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Cell mechanics workshop

The Center for Cellular Mechanics at U of Illinois has recently hosted a week long summer workshop on Cell Mechano Sensitivity (July 30-Aug 3, 2007. The workshop had lectures in the morning an hands on-labs in the aternoons. All the lectures are on the web (with slides and video). They include a large collection of references. The web also has the laboratory protocols for cell culture, cell fixing and staining, single molecule detection, florescence microscopy, and much more. Visit the website:  

Large elastic strain - limits of Green strain

I am looking at problems of large deformation and large elastic strain in biological materials, using an analytical model that determines the current deformed state in a single step from the original undeformed state. The approach is to propose a strain energy function to allow the calculation of Piola-Kirchhoff 2 stresses which may then be converted to true Cauchy stresses via the usual mapping. Since I initially calculate PK2 stresses, the strain energy function must be a function of Green strain.

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Journal Club November 2007: Surface Effects on Nanomaterials

Nanoscale materials, including thin films, quantum dots, nanowires, nanobelts, etc – are all structurally unique because they have a relatively high ratio of surface area to volume ratio.  This increase in surface area to volume ratio is important for nanomaterials because wide and unexpected variations in mechanical and other physical properties, such as thermal, electrical and optical, have been found to scale in some proportion to increase in surface area to volume ratio.

Asst. Prof. - Harvard - Mechanical engineering - design

Faculty Opening - Assistant Professor.  Mechanical Engineering - Design, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (HSEAS) seeks applicants for a faculty position as a tenure track assistant professor in the area of mechanical engineering. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest and background in teaching design, as well as outstanding research capabilities. Areas of interest include mechanics and materials (particularly MEMS and NEMS), fluids, mechatronics, robotics, and biomechanics.

Post doctoral position in the area of soft tissue Biomechanics at the Advanced Computational Research Lab, RPI, Troy, USA

Brief description: The Advanced Computational Research Laboratory (,
affiliated with the  Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear
Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA invites
applications for a postdoctoral research position to work in the area of in vivo / in situ soft tissue mechanical property estimation and modeling.

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The story behind the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

When I came to the institute, my collaborator Kay invited me for a dinner in the new town together with his friend Thilo and other guys. The city is wisely divided into two functioning areas, old town and new town. All the ancient buildings like King’s summer palace, women’s church and opera house are in the old town; while the restaurants, bars and other modern buildings are in the new town. Each is in harmony with its environment and cultural atmosphere.

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Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Reception during the MRS Fall Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend a reception, hosted by Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, during the MRS Fall Meeting, on Monday, 26 November 2007, from 7:30 pm to 10 pm, at Independence Room East, 2nd Floor, Sheraton Boston Hotel & Towers, 39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA.

Dean Venky Narayanamurti, Joanna Aizenberg, Michael Aziz, Shriram Ramanathan, Frans Spaepen, Zhigang Suo, Joost Vlassak

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Multiaxial behavior of nanoporous single crystal copper: a molecular dynamics study

The stress-strain behavior and incipient yield surface of nanoporous single crystal copper are studied by the molecular dynamics (MD) method. The problem is modeled by a periodic unit cell subject to multi-axial loading. The loading induced defect evolution is explored. The incipient yield surfaces are found to be tension-compression asymmetric. For given void volume fraction, apparent size effects in the yield surface are predicted: the smaller behaves stronger.

Crack formation in thin film during deposition process


Dear Researchers,  

I am a research student, "Surface modification of materials" is my research topic. I joined your site to discuss the crack propagation during thin film deposition.

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"Crack" versus "Fracture"

 It seems that within the field of fracture mechanics, some authors use "fracture" to refer to the mechanism of creating new surfaces within a body by breaking the material bonds and reserve the word "crack" for the sharp-tipped discontinuity that results from fracture of a brittle material. But it does not appear that this distinction is followed consistently throughout the literature, and perhaps different research areas within the fracture mechanics field use the two words in different ways.

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Questions on ferroelectrics: why tetragonal ferroelectric ceramics are difficult to pole while rhombohedral ceramics easy to?


It may be well known to researchers on ferroelectrics that tetragonal ferroelectric ceramics, such as BaTiO3, Ti-rich lead titanate zirconate (PZT), are difficult to pole even using a high DC field with long holding time. While the rhombohedral PZT or PZT near the morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) are easy to pole, especially the latter. Why?


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Post doctoral position in geomechanics at CSIRO Petroleum, Melbourne, Australia

The post doctoral fellow will be engaged in research on the mechanics of hydraulic fracturing of rock. The primary aim of this project is to investigate, using a novel approach for experimentation spanning laboratory and field scales, the effect of fracture size on the energy required for fracture extension in rock.

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Is it possible to find a way to more categorization of information in Imechanica?

Information in Imechanica is a little dispersed it is good in its present form but is it possible to categorization of information more?

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Call for IUTAM Symposia & Summer School Proposals

ADVANCED CALL FOR PROPOSALS: IUTAM SYMPOSIUM and INSTRUCTIONAL SUMMER SCHOOLS for 2010 and 2011 (Proposals due no later than January 15, 2008)

The United States National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNC/TAM) seeks proposals from U.S. authors and institutions to host IUTAM (International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) Symposia or IUTAM Instructional Summer Schools in 2010 or 2011.


PLASTICITY 2008, Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort, Kailua/Kona (Big Island of Hawaii) January 3-8, 2008

FIRST CIRCULAR (Dated September 28, 2006)

First AAM 2008 Conference

On June 17-20, 2008 the Inaugural Conference of the American Academy of Mechanics will be hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following this conference this event will be hosted in the USA every four years to coincide with the ICTAM conference. This meeting will help the mechanics communities with applications in solids, fluids, bio, etc. to interact and set new challenging concepts and refinements in the existing areas of Mechanics.

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The incomplete guide to the art of discovery

The warm reception to a previous post on learning to be a PhD advisor reminded me of a book, whose  title now appears as the title of this new post.  The book was written by Jack E. Oliver, a geologist, and was published in 1991 by Columbia University Press.  Looking at the book again the other day, I found the original receipt, dated 19 October 1991, from Chaucer's Bookstore, in Santa Barbara, where I started as an assistant professor at UCSB in 1989.  How delightful! 

A Local Semi-Implicit Level-Set Method for Interface Motion

This paper proposes and implements a novel hybrid level set method which combines the

post doc position in Dept of MAE at Univ. of Miami -- position filled

This position has been filled and many thanks to imechanica and those who helped in distributing the news ...


Rowland Junior Fellowship at Harvard University (30 Nov Deadline)

I am writing to draw your attention to our annual solicitation for applications to Rowland Junior Fellows Program, which may be of interest to your graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

We have currently eight Rowland Junior Fellows at the Institute. As a look at our website will tell you (, they work on a broad range of topics, from condensed matter physics to plant physiology.


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