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Postdoctoral positions on Predictive Simulations at Purdue University

Purdue University is seeking applications from outstanding candidates to fill several Postdoctoral Scholar positions to work on atomistic and continuum simulations of physical and chemical processes at extreme conditions of pressure and temperature. The successful candidates will join a multidisciplinary team including modelers and experimentalists working at Purdue, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Stanford University.

Award Nominations open for Society for Engineering Science

The Society of Engineering Science oversees several awards and honors to members and eminent scholars of the field. A total of five medals are offered on an annual basis as well as election to Fellow grade of the Society. 

Please visit the website for detailed information and electronic versions of the nomination forms.

SES Fellows Nominations

Certification training on Fatigue Durability and Fracture Mechanics


In-Depth, Real-Time Training Programs


Online, Offline, Certification Training Programs


We offer real time online, offline, classroom, practical training programs. Covering from basic theory to advanced practical implementation of the same. Our team is highly qualified with decades of experience in the field and guided several PhD Scholars and students || Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies


Design to Life Assessment

Institute of Structural Integrity and Failure Studies engages with the industry, academia and interested community in encouraging the knowledge sharing and news about advanced technology developments to make the engineering community actively participate in resolving the problems faced by industries and publishing the results to achieve competitive expertise in the global scene.

Call for Paper : 2nd International Conference on FatigueDurability India 2016 - 28-30th September 2016

2nd International Conference and Exhibition onFatigue, Durability and Fracture Mechanics

& Symposium on

Condition Assessment / Residual Life Assessment and Extension28 – 30th September 2016 @  DELHI, INDIA



FatigueDurability India 2016 invites technical papers from all Academicians/ individuals/companies associated with engineering design, analysis, testing, instrumentation, research on Fatigue Durability & Fracture Mechanics or related technologies .

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Research Scientist at IHPC A*STAR Singapore

You will be responsible for using numerical methods and computer software to design, develop and validate new devices for a couple of projects. 


  • PhD in Engineering  with good knowledge of fluid dynamics  and solid mechanics
  • Strong background in Vibro-acoustics, Building Ventilation, Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Experience in numerical simulation software such as ANSYS (CFX or FLUENT), Virtual Lab / Acoustics, SOLIDWORKS


We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Viscoelastic damping behavior of structural bamboo material and its microstructural origins

In this study, the intrinsic viscoelastic mechanical behavior of a hierarchical bio-composite, structural bamboo material, was experimentally investigated and correlated with its microstructural constituents and molecular building blocks. The macroscopic viscoelastic responses of bulk bamboo at ambient temperature and dehydrated condition were evaluated through dynamic compression experiments with various loading frequencies, whereas the localized viscoelasticity of bamboo's microstructural phases, viz.

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SES2016 is open for abstract submission

Dear Colleagues,

The 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES2016) will be hosted by the University of Maryland (UMD) during 2-5 October 2016 at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  

group velocity Vs phase velocity

hi to all,

do anyone know about ultrasonic lamb wave group velocity and phase velocity and differences between them?

I appreciate it.


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Local integration of 2-D fractional telegraph equation via local radial point interpolant approximation

In this article, a general type of two-dimensional time-fractional telegraph equation explained by the Caputo derivative sense for (1 < α ≤ 2) is considered and analyzed by a method based on the Galerkin weak form and local radial point interpolant (LRPI) approximation subject to given appropriate initial and Dirichlet boundary conditions.

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Linear form

These notes are part of my notes on linear algebra.  I believe that textbooks of linear algebra give a bad definition of linear form.  The last section of the notes explain why it is bad.  I also give examples of linear form everyday life and from physics.  Given the vector space of distance, both force and electric field are dual spaces of the space of distance.  They are distict dual spaces of the space of distance, and they are not dual spaces to each other.

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Finite Eigenstrains in Nonlinear Elastic Wedges

Eigenstrains are created as a result of anelastic effects such as defects, temperature changes, bulk growth, etc., and strongly affect the overall response of solids. In this paper, we study the residual stress and deformation fields of an incompressible, isotropic, infinite wedge due to a circumferentially-symmetric distribution of finite eigenstrains. In particular, we establish explicit exact solutions for the residual stresses and deformation of a neo-Hookean wedge containing a symmetric inclusion with finite radial and circumferential eigenstrains.

Postdoctoral Position in Mechanics

Employment as an assistant researcher (Post-doc) at the project OPUS from National Centre of Science.


"Evaluation of stresses in Isogeometric analysis"


I am trying to find the method of stress evaluation used in Isogeometric analysis. I havn't come to know any numerical process for stress computation along with its implementation in IGA.  Can someone please help me in this regard.

Thanks -Vishal

Project Officer or Research Associate at Nanyang Technological University

Job Description & Specifications:

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University is seeking for a potential candidate for research positions as Project Officer or Research Associate.

The PO/RA will work on a project to conduct the research on real-time geotechnical monitoring using fiber optic sensors.

The roles of this position includes:

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Evolution of elastic modulus in roll forming

Abstract: Roll forming is a continuous process in which a flat strip is incrementally bent to a desired profile. This process is increasingly used in automotive industry to form High Strength Steel (HSS) and Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) for structural components. Because of the large variety of applications of roll forming in the industry, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is increasingly employed for roll forming process design. Formability and springback are two major concerns in the roll forming AHSS materials.

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Two PhD positions are available immediately in Computational Mechanics & Materials

Two PhD positions are available immediately in Computational Mechanics & Materials.

One project (NSF grant) is about multi-phase field modeling of formation and evolution of intermetallics and oxides at high temperatures in advanced high strength steels. Another project (NSF grant) is about multi-phase field modeling of evolution of oxide bifilms in solidification of metals. 


PhD/RA position in Nonlinear Dynamics Laboratory @ the University of Rhode Island

The nonlinear dynamics laboratory at the University of Rhode Island has an open position for a PhD student supported through research assistantship (including tuition remittance) starting Summer or Fall 2016. This position is supported by NSF grant. This research has a multidisciplinary nature incorporating material science, dynamical systems modeling, fatigue testing, and nonlinear time series analysis.

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Effect of extension twins on texture evolution at elevated temperature deformation accompanied by dynamic recrystallization

 High temperature deformation processing of magnesium and its alloys is often 
accompanied by dynamic recrystallization (DRX). Deformation twinning is one of the main 
deformation mechanisms in HCP metals, but very few works are available in literature 
(experimental or modelling) which investigate the effect of the deformation twinning on 
dynamic recrystallization. The current study provides insights regarding the deformation 

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Reconstruction of the 3D representative volume element from the generalized two-point correlation function

This paper presents the first application of three-dimensional (3D) cross-correlation 
microstructure reconstruction implemented for a representative volume element (RVE) to 
facilitate the microstructure engineering of materials. This has been accomplished by 
developing a new methodology for reconstructing 3D microstructure using experimental two-
dimensional electron backscatter diffraction data. 

Summer School - HPC for Engineering Simulation

The STFC Hartree Centre (in Warrington, UK - located between Manchester & Liverpool) is running 4 high performance computing summer schools from June to July 2016. They are primarily aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, but are also open to academics and industry at no extra cost. The tuition fees are subsidised by STFC and each week only costs £150. There is a 1 week school on each of the following topics:

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Post-doctoral position in Computational Materials Mechanics at NUS, Singapore

We have an opening for a post-doctoral fellow position in multiscale computational mechanics of polymers. The project focuses on modeling and simulation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers with covalent adaptable networks (CANs), e.g. vitrimers. The objective is to formulate a hierarchical modeling and simulation approach, which closely mimics key steps in the recycling and reshaping processes of CAN polymers by embedding the physics at two length-scales – (i) discrete-continuum (meso-scale) and (ii) homogenized continuum (macro-scale).


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