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Ph.D. candidate position at Florida Institute of Technology

A Ph.D. candidate position is available in Computational Solid Mechanics and Materials at Florida Institute of Technology. Ideally the applicant holds a M.S. degree. Those outstanding graduates with B.S. degree would also be considered. It is expected that the candidate has a background in computational stress and fracture mechanics analyses and/or computational materials science. The project will be on Materials and Mechanics Issues in Energy Storage, specifically, in lithium ion batteries and solid state hydrogen storage. The position starts in Spring, 2011.

[Dynamics] Ultrasonic Welding of thermoplastics

I am going to simulate the well-known welding process i.e.
ultrasonic welding process for thermoplastics using ANSYS. I am using ABS first
of all. My sample dimensions are 30*40*1 and one of these two parts will be
having an energy director of triangular shape at its centre with an overall
thickness of 1.5 being equally distributed from the centre.

The parts to be welded are placed on the anvil and after
proper fixturing, ultrasonic vibrations are applied at the upper part under a
pressure of 2.0775E6.

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Evoution of Yield surfaces: Past and Future Trend - Part 3

 My last two posts on this series

Part- 1 (node/9016) and

Part- 2 (node/9073)

were mainly focussed on the tension–torsion (σ11–√3σ12) stress space. This paper will be the final post on this series and will focus mainly on the behavior of  both of these alloys under tension–tension (σ11–σ22)space and conclude this ongoing research.


Two PhD positions in Computational Mechanics and Materials Science

At the Laboratory for Computational Mechanics and Materials Science at Monash University, we have two openings for Ph.D candidate positions in the general area of computational mechanics and materials physics.

Problems with gravity loads

Hello to all,

 I`m carring out a simulation with abaqus of an underground storage tank. I modelled the tank using shell elements (conventional) and for the soil I used solid element. I want the stress on the top of the tank caused by the efect of the soil that is on the top.

The applied load is Gravity in the y-direction (-10 m/s2) to the whole model and I`m using abaqus/standard. I defined the contact between the tank and the soil.

The problem is that the job end saying "too many attemps for this increment". I used different increments but all of them with the same result.

What can I do or what am I missing ?


Thanks to all!




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Post-doc position in the area of Computational Solid Mechanics

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.  Qualified applicants will be contacted in the near future.  

Thank you for your interest,

Jeong-Hoon Song 


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Multiple Ph.D. positions in the area of Computational Solid Mechanics

Multiple Ph.D. positions are available in the area of Computational Solid Mechanics in the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of South Carolina. These positions will begin in August 2011, and fully cover university tuition and stipend.


Abaqus modelling

Hello ! I'm a beginner in Abaqus and for that I've tried to follow this tutorial .

I was all ok until I tried to make the mesh (chapter 3.7.2 in tutorial). It said that they are parts of the assemby that are too complex to be meshed with those mesh settings.

The problematic zone is this:

Brain drop simulation

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

I am doing research involving the finite element modeling of a human head namely Scalp, Skull, Brain & Duramater using Abaqus/CAE. I have finished modeling the parts, assigning the material properties, assembling and meshing the said model. I need to drop the whole assembly onto a 'floor'. What step should I choose. Also what interaction would I have to create so that the head would shear when it is dropped a distance less than 1 cm. Also bear in mind that it should not bounce.

 Thank you.

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Good Time to Everybody, I am working on Thermoplasticity, especially thermoviscoplasticity, will be comparing the results of some basic examples problem worked be Simo and Miehe, modelled in Abaqus with the results of a locally developed code. I am new comer in this excellent forum and I am happy to see myself among a nice community of Mechanicians. I regard all those who are conneted in this form and those who helped in connecting this chain of  Mechanics.


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Post-Doc in Computational Material Science or Computational Mechanics Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus Uni. Weima

Multiscale Methods for Fracture

are looking for a Postdoctoral Fellow for a Research Project on
multiscale modeling of material failure. The Postdoctoral Fellow should
have done his/her PhD preferably in Computational Material Science or
otherwise in Computational Mechanics. A strong background in Molecular
Dynamics, multiscale methods such as the bridging domain or bridging
scale method and finite element methods is required.

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Call for Papers on Abaqus FEA for 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference

The 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference (SCC) will be held May 16-19, 2011 in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. A city filled with world famous museums, historical sites, shopping, entertainment, and culinary delights.

We are pleased to invite you to join your colleagues and share your Abaqus FEA experience by submitting an abstract by November 8, 2010.

Abstracts are also being accepted for papers detailing the use of Isight for simulation process automation and design optimization.

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Spectrum(PSD) analysis of composite structures in ANSYS



I am trying to perform PSD analysis of a composite structure in ANSYS software. I wonder that  is a failure criteria such as Tsai-Wu available in this analysis type.  In ANSYS Help writes that

Validation and benchmarking problems for 3D fluid simulation with free boundaries

I have a hard time finding problem sets for validation and
benchmarking of methods and codes for 3d fluid simulation with free
boundaries. Please guide me to (standardized) problem sets or key
litterture that is a suitable starting point. If there are not many
standardized tests I would like to initiate a dsicussion about what a
good test collection should be. I understand that iMechanica is focused
more on solid mechanics than fluid dynamics but the overlap is big.  

The Nobel, Graphene and 20% Google

   GEIM CC wikipedia 2010Only after learning that 2010 nobelists AK Geim and Novoselov* got the inspiration for Graphene during a 20% time break from "ongoing"lab research.

Most prestigious engineering award

Physics, chemistry, and medicine have Nobel prizes. Mathematicians have fields medal. What do you think is the most prestigious engineering prize? Do we have any Nobel equivalent?

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Fracture of electrodes in lithium-ion batteries caused by fast charging

During charging or discharging of a lithium-ion battery, lithium is extracted from one electrode and inserted into the other.  This extraction-insertion reaction causes the electrodes to deform.  An electrode is often composed of small active particles in a matrix.  If the battery is charged at a rate faster than lithium can homogenize in an active particle by diffusion, the inhomogeneous distribution of lithium results in stresses that may cause the particle to fracture.  The distributions of lithium and stress in a LiCoO2 particle

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Faculty Positions at the University of Illinois

The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is actively seeking candidates for faculty positions in all areas of mechanical science and engineering. We especially seek candidates whose research and teaching interests are in the areas of energy, manufacturing, and biomedicine.  However, the innovative nature of the candidate’s research and the candidate’s potential for leadership are more important than specific research area.

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Positions for doctoral students at TU Wien

There are three open positions for doctoral students at the Institiute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics  (ILSB) of Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Vienna, Austria

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Opening: Professor & Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee

Applications and nominations are invited for the position of Professor and Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK), College of Engineering ( A detailed Announcement is enclosed.

Shape memory alloy VUMAT in Abaqus


I am a post graduate student. I need a VUNAT subroutin about shape memory alloy in Abaqus. Please if someone has it, give me.



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