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Modelling a Spring Shape Memory Alloy


I am a Masters student and I need to model a spring shape memory alloy in ABAQUS. I have found a UMAT file,however the file contains the geometry of a 1X1X1 cube. Does anyone have any idea of how I could copy the geometry of the spring(which i modeled in solidworks and imported to ABAQUS)into the input file of the cube,so that I could run the model in ABAQUS. I have tried this but ABAQUS is giving me errors

Or does anyone have any other idea of how I could model a Sping SMA in ABAQUS?




ill-posed meshfree problem


I'm looking to solve a problem in which although the position of a boundary or force-generating constraint is not known, the distance between the constraint and one other (usually a "neighbouring" particle -- whatever neighbour means ;) ) is known.

After much thought, I've concluded that the problem is a constrained energy-minimization problem. In other words, I need to find the arrangment of the particles such that the strain energy of the system is minimized and while constraint between the nodes is satisfied.

Temperature dependence of the thermo-mechanical properties of aluminum

I'm looking for the thermo-mechanical properties of aluminum, such as  Young modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity coefficient and poisson ratio as a function of temperature :

E=E0(1+E1*T+E2*T^2+E3*T^3)  ;  T: temperature in K

ABAQUS: "illegal floating point operation" when using finer mesh localy.

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I am new in both iMechanica and ABAQUS and I would need help:

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Postdoctoral and Graduate Assistant Positions immediately available in Penn State University

Postdoctoral and Graduate Assistant Positions are
immediately available to work on phase-field simulations of phase
transformations and microstructure evolution in metallic alloys or
oxides. Strong background in mechanics and thermodynamics of of solid
microstructures is a plus. If interested, please email a resume to
Professor Long-Qing Chen, Penn State University at

Ph.D. Studentship in Optimization of Tall Reinforced Concrete Buildings


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Catholic University of America (Washington DC) offers yearly a Fellowship to attract new Ph.D. students to the program. This Fellowship is currently available.

Baushinger's effect

Hi friends,

Can you explain Baushinger effect?

how it is related with KINEMATIC HARDENING?

Thank you

Free Textbook: Introduction to Real Analysis, by William F. Trench

Dr. William F. Trench's book, "Introduction to Real Analysis," is now availablefor download free of charge.

Go to

Several questions for VUMAT

Hi all, I am a new ABAQUS VUMAT user. I am defining the material behavior in stamping of sheet metal through VUMAT. But there are several questions about VUMAT.

(1)accoring to the ABAQUS user manual,for plane stress problem,stressnew(nblock,ndir+nshr), where ndir=3,nshr=1, but in fact,there are 5 stress commponents: sigma_{11},sigma_{22},sigma_{12},sigma_{23},sigma_{31}.

how to match stressnew(*,i)(i=1,2,3,4) with the stress commponents: sigma_{11},sigma_{22},sigma_{12},sigma_{23},sigma_{31}?

Good book(s) on beam and plate theory.

Hi all ... can somebody suggest me good book(s) on plate/beam theroy? The book should start for a novice and should go till large deformation part. Step by step explanation atleast for first few chapters should be there. Thank you.

Abaqus Help Needed for heat analysis in beams

Hello, I am trying to model a steel beam subjected to elevated temperatures using the ISO834 curve.

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Wave-Structure-Foundation interaction (Fluid-Str-Porous Media int.)

Dear all,

can anyone direct me to litrature in which modelling the diffusion equation of fluid porous flow is unified with the free fluid flow. I mean that the porous media is considered deformable and equilibrium conditions are solved simultanouesly with diffusion eq. for porous flow and at the same time fluid velocities inside and outside porous media are linked together in a poroelastoplatic framework; where porosity and geometry are updated with each time step!

Thank you in advance!

Hisham El Safti

Who can apply me code of FLASH ?

Recently I have some reseach on z-pinned composite. I hope use finite element method to analyse the unit cell . I found a FE code called FLASH mentioned in many papers. I think the code will be helpful to my work.But I can not got the code form my resource. So,I ask help in the forum. Two papers about the code are given in below. I am very expect for your help!!!


Finite Element Method.


I would like to develop a Program for finding the Stiffness of a stabilizer bar using FE methods.

I have a fairly good idea about FE methods as to how to proceed but the books i referred to mostly dealt with symmetric solids.

Can someone throw light on FE procedure for such component with a complicated shape(or some books that deal with 3D assymmetric solids)..??


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Paper of necking

I am  searching the paper "Evaluation of stress distribution in the symmetrical neck of flat tensile bars" of J. Aronofsky published at Journal of Applied Mechanics (1951).

Viscoelastic material: Prony series in Abaqus


I’m using
Prony series to model viscoelasticity of an asphalt material in a pavement. I
have defined the material properties through time-domain Prony series in
Abaqus. The parameters are:

g_i (shear
relaxation modulus ratio): 0.8

k_i (bulk
relaxation modulus ratio): 0

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A symposium in memory of Pr. Olivier Coussy

Dear All,
I would like to announce a symposium in memory of Pr. Olivier Coussy

Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids : a tribute to Pr. Olivier Coussy

It will be held at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France from 18 to 20 April 2011.

All informations can be found in the ongoing website


Jean-Michel Pereira
on behalf of the organizing committee

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Thermodynamics and Fracture Mechanics

Hello! Smile

Let's discuss here some subjects related to Fractal Fracture Mechanics and Fracture Thermodynamics,


1. Introduction

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Looking for Papers

Dear all

I am looking for some papers about hygrothermal effect in composite plates.

some of these are here:

1-   Lee SY, Yen WJ.
Hygrothermal effects on the stability of a cylindrical composite shell panel. Computers and
Structures, 1989, 33, 551-559.

2-   Librescu L, Stein M. A,
geometrically nonlinear theory of transversely isotropic laminated composite plates and its
use in the post-buckling analysis. Thin-Walled Structures, 1991, 11, 177-201.

composite slab

I am going to study the diaphragm behaviour of the composite slab under the lateral loading.

To simulate the system using FEM package (such as ANSYS or ABAQUS). the obtained results from FEM package would then be verified by experimental results that must be done by myself.


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Post-doctoral positions at UCSB in mechanics

The Materials Department and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCSB invites applications for post-doctoral fellowships in computational mechanics, with an emphasis on (1) micromechanics of layered systems and (2) high temperature composites. The position involves significant collaboration with a wide variety of colleagues working on many aspects of structural materials, including those in industry and other academic institutions. Preference will be given to applicants with a strong track record of publication.

Contact analysis in abaqus

I’m very much obliged to you if you would be so kinds help me.  I am trying to design washing machine. Initially I want to try doing a static analysis. For this, I have modeled cylinder (shell) and, placing them on the solid ribs. After this i have applied boundary condition to the assembly, and also a load (centrifugal). For only Tie connection between cylinder and rib, I got simulation but less strain at rib region.

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Positions for doctoral students at TU Wien

A new doctoral college, Energy Systems 2030, is about to start at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Vienna, Austria.

A one-page flyer is available at and the doctoal college's web page can be found at

Within ENSYS 2030 there are 10 openings for doctoral students. Applications can be filed from August 5, 2010.


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