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Effect of electrical boundary conditions on the polarization distribution around a crack in a ferroelectric single domain

Polarization distributions around an open crack with different electrical boundary conditions in a single crystal ferroelectric are investigated by using a phase field model. The surface effect of polarization is taken into account in the phase field model, which has not been included in previous ferroelectric crack models. The simulation results show that the impermeable crack and the crack filled with air have a significant influence on the polarization distribution, while the permeable and the crack filled with water have little influence.

pushover anlysis on ABAQUS

i am working on ABAQUS, trying to carry out pushover analysis, modeled dam body as well as foundation, can anybody explain me how to carry out pushover analysis of dam ,as well as which interaction is suitable in between dam and foundation interface.

thank you in advance.

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Linear Instability Signals the Initiation of Motion of a Twin Plane Under Load

This is a preprint of an article that will appear in the Philosophical Magazine Letters.

Linear Instability Signals the Initiation of Motion of a Twin Plane Under Load

by Chang-Tsan Lu and Kaushik Dayal



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mathematical model for a crack emanating from one rivet hole and approaching another

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Hi All,


i am doing my m. tech project on " FE modeling and validating to find stress intensity factor for a crack emanating from one rivet hole and approaching another rivet hole".I have developed the FE model in ANSYS and tabulated stress intensity factor at crack tip from different crack length. But to validate my result i want an mathematical model or formula. Please suggest me an formula to find KI at the crack tip for this problem.

python scripting

I have extracted field output from ABAQUS odb file and I want to take log of that field. In ABAUQS scripting manual, in section 9.8.2 it has been mentioned that

               log10(field output)= field output

 When I am trying to do this compilation gives me error. "a float value required"

Please guide me if i am making any mistake

Also if possible, suggest how can I get rid of this problem? 

MATLAB for thermal simulation

I'm currently studying FEA/CFD and BEM for thermal simulation of custom dies within custom package mounted on custom PCB with encapsulate material (epoxy). I getting familar with CFD concept which seem overkill from ANSYS IcePack (too expensive) but exploring BEM technology from E3D in france (via Vishay).

I have access to MATLAB from other company to try it out for thermal modelling (BEM).

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hi all

I'm working on blood vessels constitutive equations and i need some papers but i can't find them

i hope if you can send them to me

here is my mail:

in need these papers:

ABAQUS, Contact definition between soil and nail

Hi There,

I am  modelling a soil nail wall with ABAQUS. I am wondering to know what interaction I am supposed to define for connecting nail to wall and nail to soil? By the way, I define soil as 2D plane strain and wall and beam as beam element.



Reliability Engineers Job Positions in Microsoft Hardware

There are many job positions on hardware reliability due to the success of on xbox Kinect. The following is the typical description. Please check out for more.

Reliability Engineer, Senior-IEB-MSCIS (740985) Job

Apply now »

what are the new recent advances in meshfree methods

i'm in my first year of doctorat level, and i work on meshfree methods applied in mechanical field, i would ask for recent research in this field and some indications for : what new to explore (composit materials, crack and fractures, other new materials...) in this field

Open-source finite element code

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to let those interested in Matlab finite element development and educational environments that the successor to the SOFEA toolkit is now available at

The toolkit now provides in addition to thermal and stress analysis (static and dynamic) also sample simulations from other fields, such as acoustics, nonlinear heat conduction analysis, electrostatics, small-strain plasticity, .... The toolkit now also includes an implementation of the Nodally Integrated Continuum Elements (NICE) which are quite effective for nearly incompressible mechanics problems.

The toolkit and the accompanying textbook are open-source and freely available. The book is also available in print.

impact analysis of beam in abaqus

i am doing impact analysis of cantilever beam as shown in figure attached.please help me which steps to use,contact and interaction property to be used.

impact analysis

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pressurization test

I am doing a simulation of a Prestressed concrete containment vessel for
internal pressurization test. currently i have made a 3D concrete model
and embedded a reinforcing structure and tendons into it using embedded
region option. but during analysis, it is showing that ratio of
deformation speed to wave propagation speed exceeded 1 in some elements
and the job is getting aborted. someone pls help me figure out what
could be the reason. I have attached my input file for
reference......thank you....

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Who was PhD advisor of Prager?

I have been asking colleagues this question for some time.  I was a Ph.D. student of John W. Hutchinson, who was a Ph.D. student of Bernard Budiansky, who was a Ph.D. student of William Prager.  But for years, the Mathematics Genealogy Project listed the advisor for Prager as “unknown”.

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Purchase ABAQUS licence

Is it possible to buy an ABAQUS licence (or token) from another institution?  In Malaysia and Singapore, the sales of ABAQUS appear to be controlled by WorleyParsons who charge rather exorbitant prices on the licenses - e.g. I got the student edition from the web for USD99 but in Malaysia, the price sold by WorleyParsons is 3+ times more expensive.  I am thinking whether I can pay another institution for some tokens to run jobs.  Thanks.

The origin of "Progressive Damage Methodology"


Recently I have been indulging into loads of papers on "Progressive Damage Methodology".

I wondered based on what theory did the "Progressive Damage Methodology" intrigue so many researchers to unfold various kind of experiment and simulation, in other words, why do people have to study on this methodology?

Also, I was curious on the difference between "Cumulative Damage" and "Progressive Damage".

Can anyone here possibly give me some advice on the two questions?



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Seismic Analysis


     I am doing seismic analysis of Fluid filled cylindrical steel tanks using FEM. In this analysis I m supposed to find Base Shear and Overturning moment. Steel tank is thin shell and is flexible. For the complete loading of the shell I have its stress field i.e I have Nxx, Nxy, Nyy, Mxx, Mxy, Myy components of the thin shells middle surface. They are per unit length. Using these components how I can find Base Shear and OTM?

      Any reference/suggestion for this study....

Thanks in advance


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database on carbon/epoxy orthotropic prepreg

Hi all,

I 'm  interested in finding a complete seachable database on carbon/epoxy orthotropic prepreg [properties and values]. Those values are needed to be inputted into my finite element program for my thesis. One of those materials which i'm trying to find is the MR50/LTM25 as well as several others.

Any suggestions would be great



Kind regards,

Ee Lian

modelling and simulation of lspring damper system in ls dyna

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modelling and simulation of spring damper system in ansys ls dyna in drop test form plz guyss  help me out with this if any 1 can ................. regards


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