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Super Plastic Forming Die Cleaning

I am working on a project for a more efficient process for cleaning supe plastic forming dies. Currently, we are cleaning them manually with an electric drill motor and a brush on the end of that. This process is ergonomically doing a number on our employees, not say that the process is lengthy. Is there anyone that has had any luck with any other process cleaning dies? Thanks.....

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Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 7 November 1940

In today's class of complex analysis, my co-instructor Scott Norris was lecturing on resonance.  He mentioned a YouTube video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Also instructive is the entry of the bridge on Wikipedia

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GRE Verbal, how much does it count?

I am in the process of applying for a PhD in computational solid mechanics in the US and I am about to take the GRE. Well I have been kind of busy at my work and didn't really get time to study the word list.

My question is, how much weight does the verbal part have in admission/fellowship/assistantship decisions? If I have really good GPA's and research experience with enthusiastic refrees, can I still make it with medicore results on the verbal part?

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Influence of Interfacial Delamination on Channel Cracking of Brittle Thin Films

H. Mei, Y. Pang, and R. Huang, International Journal of Fracture 148, 331-342 (2007).

Following a previous effort published in MRS Proceedings, we wrote a journal article of the same title, with more numerical results. While the main conclusions stay the same, a few subtle points are noted in this paper.

Recruiting PhD students for Cell Mechanics Lab at Rensselaer

Full support is available for 2 PhD students in cellular mechanics group in Biomedical Engineering Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  

The applicants should have mechanics, materials or soft matter physics background, with some experimental experience at micro-scales.  Experience with any of the following is considered a
plus: computational mechanics, cell/tissue culture, microscopy, image analysis, photonics.

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program ranking of universities

The Chronicle of Higher Education just published its ranking of all programs (fields) of universities in the States.

This ranking is based on the productivity (publications, citations, grants and awards, nothing else), rather than people perceptions (department head's evaluations) as US News and World Report. 

Of course one should never take any ranking very seriously, but it is interesting to take a look at this website.


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Two four-year doctoral fellowships at the LaCàN Research group (, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC, Barcelona, Spain).

These two fellowships, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education ("beca FPI"), coverfull tuition, a monthly stipend and provide funds for short international research stays. The starting date is expected in the Summer-Fall 2008.

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Rippling and a phase-transforming mesoscopic model for multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Dear colleagues, 

I would like to share the following paper, in press in the Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. It can be found at the publisher's web at

 A preprint is also attached below.


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Writings of scientists on doing research

In a previous post, Learning to be a PhD advisor, I wrote about learning to do my job from students.  Over the years, I have also learned from writings of other scientists on doing research, its dynamics:  competition, despair, and exhilaration...  Here is a small sample that occurs to me this morning. 


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Dear all,

Do you have any reference about the theory of plasticity? Especially about flow theory and von Mises yield criterion?

For example if I have an effective stress - plastic strain relationship, and I after yielding, I increase my strain again, how can I obtain the increment of the plastic strain and the stress deviator tensor?

Thanks a lot.



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AAM: Newly Elected Fellows

The American Academy of Mechanics is pleased to announce that
Jacob Fish, the Rosalind and John J. Redfern Chaired Professor of Engineering at
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, Professor of
Mechanical Science & Engineering at University of Illinois have both been
elected as Fellows of the Academy. They will be presented with certificates

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Dissertation:Hypersingular Integral Equation Method to 3D Crack in Fully Coupled Electromagnetothermoelastic Multiphase Composit

Dissertation: Hypersingular Integral Equation Method to 3D Crack in Fully Coupled Electromagnetothermoelastic Multiphase Composites

Master: studies of hypersingular integral equation method to three-dimensional crack in bimaterials

How to input LaTeX equations in iMechanica


Last time, when I saw one blog of , I thought it would be much more convenient if we can input some equations in iMechanica for discussion. When I make discussion about mechanics with colleagues, I would like to write down some equations on the blackboard or paper. For discussion based on the web blog, LaTeX equations will be helpful. And it would be better if one can input equations directly instead of uploading one picture after another.

     A new website has been initiated which surveys mechanics type failure criteria for homogeneous materials.  Although later additions will be concerned with anisotropic materials, the first topic of attention is that of yield and failure criteria for isotropic materials.  A brief review of  the Mises, Tresca, and Coulomb-Mohr criteria is given, along with the need for a more general form which spans the various  materials classes i


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