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One Ph.D. opening in Mechanics of Materials for 2017 Fall

One Ph.D. position will be available in the Applied Mechanics of Materials Lab of Mechanical Engineering Department at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The position will start in the coming Fall 2017

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PhD position in Mechanics of Solids and Structures for Fall 2017


A Ph.D position in mechanics of solids and structures is now open for Fall 2017 in Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of New Hampshire. We are looking for highly motivatied students to work on NSF and DoD projects.

The applicant is also qualified for applying for a one-year Fellowship.

Please contact Professor Yaning Li for details.




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New distortional yield surface model: Application in cyclic uniaxial and multiaxial loading: Rokhgire, Nayebi*, Chaboche

This paper is concerned with the ratcheting prediction for steels. The yield surface evolution is integratedin the elastoplasticity analysis by a new proposed model. First, the new proposed model of DistortionalYield Surface (DYS) is developed and then ratcheting under different uniaxial and multiaxial cyclicloadings is investigated.

postdoc opportunity in computational stochastic mechanics at NRL

There is up to 3 years funding available for a postdoctoral fellowship in computational stochastic mechanics pertaining to microstructure property relationships in metal alloys. The position is open to US citizens and permanent residents. Please see the link below for more details as well as by sending an email to: Thank you.

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Journal Club for February 2017: Nanoscale buckling in 2D materials

    Graphene as a typical two dimensional (2D) crystal membrane attracts tremendous interest. Geometrical distortion such as nanoscale buckling morphology is widely observed in these 2D materials and is crucial to modulating the electronic properties [1].

Postdoctoral Position at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SG in computation mechanics


(1) Computational mechanics and multiphysics modelling of relevant areas, including the soft matter, 3D printing, fuel cell, bio-fluid and cell in microfluidics

(2) Supervision of undergraduate/postgraduate students


Job requirements

1)  PhD degree in Mechanical/Material Engineering or related fields

(2) Strong background in computational physics and solid/fluid mechanics

(3) Analytical and independent problem solving skills and ability to develop theoretical models and to implement large-scale numerical computation

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Special Issue — John D. Eshelby Centennial

This special issue has recently been published in Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics in honor of Prof. John Eshelby’s 100th Birthday.

The Editorial Forward by Prof. Shaofan Li is available at:

The 13 papers included in the special issue can be viewed and downloaded at:


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PhD Position in Structural Engineering @ NDSU

A fully funded PhD position (Tuition + stipend) for Summer/Fall 2017 is available in the area of experimental and computational damage mechanics at North Dakota State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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100 academic positions at Loughborough University, UK

Over the next two years Loughborough University, UK plans to appoint up to 100 new academics across a wide range of disciplines. There will be opportunities for individuals and world-leading research groups to join us at our Loughborough or London campuses.


For details, please consider

postdoctoral position in finite element based design

The Computational Design & Manufacturing Laboratory (CDM) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is inviting applications for a post-doctoral researcher position in the general area of computational design. 

Candidates with strong background in finite element analysis, structural optimization, and/or high-performance computing are encouraged to apply.

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Travel Scholarship and Code Competition for ASC 2017

To motivate students to attend the conference, ASC 2017 offers up to 20 travel scholarships including free registration and travel expenses up to $500. The top six will also receive additional cash prizes. Details can be found at Professors, please encourage your students to apply. The abstract due date is Feb. 17.  More details about the conference can be found at

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Sankey Diagram. Energy flow charts of the US and China

This post is a part of my notes on linear algebra.

A Sankey diagram is a visual display of the flow of a scalar.  In a Sankey diagram, the width of each branch of the flow is proportional to the magnitude of the scalar.

Free Simpleware workshop in Chicago - Wednesday February 15th 2017

Date / Time: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 / 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Fee: Free-to-attend. Pre-registration is required as places are limited


Who should attend

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Catastrophic thinning of dielectric elastomers

Consider a thin dielectric plate with conducting faces: when will it break if a voltage is applied? If it is rigid it will break once its dielectric strength is overcome by the voltage. But what if it is highly stretchable, like the elastomers used for soft actuators, stretchable electronics, or energy harvesters? The precise answer to that question is not known. 

A novel class of highly efficient and accurate time-integrators in nonlinear computational mechanics

A new class of time-integrators is presented for strongly nonlinear dynamical systems. These algorithms are far superior to the currently common time integrators in computational efficiency and accuracy. These three algorithms are based on a local variational iteration method applied over a finite interval of time. By using Chebyshev polynomials as trial functions and Dirac–Delta functions as the test functions over the finite time interval, the three algorithms are developed into three different discrete time-integrators through the collocation method.

Postdoctoral position in mesoscale plasticity

The School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the area of Computational Mesoscale Plasticity. The successful candidate will model plasticity of single crystals using continuum dislocation dynamics and perform computational solution using finite element method. We are particularly interested in applicants with expertise in computational materials science and/or computational mechanics, good background in elasticity and plasticity theory, and knowledge of dislocation dynamics.

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American Society for Composites Annual Conference Open for Submission

We are delighted to invite you to attend the American Society for Composites Annual Technical Conference which will be held on the campus of Purdue University, Oct. 23-25, 2017. The conference website is:

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A Continuum Model for Dislocation Pile-up Problems (Accepted by Acta Materialia)


A continuum dislocation pile-up model is developed to solve problems with arrays of edge dislocations on one or multiple slip planes. The model solves pile-up problems in a discrete dislocation dynamics manner.  The effect of anisotropy and stacking fault energy can be naturally modeled. The model is validated by reproducing the solutions of problems for which analytical solutions are available. More complicated phenomena such as interlacing and randomly distributed dislocations are also simulated. 

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10th European Solid Mechanics Conference – ESMC 2018


Dear Colleague,


We are pleased to announce the 10th European Solid Mechanics Conference – ESMC 2018, which will be held in Bologna (Italy) during July 2-6, 2018
The Conference is organized by the University of Trento and the University of Bologna.


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Master Mechanics of Materials and Structures for Civil Engineering and Transportation Systems, University Paris-East, France

The master Mechanics of Materials and Structures for Civil Engineering and Transportation Systems (MMSCT) is a one-year program offered at UPEM (University Paris-East Marne-la-Vallée), France (20 min from Paris center by transportations). The program aims at providing the students with deep scientific and technical knowledge about the multiscale modelling, over a broad range of scales, of complex materials and structures.


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