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Post-Doctoral Research Position in Experimental Mechanics, University of Delaware

We seek a highly qualified applicant for a post-doctoralresearch position in experimental mechanics and materials.  The successful candidate will designand conduct experiments establishing mechanical properties of thin polymerfilms and layered composite materials at a range of temperatures and humidityconditions. The project aims towards improving the durability of polymer fuelcells and is funded through DOE. Funding for this position is availableimmediately for a period of one year and may be renewed thereafter.


Notes on structural dynamics

If any one has notes or reference to website for learning structural dynamics, kindly help me out

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Citation Statistics Report by the IMU

Here is a report on Citation Statistics written by the  International Mathematical Union written in cooperation with the ICIAM and IMS.

Given all the discussion on impact factors and h-indicies, I thought many people may find this report interesting.

True strain rate experiment

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I am planning to perform few "true-strain-rate" experiment under compression (where the crosshead velocity is not constant sice the height of the specimen keeps decreasing/ area of cross section keeps increasing, hence requiring the velocity to decrese to attian true stress-true strain), is there any option available in Bluehill or Max software of Instron 8874to suit my requirement?  As an alternative method, are there any options for me to import my own X-Y data (either time vs position or time vs velocity) to the system so that i can perform this true strain rate testing.

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Post-Doc position on stresses and adhesion in multilayers (France)

Please note that a post-doc position on stresses and adhesion in optical multilayers is open. The position is for 2-years shared between SVI (Paris) and Phymat (Poitiers).

Link to a virus-free MS Word description of the position:

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Domain structures of ferroelectric nanotubes controlled by surface charge compensation

Ferroelectric nanotubes have potential application in inkjet printing and drug delivery due to their piezoelectric property and unique geometry. For different applications, different electrical boundary conditions are applied to ferroelectric nanotubes. In the present work, domain structures in ferroelectric nanotubes (FNTs) under different electrical boundary conditions are predicted through a phase field model.

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The Future of Meshless Methods

I joined imechanica almost a year ago and I've been frequently following its interesting discussions, even the most animated ones. I think that a place like this is ideal to foster the exchange of ideas in the scientific community;

Moreover it is fantastic as a simple student like me can interact and easily ask questions to the most important researcher in the field of mechanics.

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Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Medal Established

Spring 2008:   The Materials Division of ASME is pleased to announce the creation of The Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Medal in honor of Dr. Sia Nemat- Nasser, Director of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials at UC San Diego and Distinguished Professor of Mechanics and Materials. This award is given to recognize research excellence in the areas of experimental, computational, and theoretical mechanics and materials by young investigators who are within 10 years after their Ph.D. degree, with special emphasis placed on under-represented minorities and women.  

Modeling of cohesive zone model (CZM) using MSC.Marc

Hello everybody,

I am a new comer here and I need some help. I want to simulate the interface debonding process of  bimaterial using the commercial FE software msc.marc, but I want to use my own cohesive law not the one given by the marc. so the user subrotine UCOHESIVE must be used, the problem is I dont know how to program using FORTRAN. I hope some one here can help me, if  you have such a user subrotine, can you kindly sent it to me? that will give me a great hand. Thank you very much. Expect your reply.

finite element formultion for axisymmetric plate buckling

I'm looking for finite element formulation for
buckling (or vibration) of an axisymmetric plate. i went threw the whole
shelf in the library  and  didn't find something that i can implement 
or  reference for a software i can integrate with matlab. i will be
grateful if you could  point me in the right direction.

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Newsletter for the ASME Committee on Constitutive Equations - Summer 2008

Mechanics community,

Please find attached the summer 2008 edition of the ASME Committee on Constitutive Equations Newsletter.  Included in the newletter is an article written by Prof. Ostoja-Starzewski on "Homogenization and Size of Representative Volume Element (RVE)".



Greg Odegard

Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Solid Mechanics

A postdoctoral researcher position is available at the Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris).  The aim of this postdoctoral research project is to investigate the mechanical behavior of a newly-developed all-metal sandwich sheet material for automotive and aerospace applications. The ultimate goal is to optimize the characteristic sandwich core structure for formability, crashworthiness and fatigue life. This research makes use of experimental, theoretical and computational mechanics.

Effect of constraint on interface fracture toughness

Hi All,

I have a question in my mind, we all know that the fracture toughness of isotropic, homogeneous materials is dependent on state of stress (plane strain and plane stress). It is higher in case of plane stress and decreases as the constraint increases and attains a constant value which we call "plane strain fracture toughness". But, what about the fracture toughness in interfaces? or fracture of thin layer bonded between two substrates (adhesive type)? I am sure that it will be a function of this as well.

Postdoctoral researcher position on Meshfree Simulations of Adiabatic Shear Band and Spall Fracture

A postdoctoral researcher position is available at UC Berkeley. The research project is about developing a commercial software or a Meshfree Module for one of the widely used commercial FEM codes.

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Localization of Inelastic Deformation 2008

Dear colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention the advanced course on Modeling of localized inelastic deformation that will be taught by Milan Jirasek in Prague, Czech Republic on 22-26 September 2008. 
More detailed information on the course is posted at We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

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Lecture notes on "Elasticity" and "Statistical Mechanics"

The lecture notes of the two courses I taught at Stanford University during the last two quarters, "ME 340 Elasticity" and "ME 334 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics", are available in PDF format online at:

Perhaps it could be useful to you.


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