65 to represent concrete and link8 for steel.

My model is 200*200*4000 mm, i choose multi., conc.,and elastic linear for concrete, closing crushing for it, for steel bilinear, elastic.

Call for papers in the field of "Nonlinear Dynamics"


7th European
Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
ENOC 2011
July 24-29, 2011 - Rome, ITALY

3 Open Positions at Institute of Polymer Engineering in Switzerland

The Institute of Polymer Engineering has 3 open positions as research assistants in three different fields of polymer research:

- nano polymer technology

- polymer injection technology

- polymer composite technology

Please find more details in attachements.





Material properties and temperature

Hi All,

 As you know the material properties such as Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson's ratio and Shear Modulus are temperature dependent. Especially, the polymer material as it shows significant reduction in strength and stiffness with temperature increasing.

I did a tensile test on adhesive material at different temperatures. The results showed that the E-modulus is reduced about 70% at 60 °C and the Poisson’s ratio increased also.

I was wondering if Abaqus take in the calculation the reduction in the material properties in thermal loading.

Research Associate position on Multiscale Modelling of Thermal Barrier Coatings (Cardiff University)

A full time postdoctoral research associate position is available at Cardiff University under the supervision of Professor Bhushan L. Karihaloo and Drs Kulasegaram and Zhu, funded by FP7.

 The research aims to develop novel metal-ceramic materials for aerospace and automotive applications.


Interfcing Abaqus with Matlab

Hello everyone,

Can anyody tell me  the detail for the interfacing of input files(.rpt)  such for  displacement, Moment  in Abaqus to be parameterized by the optimization algorithm in Matlab. I have used the exclamatory mark for editting all files in matlab directory......

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dynamic loading

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i m, arun sahu student of IIT mtech thesis is effect of dynamic loading on slope stability analysis in open cast mines.i hav startted my work using software ABAQUS.can i give velocity as input in abaqus?

and here i just want to give trapezoidal form of load up to 2 plz help me in these ...............


Capturing wetting angles in transient simulations of fluids

Dear all,
I'm trying to simulate the transient behavior of a fluid and I'm finding it very difficult to capture the wetting angle.
To begin with, I only considering the idealized case.

The common approach is to apply the pressure load
p = 2 H γ
where p is the pressure (normal traction) on the surface, H is the Gaussian curvature of the surface, and γ is the surface energy
This load will of course always yield the same equilibrium shape for a viscous fluid, regardless of the value of γ.

Now, comparing with Young's relation, where one obtains a balance containing surface energies for every interface.

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SES Medals Nominations: Reminder Deadline August 31, 2010

The Board of the Society of Engineering Science, Inc. seeks
nominations for the A. Cermal Eringen, Engineering Science, SES-Young
Investigator, William Prager, and G. I. Taylor Medals, and for SES

Post-Doctoral Position in Mechanics of Brain and Eye Development at Washington University in St. Louis

An opening is available immediately for a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.  The successful candidate will study the mechanics of early brain and eye development as part of a new NIH-funded project involving faculty in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and the Washington University School of Medicine.

Hello everybody

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I do my thesis on bearing capacity of foundations near slopes, I use mohr coulomb plasticity with el asticity

but I cant understand what should I do and why my result is dependent on the mesh size and why when I refine elements near

foundation the bearing capacity of the foundation becomes smaller please help me how can I do this thesis




I am using userdefined material model UMAT for modelling of hypoplastice constitutive model in abaqus.

I need to run dynamic analysis, so how can convert UMAT to VUMAT (fortran) subroutine.

Please tell me the procedure to convert UMAT to VUMAT, it will be of great help.

Thanking You.

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Post-doctoral Position in Biomechanics at University of Texas

The Research Center for Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials at
the University of Texas at Austin invites applications for an open
position as Post-doctoral Fellow. The specific project involves collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and requires the Fellow to work at both institutions.  The work involves experimental characterization of tissues and surgical remodeling, and development of computational modeling of surgical reconstruction. While specific background in Biomechanics is not necessary, candidates should have a


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