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IUTAM Symposium on Mechanics of Stretchable Electronics March 17-18, 2016

Recently developed materials and mechanics concepts yield stretchable electronics, which has changed the way that people think about possibilities in the area of electronics and enabled many novel applications. These stretchable electronics will be subject to large, repeated deformation during manufacturing and service.  All these post significant challenges to the functionality and reliability of stretchable electronic devices.

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Masters of Thermodynamics

One Internet, multiple worlds.  People have gone mobile, but iMechanica has not.  Although iMechanica is accessible from mobile phones, but it was not designed as such.  On the other hand, mobile social networks are good mostly for short forms.  A practical solution seems to be posting on iMechanica and linking the entries to social networks, such as twitter, wechat, and Facebook.  For example, The New Yorker has a strong presence on Facebook, as my sons and their friends would say.   

Legato lab report 2016 now online! Happy new year!

Dear readers,

As usual, you can find here our best wishes from the Legato Team, including a summary of our activities in 2015 and some highlights to look forward to in 2016: 2016 Lab Report:


Happy new year!

Stéphane Bordas

PhD positions in Geotechnical Engineering in Canada

Dear all,

Happy new year. My supervisor ( is currently looking for potential PhD students. If you are highly interested and motivated to join our group, please E-mail at Do not hesitate to knock me if you have any questions.

Thank you very much.



Sujan Dutta. 

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Journal Club Theme of January 2016: Extreme Mechanics on the Surface of our Planet

Our experience with earthquakes is that they are violent events that take a heavy toll on our societies through life and property losses. However, earthquakes present us with some of the most challenging questions in mechanics. By better understanding the nucleation and propagation dynamics of earthquakes, we may make progress towards minimizing their negative impact. Insights from mechanics may help in the development of better seismic hazard models as well as in the construction of more efficient earthquake early warning systems.

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Postdoc Position - Gradient damage modelling - National University of Singapore

We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow for the gradient damage modelling of brittle fracture in the National University of Singapore (see project description in attachment).

Postdoc Position - Natural Fiber Composites - Qatar University

We have a new position for posdoc in Qatar University. The main topic is using natural fibers in composite materials for particular structural applications. The job requires a previous experience with experimental characterization of natural fiber composites. In addition, numeriacl simulations are desirable. The job is available only for 7 months due to budget issues. For application, please send your CV with detailed explanation of your experience and list of publication to Prof. Elsadig Mahdi.

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First Reminder: Extreme Mechanics Letters – Special Issue on ‘Frontiers of mechanical metamaterials’

This themed issue on mechanical metamaterials invites contributions from different perspectives with the aim of highlighting the latest advances in the field.

The themed issue will focus on mechanical metamaterials in the general sense. This includes acoustic and elastic metamaterials as well as other types of metamaterials with unique mechanical and/or thermal properties at any length scale.

Topics of interest include the following:

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Call for Papers: Symposium on Isogeometric Analysis

You are cordially invited to participate in the


Symposium on Isogeometric Analysis and Analysis Suitable Geometry


at WCCM 2016 - 12th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XII) and 6th Asia-Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM VI) 


The conference will take place on July 24-29, 2016 at Seoul, Korea. Please visit the conference website for further information.


Welcome to submit your abstract (1 to 2 pages) until Dec 30, 2010 online. 


Postdoc Position - Additive Manufacturing (University of Pittsburgh, January 2016)

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE POSITION Department of Industrial Engineering University of Pittsburgh The Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh has an immediate opening for a postdoctoral associate. The position’s primary area of research will focus on characterizing additively manufactured metallic components. The initial appointment is for one year with potential to extend, subject to the availability of funds. A background in metals-based additive manufacturing is required.

The Master SN curve approach – A hybrid multi-scale fatigue simulation of short fiber reinforced composites

Atul Jain, Jose M. Veas, Stefan Straesser, Wim Van Paepegem, Ignaas Verpoest, Stepan Lomov

To appear in a special issue of journal Composites Part A

Three open PhD positions about vibration energy harvesting at Virginia Tech

Three fully funded PhD positions are available in Dr. Lei Zuo's group in the department of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech starting from Fall, 2016. One opening is about design and control of wave energy converter, one is on vibration energy harvesting fro oil drilling system and another one is about energy harvesting from backpack while human walking or running.

Please contact Prof. Lei Zuo ( for further information. 

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Microstructure in plasticity without nonconvexity

Amit Das          Amit Acharya             Pierre Suquet

To appear in Special issue of Computational Mechanics on "Connecting Multiscale Mechanics to Complex Material Design"; Guest Editors: Wing Kam Liu, Jacob Fish, J. S Chen, Pedro Camanho; Issue dedicated to Ted Belytschko

A simplified one dimensional rate dependent model for the evolution of plastic distortion is obtained from a three dimensional mechanically rigorous model of mesoscale field dislocation mechanics. Computational solutions of variants of this minimal model are investigated to explore the ingredients necessary for the development of microstructure. In contrast to prevalent notions, it is shown that microstructure can be obtained even in the absence of non-monotone equations of state. In this model, incorporation of wave propagative dislocation transport is vital for the modeling of spatial patterning. One variant gives an impression of producing stochastic behavior, despite being a completely deterministic model. The computations focus primarily on demanding macroscopic limit situations, where a convergence study reveals that the model-variant including non-monotone equations of state cannot serve as effective equations in the macroscopic limit; the variant without non-monotone ingredients, in all likelihood, can.

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Second Reminder: EML Special Issue on 3D Assembly by Cutting, Bending and Folding

Special Issue on 3D Assembly by Cutting, Bending and Folding in Extreme Mechanics Letters

When patterned with different materials, gradients or cut-outs, thin structures such as sheets and rods can bend or fold either spontaneously or by actuation in response to a force or stimulus to form a pre-designed three dimensional structure. This special issue addresses the design and mechanics of these structures with a special emphasis on programmability and non-linearity.  

Manuscript Submission:

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Multiple Ph.D. fellowships available at Clemson University

Multiple Ph.D. fellowships are available at Clemson University in the broad area of model validation and data analytics through a recent Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) grant. Through this grant, faculties from Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Earth Science, Mathematical Science, and Computer Science team up to work on the national need for model validation analytics in civil and environmental engineering problems.


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Call for abstracts: Functional and Architectured Materials -- EMMC15 -- Brussel Sept 7-9 2016

Dear Colleagues,

15th European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC15) will be held in Brussel, Belgium, during 7 – 9 Sentember, 2016. As part of this meeting, we are organizing a session (S7) to bring together experts in modelling, simulation, manufacturing and experimental investigation in the field of functional and architectured materials to present and discuss recent advances. Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to)

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Perspective article on the X-FEM in computational fracture

Abstract: In this paper, we provide a retrospective examination of the developments and applications of the extended finite element method (X-FEM) in computational fracture mechanics. Our main attention is placed on the modeling of cracks (strong discontinuities) for quasistatic crack growth simulations in isotropic linear elastic continua.

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Postdoc Position at University of Missouri

Title Postdoc Scientist (Note: I will consider any excellent PhD students too) Category Job in Academia Employer Thermal, Fluid & Energy Laboratory/University of Missouri Location United States, Missouri, Columbia International Yes, international applications are welcome Closure Date Monday, February 01, 2016 Description: Advertisement for Postdoctoal Positions: Thermal, Fluid & Energy Laboratory at University of Missouri, Columbia develops innovative solutions for challenging applications of flow control, thermal management, and energy conversion technologies.

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Tenure-track Faculty Position at Johns Hopkins University


The Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute ( invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the broad areas associated with materials and structures in extreme environments. We seek faculty members who are enthused about the HEMI Mission: providing global intellectual leadership to advance the fundamental science associated with materials and structures under extreme conditions and demonstrating extreme performance. Exceptionally qualified candidates at all ranks will be considered.

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Faculty Position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Koç University

Koç University College of Engineering invites applications for full-time faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering starting in Fall 2016. Strong applicants in all areas of mechanical engineering, preferably with interdisciplinary research interests, and at all academic levels with an exemplary research and publication record will be considered. Faculty members are expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in addition to maintaining a vigorous research program. Koç University is a private, nonprofit institution located on a state-of-the-art campus in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Thermo-coupled Surface Cauchy-Born Theory

Obtaining high accuracy with low computation requirements is a challenge in the modeling of the thermomechanical response of nanostructures. Although the field is important to capture size dependency at finite temperatures, it is mostly quasiharmonic and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations that lead to reliable results. To formulate an engineering approach to this problem, Thermo-coupled Surface Cauchy-Born method was developed combining Surface Cauchy-Born and Engineering Molecular Mechanics.

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Faculty Position (Open Rank) in Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University


School of Engineering and Applied Science

Faculty Position in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

The Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University in the City of New York invites applications for a tenured or tenure-track faculty position. Appointments at the assistant professor, associate professor and full professor levels will be considered. 


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