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cohesive zone with curvature


Anyone have experienece of curved cohesive zone model?

I just find people just use straight line cohesive zone geometry model.

Any difference between these two geometries?


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Postdoctoral Position at Duke Soft Active Materials Laboratory

The Duke Soft Active Materials Laboratory directed by Prof Xuanhe Zhao is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to study mechanics of polymers and hydrogels with applications in tissue regenerations. The work will be carried out in close collaboration with the Duke Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory directed by Prof Farshid Guilak.

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Using Nano Scratch Testing For Composite Failure

One of the major concerns for composite material is it’s durability in final form. The size of particles that form the strengthening additive can drastically affect the overall final performance of the composite material. By using the nano scratch testing method the failure of composite material can be compared to identify the most durable formula.

ADINA Electromagnetics

We have recently added the ADINA Electromagnetics module (ADINA-EM) to our wide range of multiphysics offerings. Using this module, the general Maxwell's equations can be effectively solved and the resulting electric and magnetic fields can be coupled to the fluid flow. For details please see:

For an overview of other multiphysics capabilities of ADINA please refer to: 

Rodney Hill died on 2 February 2011

Rodney Hill was born on 11 June 1921.  He was a Reader, then Professor, in The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), of The University of Cambridge, during the period 1969-1979. He is widely regarded as among the foremost contributors to the foundations of solid mechanics over the second half of the 20th century. He was author of 'The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity' published in 1950.

On proposals

Every year I try to get funding for things that I'm personally interested in but which may not have any immediate economic benefits.  A couple of years ago, after reading Penrose's "Road to Reality", I thought about applying Clifford algebra ideas to fracture mechanics and wrote up a proposal to that effect.  The proposal wasn't funded, but I think the idea is worth exploring.

The summary of the proposal was

From the literature

Naturally negative bulk modulus material.


Negative Linear Compressibility and Massive Anisotropic Thermal Expansion in Methanol Monohydrate

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Professors John Rogers and Ares Rosakis elected to NAE

Professors John Rogers and Ares Rosakis were elected to NAE, among the 68 new NAE members. 

John A. Rogers, Lee J. Flory-Founder Chair in Engineering, department of materials science and engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For novel electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems.

What would you like for an undergraduate book on QM to explain to you?


1. Background:

A couple of things concerning books happened recently, in the last week or two.

(i) Dr. Biswajit Banerjee announced last week that a new book on metamaterials and waves in composites authored by him is coming out in print within a few months.

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Openings for PhD students and PostDoctoral fellows at NYU-Poly

The Dynamical Systems Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University is seeking to recruit multiple Post-Doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students in fluid-structure interactions, mechanics of composite materials, and vibrations.

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Symposium on Advances in modeling and applications of cellular solids at McMAT, Chicago IL, May 31 - June 2

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to invite you to participate in the symposium on "Advances in modeling and applications of cellular solids" at the ASME Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference, McMAT-2011. The conference will be held in Chicago, IL from May 31 to June 2, 2011.

More information about the conference is available at:

Difference between plastic and Elasto-plastic deformation

Hi all

      What is the difference between plastic deformation and Elasto-plastic deformation? Thank you all.

Call for Abstract: ASME IMECE: Track 4-4 Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials for Energy Applications (due on February 28)

Dear all:

The 2011 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) will be held in November 11-17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. As the topic co-chair, I hope to get you involved at the Congress. Abstract submission is now open and the deadline is on February 28, 2011.

We welcome abstracts corresponding to the description as follows:

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Opening for a PhD student in computational materials science or computational solid mechanics

There is an opening for a PhD student in computational materials science starting summer/fall 2011 in the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems at Mississippi State University ( This center works closely with the Mechanical Engineering Department at Mississippi State University (

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Professor in Computational Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Harvard University

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (HSEAS) seeks applicants for an appointment at the level of tenured professor in the field of computational mechanical and materials engineering. The ideal candidate will have high expertise in computation, and will also have a demonstrated commitment to significant and innovative applications in mechanical engineering and/or materials engineering.

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Open Position: 2011 Summer Internship at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY


We are looking for an intern to join us this summer at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. You can find the job description at the link below. Please send your resume to apply for it there. More specifically, a background in molecular dynamics is required, and an experience of running open source MD code on supercomputer is preferred. The job will be filled quickly, and you are advised to apply as soon as possible.

MARIE CURIE FELLOWSHIP - Early Stage Researcher

Are you a recent graduate in civil, mechanical or chemical engineering, physics
or applied mathematics, with experience in one or more of the following: solid
or soil/granular mechanics, discrete element method (DEM), bulk solids handling,
computational multiphase flow modelling?
Looking to develop a career in cutting-edge engineering with the opportunity to
live and work internationally?
The PARDEM project has brought together industrial and academic partners to
develop the DEM modelling techniques and to predict the behaviour of granular
solids such as pellets, grains, sand and biomass for industrial applications.
As part of PARDEM, the University of Edinburgh has outstanding doctoral training
opportunities in the area of granular solids. We are seeking an exceptional

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Reminder: IMECE 2011: Minisymposium on Multiphysics Simulations and Experiments for Solids

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for the 2011 ASME
IMECE in Denver, to be held November 11-17, 2011.  Our minisymposium
is on "Multiphysics Simulations for Solids", and is the
continuation of a very successful minisymposium held for the past 4 years
that have resulted in more than 50 presentations at the 2009 and 2010 IMECE conferences.  This year's focus areas

1.Multiphysics modeling, simulation and experiments of electromechanical materials and systems


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