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R&D engineer for developing FEM software

This position is mostly about developing and implementing FEM elements and material models in C++.

Minimum requirements:

 - PhD or MS + 3 years in a relevant field

 - Solid background in solid mechanics and material science

 - Experienced in developing advanced FEM elements and material models

 - Software development experience in C and C++

 - Experience with mechanical simulation tools

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A Ph.D. Position in Mechanics of Soft Materials at Michigan State University

Our Group of Appleid mechanics in Enviormental & Civil Engineering Department at Michigan State University has an openings for PhD positions to work on Multiscale Modeling of Soft Materials starting Spring 2014 or Fall 2015.

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Truss Me! It’s great for learning

In a large "Mechanics of Materials" class at ETH Zurich, I incorporated an educational game, Truss Me!, into the class. It showed the potential gaming apps have in enhancing traditional teaching of mechanics.

Job - Computational Scientist in Structural Mechanics & Industrial Applications

About Us

The Science and Technology Facilities Council is a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation and our goal is to deliver economic, societal, scientific and international benefits to the UK and its people – and more broadly to the world.


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Getting ready for Extreme Mechanics Letters

We are launching a new journal, Extreme Mechanics Letters. EML will publish letter-sized papers. We aim to achieve rapid communication. Our goal is to have the accepted papers published within 6-8 weeks upon submission. We aim to build a home at the frontier of engineering, medicine, science and entertainment, where advances are rapid and mechanics matters. We seek papers from researchers in all disciplines.

We will start to review submissions on 1 October 2014, and publish first papers by 1 December 2014. The beginning issues will be freely accessible online, and printed copies will be distributed at conferences.

We love to publish your extremely new ideas on extremely useful and extremely interesting mechanics. Please submit your papers soon.

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Associate professor position available at Politecnico di Milano

A position of associate professor is available for foreign scientists at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy). Details can be found at: 

USNCTAM Perspectives on Mechanics in Medicine

Dear Colleagues. I would like to share with you a perspective article on mechanics in medicine by a commission from US National Committee of Theoretical and AppliedMechanics ( online):

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Help compile list of available micromechanics codes

Computer simulations will be used more and more for composites design and manufacturing. Before an engineer can simulate, there are at least two questions: what are the tools available and which one works for my problem. Thus, as a start, cdmHUB plan to compile a list of micromechanics codes for the community, including commercial codes, public domain codes, or research codes. To make the list as complete as possible, we need your help.

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Electrets in soft materials...

This work---whose abstract appears below, has been accepted for publication in Phy. Rev. E:

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Post-doc position on computational mechanics at IMT Lucca

A new post-doc position (1 year renewable up to 3 years, till the end of the ERC Starting Grant Project CA2PVM, ) is open in the Research Unit MUSAM - Multi-scale Analysis of Materials ( ) directed by Prof.

Transverse shear stresses in Reissner Mindlin theory

How is it possible to obtain the transverse shear stresses correctly, not constant, by Reissner Mindlin theory?

Equilibrium equation would be the first solution, but, once the second derivatives of bilinear shape functions are zero, no results is appeared.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Two Post Doctoral Positions in Advanced Synthesis and Characterization at Rice University

Position Description: Two postdoctoral associate positions in the area of advanced synthesis and nano/micro-scale characterization of nanoparticles are available at Rice University. Various techniques will be applied to synthesize and self-assemble size- and shape-controlled silicate nanoparticles followed by nano- and micro-characterizations including a myriad of probes such as electron microscopies (TEM, XRD, SEM, AFM), ICP, XPS, NMR, porosimetry, dynamic mechanical analysis, nanoindentation, etc.

Virtual Special Issue: 'Outstanding research contributions in the area of nonlinear continuum and computational mechanics'

The 2014 Nathan M. Newmark Medal was awarded to Professor Herbert A. Mang at the annual ASCE Structures Conference, which took place in Boston, April 3–5, 2014. Professor Mang was awarded the Newmark Medal for his outstanding research contributions in the area of nonlinear continuum and computational mechanics that clarified the cause of collapse of important concrete structures and quantified the influence of the initial post buckling behavior of metallic structures.  


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X-DMS Conference

You are cordially invited to attend X-DMS 2015 which continues and replaces the successful X-FEM conference cycle (Achen 2009, Cardiff 2011, Lyon 2013) and aims at including a wider variety of methodologies coming from different areas of computational mechanics and numerical analysis.

X–DMS 2015: eXtended Discretization MethodS XFEM, GFEM, Non Conforming, Patches and nonstandard finite elements

9 – 11 September, 2015 – Ferrara, Italy

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Post-doctoral Position in Microstructure-Sensitive Modeling or In Situ Experiments at Purdue University

The Adv. Computational Materials and Experimental Evaluation laboratory at Purdue University’s School of Aerospace Engineering invites applications from highly motivated individuals for a postdoctoral position. This position is supported by a 2 year sponsored project from DARPA that seeks to advance the development of time dependent behavior of aerospace alloys.


PhD Scholarship & Research Fellow at RMIT: Mechanics of Composite Structures, Micro-/nano Mechanics

Full scholarship (stipend+tuition fee waiver) for 3 PhD students and a fulltime Research Fellow (Level B) position are now available at School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. These positions are fully funded by Australian Reserach Council (ARC). The successful applicants will join our research team to work on an ARC Discovery Project and an ARC Linkage Project in one of the following areas:

(1) mechanics of composite/nanocomposite structures;

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First Book on Peridynamics is Available

                                                         Peridynamic Theory and Its Applications


                                                              Erdogan Madenci & Erkan Oterkus


Post-Doctoral Position in Computational Mechanics

Post-doctoral position at the University of Valenciennes (LAMIH UMR CNRS 8201) for the modeling of the strength of spot-welded assemblies.
See attached file.

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FREE Registration : School on Molecular Dynamics for Biomolecules and Nanomaterials


Dr. Axel Kohlmeyer , one of the LAMMPS code developers, is organizing FREE School on Molecular Dynamics for Biomolecules and Nanomaterials at Temple University, Philadelphia (August 18th - 22nd, 2014)

 Detail Schedule is Available Here 

modeling analysis of microstructure phase transformation in an alloy

Hi every one,

I need to modeling a thermal analysis of a microstructure of steel or other alloy by FEM or XFEM. so i need some metallurgical data for phase transformation.for example at which temperature or time martensit converts to austenit or etc. I also need how I can model this microstructure in abaqus that has change in boundries due to phase transformation. i appreciate if someone help me.


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Coupling GSM/ALE with ES-FEM-T3 for fluid-deformable structure interactions

In light of the effectiveness of the edge-based smoothed finite element method (ES-FEM-T3) and arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian gradient smoothing method (GSM/ALE) in, respectively, solving the pure solid and fluid flow problems using three-node triangular elements, they are coupled together in the present study to solve the more challenging fluid-deformable structure interaction (FSI) problems based on the weak coupling algorithm.

Research Associate in Dislocation Modelling (Fixed-term for 48 months)

Modelling of Dislocation-Microstructure Interaction at a Short Crack Tip

This project aims to model dislocation-microstructure interaction at a crack tip and associated short crack growth for nickel alloys.


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