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Research Fellow (Civil Composites), University of Southern Queensland


Research and Innovation


Centre for Future Materials


USQ Academic Level B


Full-time fixed term appointment for 3 years


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An ECCOMAS Advanced Course on Computational Structural Dynamics, Prague, 2018

We would like to announce An ECCOMAS Advanced Course on Computational Structural Dynamics 2018, . The short course on computational structural dynamics will be held form June 4 to June 8, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Design and testing of tubular polymeric capsules for self-healing of concrete

Dear all,

Our group has recently published a paper on "Design and testing of tubular polymeric capsules for self-healing concrete". We have combined experiments and numerical simulations in order to optimize polymeric carrier capsules for their use in self-healing concrete. Interested? You can read the full paper at:


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High-Strength, Durable All-Silk Fibroin Hydrogels with Versatile Processability toward Multifunctional Applications Hydrogels are the focus of extensive research due to their potential use in fields including biomedical, pharmaceutical, biosensors, and cosmetics. However, the general weak mechanical properties of hydrogels limit their utility. Here, pristine silk fibroin (SF) hydrogels with excellent mechanical properties are generated via a binary-solvent-induced conformation transition (BSICT) strategy.

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Validation of Numerical (INCS) method for Elastic wave case

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Dear mechanician,

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Nobel laureate Randy Schekman: How journals like Nature, Cell and Science are damaging science

An article on the Guardian here.  Critics will say Shelkman has founded his own open access journal, here, probably competing with Nature, Cell and Science, which explains a lot.


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9th International Conference on Computational Methods, Rome, Italy, August 6-10, 2018

ICCM9- Roma - 6-10th August 2018

The International Conference for Computation Methods (ICCM)  series were initiated by Professor GR Liu (University of Cincinnati OH, USA in Singapore in 2004 it has become one of the major international conferences in the related areas.

Postdoc Position in Modelling THMC processes at Wuhan University in China

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Fellow research position in modelling coupled thermal-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in hydraulic fracturing at Wuhan University in China, Department of Civil Engineering. Code writing ability and strong background in mechanics are required. Specific knowledge of TOUGH2 and parallel processing is preferred. Applicants must hold a PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or a related discipline.


Two postdoc positions at Singapore University of Technology and Design

Our group has postdoctoral position openings supported by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)-Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) Centre for the projects of design and fabrication of soft robotics, and nano/micro fabrication.

Would you suggest a textbook or a paper help for building such a model



I need to build a model to predict the fatigue life of notched metal. No pre-existing fatigue crack, as the specimens is not based on the ASTM standards.

The crack initiation from a notch, and then propagation till failure needed to be accounted for. 

The plasticity at the notch due to the cyclic loading & the crack closure effect needed to be considered. 

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VFM course with focus on high strain rate identification

On September 3-4 2018 at the University of Southampton, there will be a 2-day intensice course on the Virtual Fields Method (VFM) with special focus on transient dynamics, with a view to identify mechanical properties of materials at high strain rates from full-field measurements using ultra-high speed imaging. This is part of the PhotoDyn project: The programme can be downloaded here.

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CSME International Congress - Advanced Manufacturing Symposium

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers International Congress, will be held in Toronto, Ontario at York University. The forum provides a unique opportunity to disseminate research themes, results, and new technologies. It also facilitates networking, among universities, industry, government agencies.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Impact Engineering - University of Oxford

"We are seeking two full-time Postdoctoral Research Associates in Impact Engineering to join a team of researchers focused on investigation of pressure, temperature and strain rate dependent behaviour of advanced materials for high-performance aerospace applications within the Impact Engineering Team, an integral part of the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group at the Department of Engineering Science (University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park). The post is funded by Rolls Royce for a fixed-term of 2 years in the first instance.

CAD-Analysis Isogeometric Analysis Post-doc and Software Developer sought to develop a CAD-Analysis simulation prototype Proof of Concept FNR

The in Luxembourg

1) a post-doctoral fellow for 18 months (very competitive salary) to develop accelerated IGAFEM IGABEM and GIFT technology

2) a C++ software developer for 19 months (very competitive salary) to develop a user interface and accelerate the code

The candidates should

1) have some knowledge of IGA, isogeometric analysis or geometry independent field approximation

2) have excellent C++ coding skills

Quality Control for Additive Manufacturing Parts Using Non-Destructive Testing


Learn how 3D image data model generation software like Simpleware and solver ANSYS enable quality control of Additive Manufactured parts in the aerospace industry.

Read more at Aerospace & Defense Technology.

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Kenneth Langstreth Johnson. 19 March 1925 — 21 September 2015

I strongly recommend reading these two papers about the recent loss of Ken L Johnson, FRS, Timoshenko Medallist, Gold Tribology Medal, who died the day of my 45th birthday, exactly twice as old.

Rod Smith Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society · August 2016 Kenneth Langstreth Johnson. 19 March 1925 — 21 September 2015 DOI: 10.1098/rsbm.2016.0012   

Hills, D. A., Nowell, D., & Barber, J. R. (2016). KL Johnson and contact mechanics. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 0954406216634121.

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Shooting and arc-length continuation method for periodic solution and bifurcation of nonlinear oscillation of viscoelastic dielectric elastomers

A majority of dielectric elastomers (DE) developed so far have more or less viscoelastic properties. Understanding the dynamic behaviors of DE is crucial for devices where inertial effects can not be neglected. Through construction of a dissipation function, we applied the Lagrange’s method and theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of DE and formulated a physics-based approach for dynamics of viscoelastic DE.

one postdoctoral position at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Our group has one postdoctoral position opening supported by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)-Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD) for a project involving multimaterial stereolithography for 3D/4D printing.

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Certification for Damage Tolerance

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I wonder if anyone in Imechanica follows or deals with Damage Tolerance of Aircraft Structures.  Not having to deal with everyday certification nor having direct experience, I know only what is reported in academic books, but I am confused about what is the standard in industry and certification, assuming there is one!




Safe-Life design

Post-doc in Non-linear Dynamics

Employment as an assistant researcher (Post-doc) at the project OPUS from National Centre of Science.


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A thermo-elasto-plastic theory for special Cosserat rods

A general framework is presented to model coupled thermo-elasto-plastic deformations in the theory of special Cosserat rods. The use of the one-dimensional form of the energy balance in conjunction with the one-dimensional entropy balance allows us to obtain an additional equation for the evolution of a temperature-like one-dimensional field variable together with constitutive relations for this theory. Reduction to the case of thermoelasticity leads us to the well known nonlinear theory of thermoelasticity for special Cosserat rods.

Influence of Cracking on Moisture Uptake in Strain-Hardening Cementitious Composites

Dear all,

Our article on experimental and numerical investigation of water uptake in strain-hardening cementitious composites (SHCCs, sometimes called ECC), is now freely available for download at:


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