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Multiscale Material Modelling

Computational modelling of materials behaviour
is becoming a reliable tool to underpin scientific investigations and to
complement traditional theoretical and experimental approaches. In cases where
an understanding of the dual nature of the structure of matter (continuous when
viewed at large length scales and discrete when viewed at smaller length scales) and
its interdependences are crucial, multiscale materials modelling (MMM)

Yield surface of a material model

Can anyone tell me which kind of numerical (finite element) simulations should be used to obtain the yield surface of a material model?

I am going to plot the yield surface of a constitutive model developed for polymers. If you can also introduce me references in which I can find how to determine, numerically, the yield surface of material model, I would be grateful. 


Modeling of Particulate Composites

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I am trying to model particulate composites and simulate their stress-strain response. The problem that I am facing is that the inclusions (stiffer than the matrix) are only acting as points of stress concentration. Consequently their is no strengthening and hence no apparent increase in load carrying capacity of the composite. Any help/suggestioin in this regard would be higly appreciated.




Force-driven evolution of mesoscale structure in engineered 3D microtissues and the modulation of tissue stiffening

Force-driven evolution of mesoscale structure in engineered 3D microtissues and the modulation of tissue stiffening

Ruogang Zhao, Christopher S. Chen, Daniel H. Reich, Biomaterials, Vol. 35, Issue 19, June 2014, Pg 5056–5064


TED University: Faculty Position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ankara-Turkey

The Department of Mechanical Engineering ( invites applications for a tenure track/tenured faculty position to begin September 2014.

For tenure track positions, highly motivated and research driven candidates are sought. For tenured faculty positions, the candidate should have demonstrated excellence in original research.

High order isogeometric cohesive elements for delamination analysis

Please find attached two recent papers on the use of high order B-splines/NURBS cohesive interface elements for an efficient modeling of delamination of composite laminates.  

Mecahnics on the behaviour of Horizontal/laterally loaded thin hollow tubes

Dear all,

Please give some reading material on the horizontal/laterally loaded thin hollow tube, which explains with suitable formulas to calculate circumferential/hoop stresses in the thin tube subjected to lateral/horizontal loaḍ


visiting positions in Shanghai University

There are several visiting position openings in Shanghai University in the field of solid mechanics. Faculty members from domestic universities and foreign universities who are intereasted in the positions are welcome to contact with Professor Junqian Zhang (

Prager's Hardening Rule

Hi all

I am currently investigating Prager hardening room which is stated as the simplist linear kinematic hardening rule. I was wondering if anyone has worked with this model and if so if you have managed to identify how to determine the constant used for the back stress equation


dα =C * dεp ( this is epsilon dot p which is the equivalent plastic strain)


Please can you let me know how to determine the constant C from experimental results? 

Postdoc Position Available in Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Group at Drexel University (Dept. of Mechanical Eng. & Mechanics)

A postdoc position is available in the Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Group ( Of particular interest are expertise in subcontinuum and continuum computational mechanics methods. Available researh projects include both alloy and composite material systems. 

Applicants should submit a full CV, a statement of research and their earliest employment availability to



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Journal of Applied Mechanics (ASME Transactions) now publishes very fast.

Journal of Applied Mechanics (JAM) received 526 submitted manuscripts in 2013.  Among them 4 are still in review.  

The average time for the 1st round of review, with the decision to accept, or reject, or revise, is 18 days.  After the 1st round of review, the average time to make the final decision is 34 days, which include both the authors' revision time and 2nd (and more) round(s) of review.

After acceptane the uneditted manuscript appears online with the assigned DOI within 48 hours.

Postdoctoral researcher position opening at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

We are seeking a highly qualified candidate for a full-time postdoctoral researcher position in the area of Computational Mechanics at the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT), Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea. Candidates with a strong background in continuum/dislocation-based plasticity theory, computational mechanics of sheet metals, FE modelling of sheet metal forming processes… are highly encouraged to apply.

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An elastic phase field model for thermal oxidation of metals: Application to zirconia

Abstacrt: A multi-phase field model was developed for non-selective oxidation of metals which captures both the oxidation kinetics and stress generation. Phase field formulation involved a non-conserved phase field variable as the marker for the metallic substrate, oxide scale, and a fluid phase containing oxygen, and a conserved phase field variable representing the concentration of oxygen.

presenting a new method to model of metal foams

i have presented a new method for the first time to model of metal foams that subtracts stochastic cells from a desired volume and changes it to a foam.

i would like to know if there is any phd position for this?

thank u for your consideration :)


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