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Mixed variational formulation

Hello everyone;

Chung-Yuen Herbert Hui named the 2011 recipient of The Adhesion Society Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science

bio_hui Professor Herbert Hui, of Cornell University, has been named the 2011 recipient of The Adhesion Society Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science, Sponsored by 3M.

The Award will be presented during the 34th Annual Meeting of The Adhesion Society in Savannah, GA, USA, 13-16 February 2011.

fatigue machine

I am preparing my PHD in the National Technical Univercity of Athens (Faculty of Applied Sciences ,Department of Mechanics). We have recently bought an instron fatigue model 1276 (static capacity 2000 kNt ,dynamic capacity 1000 KNt) from the Greek Army. The machine is in bad condition and it needs service. Unfortunately , the manuals of the machine are missing.The machine is quite old and it is very difficult to find the mannuals from the manufacturer . Does anybody has the manuals or knows where i can find them?

abaqus - ball indentation- high value of stress

Dear all,

I have modeled a cyclic ball indentation problem in
Abaqus. The sphere has been modeled as axisymmetric rigid surface while
the plate is axisymmetric deformable. The material data fed in for the
plate has been obtained from low cycle fatigue experiments and the
combined hardening model using half-cycle has beem employed.

FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS:Computational Biomechanics for Medicine V (Beijing, September 24, 2010) in conjuction with MICCAI 2010


Computational Biomechanics for Medicine  V Workshop,

will be held in Beijing on September 24, 2010,

in conjunction with MICCAI 2010 Submission deadline: June 14 (extended till June 18) 

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Continuum Mechanics of Line Defects in Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Amit Acharya and Kaushik Dayal

 (To appear in Quarterly of Applied Mathematics)

This paper presents a generalization of traditional continuum approaches to liquid crystals and
liquid crystal elastomers to allow for dynamically evolving line defect distributions. In analogy with
recent mesoscale models of dislocations, we introduce fields that represent defects in orientational
and positional order through the incompatibility of the director and deformation ‘gradient’ fields.

Mohr Coulomb model -Cap model


I have a problem with the simulation of Mohr Coulomb problem. I want to set the properties of a sand. I use the experimental data from papers and i try to find the bearing capacity for a footing on sand. I set density ρ, E modulus of elasticity , ν Poissoin's ratio and for the Mohr Coulomb model i set φ shear strength, ψ dilatancy , c cohesion (a very small value=0.00001 ) for strain 0 . Does it need anything else? Does it need for hardening parameters any diagram for cohesion -plastic strain for the Mohr Coulomb model? 

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Abaqus Doubts.

I am very new in abaqus and that's why using some tutorial posted by Brown University. The site is

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Crack Bridging. Lecture 1

These notes belong to a course on fracture mechanics

Following Griffith (1921), we distinguish two processes: deformation in the body and separation of the body. Up to this point, the process of deformation has been described by field theories of various kinds, such as

A tool to help in your Literature Survey


Dear All,

             There is an excellent tool called Mendeley that can be freely downloaded from ( It helps you in organizing the literature collection and  in optimizing the literature review process.


Thanks and Regards,

Naga Sai Rohith

Stress intensity factors at crack tip for beam with a hole

Hi everybody,

I am dealing with a beam with a hole containing a crack loaded at the mid-span. I am wondering if the stress intensity factors

(KI, KII) closed form solution have been expanded for this case or not? I would appreciate if anybody could hlep me about this


Thank you,


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Materials and Mechanics for Stretchable Electronics

A review paper on stretchable electronics written by Professors John A. Rogers, Takao Someya, and Yonggang Huang was published in a recent issue of Science . This paper gives a nice summary on the recent advances in inorganic and organic stretchable electronics. Materials, structures and mechanics of these systems are discussed. Many attractive applications of stretchable electronics are introduced, such as stretchable silicon circuit, electronic eyeball camera, and flexible LED display. 

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SES 2010 Annual Technical Meeting - Call for Papers

The Society of the Engineering Science is sponsoring the 47th Annual Technical Meeting (SES2010) on October 4-6, 2010 at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. The meeting is held on biannual basis as a standalone meeting to foster and promote the exchange of ideas and information among the various disciplines of engineering and the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, bioengineering and related scientific and engineering fields.

8th International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials - oral programme now available

Elsevier is pleased to announce that details of the oral programme for the 8th Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials conference are now available - please visit for more information. Invited speakers will include:

4th I C on Engineering Failure Analysis - oral program announced, early bird discount offer ends 9 April

Don't miss out! Register by Friday 9th April 2010 to save on the cost of your registration fee for the Fourth International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis at Churchill College in Cambridge from 4th - 7th July 2010.

Elsevier is pleased to announce details of the oral programme are now available - please visit for more information. Keynote speakers will be:

The vital role of fractography in engineering failure analysis
Dr. Stan Lynch, DSTO, Australia.

CMMSE 2010 - Call for papers - Minisymposium on Sampling theory and meshfree methods

Please note the Minisymposium on Sampling theory and meshfree methods as a part of

the International Conference on Computational and Mathematical methods in Science and Engineering
CMMSE 2010, 26-30 June 2010, Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
--  --

 This mini-symposium aims to bring together such related areas of
mathematics and computational mechanics as Sampling Theory and Meshfree
Numerical Methods.

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Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics. Lecture 2

These notes belong to a course on fracture mechanics

Lecture 1 described the Begley-Landes experiment, and the blunting of a crack due to large deformation. Lecture 2 is motivated by the following considerations.

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PostDoc Position in Experimental (Bio)Mechanics

The Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics
( ) of Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria, has an opening for a Postdoc in Experimental (Bio)Mechanics for a period of two years.

Please, see for details

Derivative of an expression

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Hello iMechanica!

While reading a paper, I've tried to repeat a derivation of a simple tensorial expression given in the paper and my result differs from the result in the paper. Could you please look in to the PDF-File (just 1 page long!) that I have attached to my post and see if I derived everything right? That would be great!

 Thanks a lot in advance!



Fred Lange passed away on Friday


Frederick F. Lange, Professor of Materials, of the University of California at Santa Barbara, passed away suddenly on Friday, in Tucson, after watching his daughter defend her PhD.

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Postdoctoral Researcher on Multiscale Modeling of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Multifunctional Composites

The research group on ‘Structural Composites’ at IMDEA Materials seeks a Research Associate (Postdoctoral Researcher) for a collaborative European Project in the area of Multiscale Modeling of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Multifunctional Polymer Composites, The selected candidate will work under the supervision of the project leader to develop detailed multiscale modeling tools (micro and meso levels) to predict electrical conductivity and mechanical properties  of CFRP composites reinforced with nanotubes/nanofibers.


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