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A 3D interactive CAE Knowledge Portal is launched with Social Elements

A 3D Social Net Working Site ( was launched for publishing 3D Simulations.  It is to 3D Simulations like what youtube is for videos.

Friction Element

Dear Friends,

I would like to know if there are any element in abaqus which may be used at the contact interface to account the frictionalal behaviour. I would appreciate if you show light on this.

Thanks and Regards


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Study on electroelastic field concentration around the electrode tip in multilayer ferroelectric actuators

Distribution of electromechanical field near electrode tips is closely related to the reliability of ferroelectric multilayer actuators. In this paper, the deformation and stress concentrations around the electrode tip in two multilayer actuator designs, partially and fully cofired, are investigated by means of experimental measurement and numerical simulations. The digital speckle correlation method (DSCM) is used to measure the full displacement field near the electrode tip with the high spatial resolution.

Membrane interactions control residues fluctuations of outer membrane porins

Bacterial outer membrane porins (Omp) that have robust ß-barrel structures, show potential ap-
plications for nanomedicine devices in synthetic membranes and single molecule detection biosensors.
Here, we explore the conformational dynamics of a set of 22 outer membrane porins, classified into
five major groups: general porins, specific porins, transport Omps, poreless Omps and composed
pores. Normal mode analysis, based on mechanical vibration theory and elastic network model, is

W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellowships Announcement of Opportunity

W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellowships Announcement of Opportunity


Application Deadline: 5pm PST 24 November 2010


Postdoctoral position at University of Pittsburgh

The Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh anticipates an opening for a postdoctoral associate starting September 2010. The position’s primary area of research will focus on mechanics of the microforming processes and characterizing the thermomechanics of deformation at micrometer length-scales.

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Postdoc position at MIT: Thermal and mechanical properties of nanocomposites

A postdoctoral associate position at MIT is available immediately,
focused on the analysis and development of multifunctional thermal
management structures, by using theoretical and atomistic multiscale
modeling and simulation. This project specifically involves calculations
of thermal and mechanical properties of graphene based metal- and
polymer nanocomposites, with a focus on various aspects such as
interfacial transport properties, tunability, mutability and phonon
engineering. Additional aspects of the project relate to the general

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A Thermodynamic Model of Physical Gels

Physical gels are characterized by dynamic cross-linksthat are constantly created and broken, changing its state between solid andliquid under influence of environmental factors.

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Hiii alll,

How can we calculate J integral of interface fracture. I'm trying to reproduce results of Hutchinson paper crack defection at an interface between dissimilar material. But while using VCCT im confused that what value i can give for crack growth parameter G1c, can we get G1c and G2c for an interface, is it needed. Want to find the energy release rate of deflection at the interface. The material interface is of aluminium and aluminium oxide. Please do reply.Hope u understand my problem.

Thank you...

Flow stress


I am working on a thesis project dealing with flow stress in cold rolling, a plane strain operation. To determine the flow stress, tensile tests were carried out. I am aware, that the engineering strain/stress hast to be transfered to the true strain/stress and then the true strain/stress from the tensile test has to be mulitplied with the Von Mises yield criterion to yield the correspondent compressive flow stress in the rolling situation.

Hans Ziegler (5 September 1910 - 6 August 1985)

Hans Ziegler was born on 5 September 1910.  Tomorrow will be his 100th birthday.  A websit has been created to make his work as a scientist, as a teacher and as a personality accessible to the public.

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Dislocation migration in carbon onions

Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 106102 (2010) 

What does a dislocation look like in a spherical geometry, and how does it migrate in such a structure? We report here the counterintuitive motion of the 1/2⟨0001⟩ edge dislocation in carbon onions from the outer surface to the inner core, i.e. from a low pressure surface to a high pressure core, rather than from the core to the surface as expected due to a surface image force. Maybe you can help us to explain this peculiar phenomenon.

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Fabric Tensor

I am studying the effect of intermediate microfabric on clay's mechanical behavior. In order to develope the constitutive model for clay considering its microfabric, I want to use fabric tensor. If any good paper or study material on fabric tensor is available then please send me.


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Creep Analysis in Abaqus

Hi all,

I want to FEA of normal tensile creep test using Abaqus. Can anyone suggest me some notes/books/literature.




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