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Highly-stretchable 3D-architected Mechanical Metamaterials

Key contribution to the field: Most of exisiting additive manufacturing techologies are focused on rigid materials from rigid plastics to metals, but manufacturing sructures with both highly complex architectures and high stretchability is challenging. Here, we introduce a new stereolithography-based additive manufacturing technology to fabricate elastomer lattices with complex 3D architectures and high strechability.

Paper title: Highly-stretchable 3D-architected Mechanical Metamaterials

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Lightweight Mechanical Metamaterials with Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion

Key contribution to the field: Manufacturing of composite structures with tailored 3D microstructures is challenging with existing manufacturing technologies; here we introduce a new stereolithography-based additive manufacturing technology to fabricate multimaterial littice structures with nearly arbitrary 3D microarchitectures. 

paper title: Lightweight Mechanical Metamaterials with Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion

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Themed Article on Mechanics of High Speed Rail-Ⅱ may Interest you ——Published in Acta Mechanica Sinica(Vol.32, Issue 2, 2016)

Dear everyone!

Welcome to themed article on current research progress on mechanics of high speed rail-published in SCI-indexed journal


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Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 32, Issue 4, 2016 ) is online now !

Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 32, Issue 4, 2016 ) is online now !

Dear everyone!

The fourth issue in 2016 (Volume 32, Issue 4) of Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) is online now.

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Open Faculty Position at the University of Houston

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston (UH) invites applications for a tenure-track at the Assistant Professor level beginning Fall 2017. Candidates are expected to establish an internationally recognized dynamic research program in the broad areas of theoretical and/or solid mechanics. All specialties in the broadly defined area of solid mechanics will be considered including contemporary topics that are at the nexus of mechanics and energy, biology, manufacturing among others.

Postdoc position in constitutive modeling of biological tissues

One-year post-doc position is currently available on theoretical constitutive law development for complex biological materials at NC State (

PhD or equivalent doctorate in appropriate field and strong backgrounds in applied mechanics and nonlinear elasticity are required. The tentative starting date for the appointment is Dec. 01, 2016.

PhD position in Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee

A phD position is available in the area of "A multi-scale based fracture and fatigue studies in quasi-brittle materials". Interested candidates with M.Tech. qualification my apply for the position before 8th November 2016 (Notification is availble in IIT Roorkee website). 

Contact email ids:



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Dynamic creation and evolution of gradient-nano-grained structures in single-crystal metallic microcubes

In an article published today in Science, we have demonstrated the creation of an extreme gradient-nano-grained (GNG) structure in single-crystal microcubes through high-velocity impact. We use the defect-free single-crystal silver microcubes, synthesized using a seed-growth process, as the model system, and fire them at supersonic velocities onto a rigid target to create the GNG structure.

Assistant or untenured Associate Professor - Stanford University

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University ( invites applications for a tenure-track faculty appointment at the junior level (Assistant or untenured Associate Professor) in the broadly defined field of electrical and computer engineering. The department is especially interested in candidates in robotics and autonomous systems, hardware systems, and embedded systems. Priority, however, will be given to the overall originality and promise of the candidate’s work over any specific area of specialization.

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Faculty Opening in Solid mechanics at Brown University

he School of Engineering at Brown University is seeking to fill a faculty position in Mechanics of Solids and Structures at any academic level.  Candidates should have expertise and research interests in the mechanics of soft, biological, structural, energy materials or systems that are complementary and synergistic with existing research areas in the School as described below. The successful candidate is expected to make a significant contribution to the School’s research activities and to build a strong, externally funded research program.

Postdoc position at Seoul National University in South Korea

Number of Positions: One postdoc

Research Fields:

Molecular dynamics for structural nanocomposites, sensing materials, interfacial mechanics,

Multiscale analysis for composite materials,

Micromechanics implementation and simulations (Generalized Method of Cell theory),

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Deterioration of the quality of the Elsevier journal printing

Many Mechanics journals are printed by Elsevier. Unfortunately, I observe huge deterioration of the quality of the printing. 

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Rate-dependent stress evolution in nanostructured Si anodes upon lithiation

Zheng Jia, Wing Kam Liu, Rate-dependent stress evolution in nanostructured Si anodes upon lithiation, Applied Physics Letters, 109, 163903 (2016) (DOI:

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CalculiX Launcher v3 (beta)

Hello Friends!

I would like to represent new collection of sorftware, based on open-source programs like GMSH and CalculiX

Here is the main link:

youtube channel:

Linux version is extended with special Wizard, that gives you ability to apply boundary conditions very quickly.

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Quasi-periodicity and multi-scale resonators for the reduction of seismic vibrations in fluid-solid systems

This paper presents a mathematical model for an industry-inspired problem of vibration isolation applied to elastic fluid-filled containers. A fundamental problem of suppression of vibrations within a finite-width frequency interval for a multi-scale fluid-solid system has been solved. We have developed a systematic approach employing full fluid-solid interaction and dispersion analysis, which can be applied to finite and periodic multi-scale systems.

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Postdoc position in Advanced Computational Mechanics and Materials Lab at University of Rochester

One postdoc position is available in professor Abdolrahim’s group in the department of mechanical engineering at University of Rochester (

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Research Associate/Postdoc position at IIT Delhi

Job title: Research Associate/Postdoc

Minimum qualification: PhD in Solid Mechanics/Mathematics

Research area: Thermoelastic Modeling of nano and Contunuum Rods – A Molecular Approach

Salary: Rs 36000 per month + 30% HRA

Walk in interview: 3rd of Nov 2016 in Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi

Contact person: Prof. Ajeet Kumar,

See the attachment for more details.

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Flaw sensitivity of highly stretchable materials

Elastomers and gels can often deform multiple times their original length. The stretchability is insensitive to small cuts in the samples, but reduces markedly when the cuts are large. This work shows that this transition occurs when the depth of cut exceeds a material-specific length, defined by the ratio of the fracture energy measured in the large-cut limit and the work to rupture measured in the small-cut limit.  This conclusion generalizes a result in the fracture mechanics of hard materials.

PhD position in multi-scale modelling of materials- Queen’s and Western University, Canada

A PhD position is available in the area of mechanics of materials. Applicants with a strong background in finite element modelling, crystal plasticity finite element, and materials characterization are recommended to apply.


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