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cast iron + aluminium

Does anyone know where i can find the following?

-yield and ultimate tensile strength of cast iron and aluminium as a function of temperature

-fracture energy as a function of temperature for both metals

 *the fracture energy i am referring to is for damage modelling in XFEM



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Faculty Positions at Piezoelectric Device Laboratory, Ningbo University

The Piezoelectric Device Laboratory has immediate opennings for recent PhDs.  We are engaged in researchs in piezoeelctric acoustic wave resonators with supports from government and indsutry.  The Laboratory has been grwoing and we would like to have new members to accelerate the pace and expand collaborations with the fast growing piezoelectric acoustic wave device industry in China and other countries.

Material modelling of steel in cyclic behaviour - Abaqus

Hi friends,

I am studying about cyclic behaviour  of steel-concrete composite column. When i am giving material properties of steel, i have doubt  about Isotrophic Hardening and Kinematic Hardening, which one i have to use to get cyclic behaviour of column.

 Thank You


How to model helical spring in ansys

Hello All,

I am modeling helical spring wounded on the surface of cylindrical shell. High aspect ratio of helical wire creates problem in meshing. please help me in selecting the element and meshing.


J. M 

Stress intensity factor for 3D crack in ansys

Hello to all the research scholars. Sir, I am a Phd student in computational fracture mechanics. Right now i am stuck with a problem where i am not able analyze SIF (K1, K2, K3) for a 3D crack in ansys. Ansys asks the path for K value and i am choosing 5 nodes along the 2 crack edges for a full crack model and I also went for both global coordinate system and local coordinate system for finding K. Finally when i went to nodal calc and SIF then it is giving only plane stress and plane strain conditions with full or half crack models. But I am not able to get SIF on the crack front as i am not choosing the path along the crack front. It is only giving SIF at the crack tip considering only the area. Am i not correct or does ansys has limitations on this. Please guide me in this.

Need user material Fortran code for viscoelastic

Where I can find the subroutine of a user material Fortran code for Viscoelastic constitutive model?

Does anyone has the subroutine for LS-DYNA ?

Can anyone help me?

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2010 Symposium on Piezoelectricity,Acoustic Waves, and Device Applications

2010 Symposium on Piezoelectricity, Acoustic Waves, and Device Applications

December 10-13, 2010, Xiamen, Fujian,



SN curve(s) of an anisotropic material


     I was just wondering how many S-N curves would i need to  define the fatigue properties of an anisotropic material. For an isotropic material we just use 1-curve. Would that also  be enough  for an anisotropic material? We need 21 elastic constants to define anisotropic material. Would the number of SN curves be similar or be somehow related to the number or would the number of S-N curves required would be probabilistic in nature. i.e. we find the S-N curves along several planes and get a some sort of probabilistic distibution. 


Atul Jain

Convergence problem in 2-d axisymmetric elasto-plastic formulation

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Dear all,

I am trying to solve the thermal ratcheting of a hollow cylinder using elasto-plastic formulation.

I am applying the moving thermal gradient in axial direction. Our FEM code(Newton Raphson) is converging for first increment but after that it is diverging. I have used 8 noded serendipity element with 9 gauss point.

Lie Derivative, Deformation Rate, Velocity Gradient

I'm trying to understand elastic deformation using the Lie derivative. I've read a good summary on Wiki but want other sources to review. Can anyone offer any sources &/or explanations. I need something fairly basic. Thanks, John.

Rayleigh damping: how to match the model frequences to the frequences of the measurements?

 I hope that the mecanicians can help me to solve my problem.

 Is there any possibility to match the frequences of the physical model to the mesurement data?

Modal Analysis in Ansys to get natural frequencies and compare them with theory results

Hi, I'm Pietro, a short term Italian incoming student at VT (virginia tech).

My advisor, in order to start my thesis there about skin friction coefficients in a scramjet combustion chamber, gave me a Modal analysis to do on a gage described as follow:

a cantilever beam  (1mm diameter and 3cm long cylindrical shape) with 1mm depth and 1cm diameter cylindrical flat "hat" attached upon.

Base constraints: zero displacements, zero rotation

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A molecular dynamics study of void interaction in copper

We recently posted a work on void interaction in copper using molecular dynamic simulation:

A molecular dynamics study of void interaction in copper


Rolling Contact Fatigue in Ansys Multiphysics

Hello all,

I want to simulate Rolling Contact Fatigue in Ansys Multiphysics. I am
not sure whether we can perform this task in Ansys Multiphysics. Can
anybody help me regarding this? Is that possible to get S-N Curve as
result? Please help me..


How to perform sequential thermo mechanical analysis using FEAP

Dear members,

I am a newbie in FEAP and I would like to perform transient heat transfer analysis followed by a series of static analysis using FEAP.  Where does FEAP save the temperature history from the transient analysis and how to use this as input for the static analysis? I am using user constitutive model and most of the material parameters are temperature dependent. Which file do I need to include?

Best regads,

Vivian Tini


Xiaodong Li is a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

Xiaodong Li, of the University of South Carolina, has graciously agreed to be a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club.  iMechanica has now over 20,000 registered users.  Xiaodong is one of the earliest active users (user number 48), and has played a large role in shaping the development of iMechanica.  He has been advocating for strong participation from experimentalists, and for highlighting significant applications of mechanics.

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Capillary origami controlled by an electric field

Article citation: Miguel Piñeirua, Soft Matter, 2010, DOI: 10.1039/c0sm00004c


Capillary origami controlled by an electric field

Miguel Piñeirua, José Bico and Benoît Roman

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Subset Splitting Digital Image Correlation (SSDIC)

Following our recent article on this new method, we are making our Matlab routines available. The package contains standard DIC, SSDIC, plus a few extras. More info here

RA position available in Piezoelectricity at the University of North Texas

RA position (MS in Engineering System)

A RA position is available in the Department of Engineering Technology, University of North Texas-Denton in the fields of experimental
characterization of piezoelectric material, theoretical analysis and finite element modeling of piezoelectric devices such as energy harvesters,
resonators and sensors. The position will start from Fall, 2010.



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