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Journal Club Theme of January 2009: Impetus for Cell Mechanics

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Welcome to the January 2009 issue. This issue addresses the important discussion on cell mechanics. Acute need to study cell mechanics is driven by the fundamental goal of tissue engineering i.e. to make tissue engineered constructs that can mimic the environment for tissue regeneration with a potential to replace the biological functions of damaged organs. There is now worldwide activity in the in vitro regeneration of tissues including nerve, liver, bone, heart valves, blood vessels, and kidney.

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Compiling and Building TAUCS a library of sparse linear solvers

I would like to share the following information to all the iMechanica users interested in using TAUCS a library of sparse linear solvers. TAUCS is among the most used libraries of sparse linear solvers and, to my knowledge, its closest equivalent library is SuperLU. For your reference, TAUCS is used in the commercial software Mathematica by Wolfram Research. Its source code can be downloaded from

Bending Stiffness of Twisted Beams


I was looking to analytically obtain the local bending stiffness of a uniform selender beam which has been twisted along the longitudinal axis (please note that the beam is not 'pre-twisted', i.e, it not twisted in its unstressed state). The exact problem statement is written below. I would be extremely grateful if I can get directions on how to approach the problem or references where such a problem is addressed. Thank you very much!

Problem statement:

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Post-doctoral postion in Mechanical Engineering at NUS

I have an opening for a post-doctoral position starting early next year (Jan 2009) in the broad area of multi-scale mechanics of nano-crystalline (nc) materials. The focus will be on microstructure mediated failure processes in nc materials primarily using continuum mechanics based approaches, but informed by materials science.

If you are interested, please send me (shailendra[at]nus[dot]edu[dot]sg) your CV and the names of at least two references.



Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Maintenance Management in Australia

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health
QLD, Australia
Continuing, Full-time

Lecturer - total remuneration range from $78 485 to $93 202 per annum includes salary from $67 081 to $79 660 per annum and employer superannuation plus annual leave loading.

Senior Lecturer - total remuneration range from $96 142 to $110 571 per annum includes salary from $82 173 to $94 505 per annum and employer superannuation plus annual leave loading.

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Modeling anisotropic hyperelastic material

Recently I work on Finite Element Modeling of human eye .  And focus on cornea .( the outer transparent layer of human eye) . Based on Its structure which consist of collagen fibers I have to use the Anisotopic hyperelastic model . And I derived the coefficients of
strain energy function which divided into three terms of :  volumetric,isotropic and anisotropic

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Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Materials Science at Villanova University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering seeks an outstanding individual for a full-time tenure-track position in materials science with emphasis on the fabrication of micro and nanoscale materials and devices. Especially encouraged are applicants with interest in sustainable energy. The opening is at the Assistant Professor level but candidates with strong records will be considered for appointment at a higher level.

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PhD/PostDoc position at University of Twente (NL): Hierarchical multi-scale modeling

The scientific goal of the project is to develop a multi-scale computational method that uses a single hierarchical data-structure as basis – involving also multiple fields. Starting from mesoscopic structures (particles or domains) a grid is constructed on a hierarchical, tree-based data structure. The hierarchical approach allows for micro-macro transition, coupling of different fields, and coarsening or refinement – where possible or needed, respectively.

Post Doctoral Position at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: Micromechanics and Multiscale Simulation of Vessels

Dr. Kassab’s Cardiovascular Biomechanics Lab (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPUI) is seeking a post doctoral fellow in micromechanics and multiscale modeling/simulation of the mechanical behaviors of coronary arteries. The project is well funded by NIH. Please see attachments for description of the position  and abstract of the research plan.

Mellichamp Chair in Systems Biology, UC Santa Barbara, College of Engineering

Mellichamp Chair in Systems Biology. The University of California Santa Barbara seeks to hire a highly creative and productive individual to fill a Mellichamp Chair in Systems Biology. The opening has resulted from a philanthropic gift that has been generously donated by Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp.

Candidates at all levels will be considered. The primary academic appointment will be in either Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, with a possible joint appointment in a related science department.

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Strain Induced Growth Instability and Island Nucleation on Patterned Substrate

Strain induced self-assembly provides an attractive route to nanofabrication of semiconductor quantum dots on surfaces. Recent experiments have demonstrated that combining the strain induced self-assembly with surface patterning provides an effective method to further improve the size uniformity and spatial ordering of quantum dots. However, the underlying mechanisms responsible for such improvement remain poorly understood. Recently, we have developped theoretical models to elucidate the strain induced growth instability and island nucleation on patterned substrates.

Post Doctoral position at French research centre LMPM-ENSMA : numerical developement applied to multiphysic coupling


The LMPM ( seeks candidates for a post-doctoral position in the domain of numerical development applied to the modelling of coupled phenomena. It consists in understanding, modelling and simulating the different couplings (like mechanical, thermal, chemical and diffusion problems) on industrial cases.

The LMPM is a research centre in France which focuses on  durability of material under severe environment (multiphysic coupling).

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About osmotic pressure

Recently, I studied  Prof.Suo's lecture "Advanced Elasticity", node/725.

The following is explaination about osmosis pressure in the lecture.

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Is imechanica evolving into mechanics.craigslits?

Lately I am feeling like imechanica is becoming a craigslist for mechanics than a forum. Most recent blogs are simply ads that do not generate any discussion. Neither do questions from people get any reply, not any where near to what it used to be.

The last journal club had about five or so replies and the current one has no comment with two days to end.

Is it just me or does any body else feel the same too? I feel we have to think about how we can have a community here than just a repository of mechanics related stuff.  

Tsai-Wu criteria on ANSYS

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to apply the Tsai-Wu criteria to a composite plate in ANSYS. I'm using the SHELL99 element.

However, when I input the data for the criteria an error occours and ANSYS won't show me any results on the criteria.

Can someone help me? How do I use this criteria and what data should I use?

Thanks in advance 

Postdoctoral position with focus in ultrasonics

A postdoctoral position isavailable in the research group led by Dr. Joseph A. Turner in the Departmentof Engineering Mechanics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL).


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