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Graduate Research Supplements (GRS) to Current ENG Awards to Broaden Participation

(This message was sent to iMechanica by Ken Chong, of the National Science Foundation).  This letter is to call your attention to an opportunity to broaden participation particularly of underrepresented students in Ph.D. programs in engineering through supplements to current research grants funded by the divisions in the Directorate for Engineering (ENG) at the National Science Foundation.

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Void expansion as wave phenomena - might damage evolution be mathematically related to fluid dynamics and turbulence?

The main idea is the following: a most natural mathematical setup for considering the motion of the void-solid interface of an expanding void is that of the traveling wave. Thus, a theory for macroscopic damage evolution may be suspected as being a homogenized version of basic theory that has such wave phenomena as an essential ingredient. This paper is a first step in probing such questions. 

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6000 registered users of iMechanica

Early this week the number of registered users passed 6000.  Our growth rate remains nearly a constant, about 10 new users per day. In January Teng plotted some basic statistics of iMechanica

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Research Scientist Opening on Engineering Mechanics R&D in NJ

Senior Scientist – Global
Engineering and Materials Inc. has an immediate full-time opening for this
position in its NJ Office. The ideal Candidate will have demonstrated in-depth
experience in fields of computational mechanics, mechanics of composite, and
advanced structural analysis and design. Experience in commercial FEM
application and customization is considered a plus. The successful applicant
will work on physics-based modeling, thermal-mechanical analysis, and advanced
FEM solver development. Job duties will include: development of advanced FEM
algorithms, modeling and simulation using in-house and commercial software,

Internship available in FEA of Elastomers

An internship position is available in the area of Finite Element Analysis of Elastomers in the Simulation and Modeling Group at Schlumberger, Sugar Land, TX.

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FEM: How should it be taught?

I am designing a new course on FEM, to be offered privately in India. It will emphasize fundamentals, and try to supply (or bring out) the physical interpretations behind the mathematical formalisms.

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Making flexible metallic glasses

Well-known for its high yield strength, metallic glass often suffers from its low ductility and intrinsic brittleness, as discussed in a recent iMech jClub theme on plasticity and failure in metallic glasses led by

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Mechanics of growth and rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm

We present a coupled mathematical model of growth and failure of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). The failure portion of the model is based on the constitutive theory of softening hyperelasticity where the classical hyperelastic law is enhanced with a new constant indicating the maximum energy that an infinitesimal material volume can accumulate without failure. The new constant controls material failure and it can be interpreted as the average energy of molecular bonds from the microstructural standpoint.

Post-buckling and Snap-through Behavior of Inclined Slender Beams

In MEMS fields, a need arises in engineering practice to predict accurately the nonlinear response of slender post-buckling beams, especially the nonlinear transverse stiffness. The bistability of the post-buckling beams is excellent in reducing power consumption of micro-devices or micro-systems. However, the major difficulty in analyzing the post-buckling and snap-through response is the intractability of the geometric nonlinear control equations of large deflection beams.

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PhD position in the area of wood fibre composites

The Materials Research Department at Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, is seeking a PhD student within the field of advanced fibre composites. The PhD position will aim at increasing the fundamental knowledge of wood fibres and their behaviour as reinforcements in composite materials studying e.g. wood fibre structure and mechanical and hygroscopic properties e.g. by micromechanical modelling and advanced testing.

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Mechanics of microtubule buckling in living cells

As the most rigid cytoskeletal filaments, microtubules bear compressive forces in living cells, balancing the tensile forces within the cytoskeleton to maintain the cell shape. It is often observed that, in living cells, microtubules under compression severely buckle into short wavelengths. By contrast, when compressed, isolated microtubules in vitro buckle into single long-wavelength arcs. The critical buckling force of the microtubules in vitro is two orders of magnitude lower than that of the microtubules in living cells.

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Program available for 7th IC Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials

The full oral program for the 7th International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials is now available at Join your peers by registering for this popular single-stream meeting held in Hyannis, MA, USA on beautiful Cape Cod, September 14-19, 2008.  

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Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science!


Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science! 

Science 29 February 2008:
Vol. 319. no. 5867, pp. 1189 - 1190

Integrating Content Detail and Critical Reasoning by Peer Review

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Symposium on Mechanics of Slender Structures (MoSS) 2008

From Prof. Weidong Zhu at
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Dear Colleague,

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Postdoctoral Position at UC Davis in Computational Materials Science

Update: The position has been filled; thanks to all who responded.

A post-doctoral position is immediately available at UC Davis. The individual will work on a joint project led by myself and John Pask at LLNL on the development and application of a new finite-element based approach for large-scale quantum mechanical materials calculations.

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A*STAR Investigatorships, Singapore 2008

SERC launched the A*STAR Investigatorships last year. This prestigious award for top young research talent, tenable at their research institutes, aims to nurture young talent and build R&D capabilities in Singapore.

This year, the award is open for applications in the following areas:


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