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Constructive and Destructive Interplay between Piezoelectricity and Flexoelectricity in Flexural Sensors and Actuators

Flexoelectricity is an electromechanical effect coupling polarization to strain gradients. It fundamentally differs from piezoelectricity because of its size-dependence and symmetry. Flexoelectricity is generally perceived as a small effect noticeable only at the nanoscale. Since ferroelectric ceramics have a particularly high flexoelectric coefficient, however, it may play a significant role as piezoelectric transducers shrink to the sub-micrometer scale.

Open University of Turkish Aeronautical Association (UTAA) faculty positions in Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronics, Computer, Industrial, Electronics, Aeronautical and Astronautical)

The Department of Engineering at UTAA ( invites applications for a faculty appointment at the senior and junior level. UTAA is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty. It welcomes nominations of and applications from all nations, members of minority groups, individuals with disabilities, etc. If you have any queries, please contact Dr. Ferhat Kadioglu (


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Ph.D. position(s) in the Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics Group at the Iowa State University

Graduate student applications are invited for PhD positions in the Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics Group in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Iowa State University. Self-motivated students in the area of theoretical, computational and applied mechanics, computational materials science, or condensed matter physics are encouraged to apply. Research topics cover multiscale simulation of dislocation, fracture, phase transformation and heat transfer in materials.

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Amplifying the response of soft actuators by harnessing snap-through instabilities

Engineering actuators with capabilities that match and even exceed those found in nature, is a long-standing challenge. While traditional actuators are built with hard materials, it has been recently shown that elastomeric materials enable the design of fluidic actuators that are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to fabricate, and able to undergo large deformation and complex motions. However, these actuators typically rely on large volumes for their actuation.

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Ultra-stretchable and skin-mountable strain sensors using carbon nanotubes–Ecoflex nanocomposites

Super-stretchable, skin-mountable, and ultra-soft strain sensors are presented by using carbon nanotube percolation networksilicone rubber nanocomposite thin films. The applicability of the
strain sensors as epidermal electronic systems, in which mechanical compliance like human skin and high stretchability (e > 100%) are required, has been explored. The sensitivity of the strain

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"Imperfection" in graphene oxide invites surprising properties in a mechano-chemical way

In an article published in the August 20 issue of Nature Communications, we report a mechanochemical phenomenon in graphene oxide membranes, covalent epoxide-to-ether functional group transformations that deviate from epoxide ring-opening reactions, discovered through nanomechanical experiments and density functional-based tight binding calculations.

Full PhD scholarship at Curtin University, Australia (Structural Engineering; Civil Engineering)

The candidate will work with Prof. Hong Hao and Dr. Wensu Chen in the area of structural Engineering on an Australia Research Council (ARC) Linkage project.

Postdoctoral Associate

The University of Notre Dame, Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials (C-SWARM), is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the postdoctoral associate position in the area of computational mechanics/physics with emphasis on parallel numerical methods. C-SWARM is a center of excellence established by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) whose primary focus is on the emerging field of predictive science.

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Bauschinger effect in nanowires

Intrinsic Bauschinger Effect and Recoverable Plasticity in Pentatwinned Silver Nanowires Tested in Tension

Link (

Rodrigo A. Bernal, Amin Aghaei, Sangjun Lee, Seunghwa Ryu, Kwonnam Sohn, Jiaxing Huang, Wei Cai, and Horacio Espinosa

Seventh International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis - 3 - 6 July, 2016 - Abstract Submissions now open

Engineering failure analysis is a key tool for the improvement of the modern innovation cycle now demands that component design involves a whole-of-life approach, incorporating an awareness of manufacture, safety, reliability, environmental sensitivity and disposal. This has focused attention on the pivotal role of failure analysis as an essential tool to improve equipment availability, help prevent accidents and disasters and to inform the processes of design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of key plant and equipment.

Simpleware Workshop at CMBBE 2015

We're running a workshop at the 13th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (CMBBE) in Montreal, Canada.

Date: Thursday, September 3rd 2015
Time: 3.25pm-5.30pm
Presenter: Tom Spirka (PhD)

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Open Faculty Positions at the University of Houston: Multiple areas; All ranks; Solid Mechanics/Control Systems


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston (UH) invites applications for an open rank faculty position at the Assistant/Associate/Full Professor level beginning Fall 2016. Successful candidates are expected to establish an internationally recognized dynamic research program in the broad areas of solid mechanics or control systems.


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PhD Position at McGill University in Bioenergy/Biomass

One MSc/PhD position is available for January 2016 for Canadian students or for September 2016 for Internatioanl students in Bioresource Engineering Department of McGill University in a collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department. The research direction is on Bioenergy and Biomass, specifically on numerical simulation and experimental testing of the thermal behavior and gasification.  


Required qualifications for the position are:

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PhD Positions at the University of Illinois at Chicago

PhD Positions in the areas of computational mechanics and soft tissue biomechanics are available in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois, Chicago.


a.       The candidates must have already earned (or should soon earn) an M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering or in a closely related field.

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Stick-slip instabilities in sheared granular flow: The role of friction and acoustic vibrations

We propose a theory of shear flow in dense granular materials. A key ingredient of the theory is an effective temperature that determines how the material responds to external driving forces such as shear stresses and vibrations. We show that, within our model, friction between grains produces stick-slip behavior at intermediate shear rates, even if the material is rate-strengthening at larger rates. In addition, externally generated acoustic vibrations alter the stick-slip amplitude, or suppress stick-slip altogether, depending on the pressure and shear rate.

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Mechanical research engineer in Fatigue Analysis of 304L Steel

Context :


EDF Research and Development and EDF Energy are currently developing their new centre: the EDF Energy R&D UK Centre. In addition, EDF R&D and the University of Manchester have created the Modelling and Simulation Centre in 2011. In the scope of the development of nuclear energy in the UK, EDF R&D and EDF Energy Generation wish to take advantage of this new centre in Manchester.


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Strengthening high-stacking-fault-energy metals via parallelogram nanotwins

A variety of questions remain open in the new form of nanotwins in Ni, welcome any comments! 

Visiting Scientist Program at University of Cagliari

The University of Cagliari has launched the Visiting Scientists Programme.

The deadline for application is 10/09/2015

Position and salary grade is set for leading scientists.



Contact: Prof. Michele Brun




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