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Special Issue: Plasticity of Crystals and Interfaces; Journal: Crystals

Journal: Crystals

Special Issue: Plasticity of Crystals and Interfaces

Special Issue Editor: Sinisa Dj. Mesarovic

Deadline for submission of papers: 31 March 2017


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Strain values transformed in a rotated x'y'-Cartesian coordinate system with ABAQUS

Dear All,

I'm trying to get strains in some specific points (along a path) from the xy-Cartesian coordinate system to a local x'y'-Cartesian coordinate system rotated through an angle (theta) which means transform the strains (Ex,Ey) to (Ex',Ey') as described in the attached figure, something I usually do manually with Mohr's circle and I wonder if I can do it directly with Abaqus ?

Thank you in advance !




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[Call for abstracts] Modeling of Soft Materials, USNCCM14, Montreal

Dear Colleagues,

14th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM14) will be held in Montreal, Canada,  17 – 20 July, 2017. As part of this meeting, we are organizing a symposium (MS710) to bring together experts in modelling, simulation, manufacturing and experimental investigation in the field of soft materials to present and discuss recent advances. Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to)

Upcoming deadlines for submissions at the EMI 2017 Conference

EMI, the Engineering Mechanics Institute of ASCE will hold the EMI 2017 conference on June 4-7, 2017  in San Diego, California (  It will be chaired by Prof. J.-S. Chen and Prof. Yuri Bazilevs of the University of California San Diego.

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The strength and dislocation microstructure evolution in superalloy microcrystals

In this work, the evolution of the dislocations microstructure in single crystal two-phase superalloy microcrystals under monotonic loading has been studied using the three-dimensional discrete dislocation dynamics (DDD) method. The DDD framework has been extended to properly handle the collective behavior of dislocations and their interactions with large collections of arbitrary shaped precipitates. Few constraints are imposed on the initial distribution of the dislocations or the precipitates, and the extended DDD framework can support experimentally-obtained precipitate geometries.

Scientific assistant – Material modelling and simulation

 Scientific assistant – Material modelling and simulation

With around 8,200 students, Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg is the second largest and the only technical university in the federal state of Brandenburg. It is a research-oriented technical university that offers excellent research opportunities. In the Chair of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we are looking for a candidate as:

Twenty-eight edition of the Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition at Duke University

 Duke University will host on April 28, 2017 the XXVIII Annual Robert J. Melosh Competition for best papers by graduate (or recently graduated) students. The deadline for extended abstract submission is January 16, 2017.

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Textile Composite Property Calculator in the Cloud

I hope this information will be helpful for some researchers. We recently integrated TexGen with SwiftComp, called TexGen4SC, to provide a very easy app to compute thermoelastic properties for textile composites for all the types of woven microstructures which can be generated by TexGen. This tool can achieve RVE analysis accuracy with a very small fraction of its computing time. This tool can respect the finite thickness of a woven fabric. It can be freely launched on any device (smart phones, ipads, etc) connected to Internet.

Opening for an experienced Research Engineer at Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes has an opening for a Research Engineer in The Woodlands, Texas (USA) office as described below. Interested candidates are encouraged to review the posting and apply online on the Baker Hughes careers web site

Please review the work authorization statement in the posting. Please mention "iMechanica" in the application.


UCSB Part-Time Temporary Lecturer Positions in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara seeks applications for possible part-time Temporary Lecturer positions in all areas of Mechanical Engineering. Main duties may include teaching required lower or upper division ME courses, as well as upper division electives. The ideal candidate should be interested and experienced in teaching in different educational settings - from project-oriented, inquiry-based classes, to larger, more traditional, lecture-oriented classes.

Assistant or untenured Associate Professor (Stanford University)

Faculty Position

Department of Electrical Engineering

Stanford University


The Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University

Mini-symposium on multi-scale modeling of microstructure and property evolution ( EMI2017 )

Dear colleagues, 

You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for our mini-symposium (MS103) on Multi-scale modeling of microstructure and property evolution in the upcoming EMI conference (June 4-7, 2017) at San Diego. The scope of the mini-symposium is listed below:

1 PhD and 2 Postdoc positions in composites and 3D printed materials @ Ghent University (Belgium)

One PhD (4 years) and two Postdoc (3 years) vacancies are available in the composites research group at Ghent University in Belgium. The different open positions deal with nondestructive testing methods for composites inspection (vibration/thermography) and fatigue of 3D printed metals. More information can be found on

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Postdoctoral position at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

A new postdoctoral fellow position will start on 1 January 2017 at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. The position is in the area of computational modeling of reinforced concrete structures under impact loading. The potential candidate should have strong background in nonlinear solid mechanics, finite elements method, and discrete elements method. A prior knowledge in programming using fortran and python is required.

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Exact solution of Qian equation of slender toroidal shells

In 1979 Qian Weichang studied the slender toroidal shell systematically and derived a called Qian’s equation, then obtained a series solution with the expression of continued fractions. But Qian did not mention if the series solution can be converted to a well-known special functions. In this paper, a linear transformation has been introduced, which will transfer the equation into a Mathieu equation, whose solution can be expressed in terms of Mathieu functions. This study has revealed a intrinsic relationship between the Qian’s solution and the Mathieu solutions.

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Dimensional analysis and applications (invited article)

The paper gives a systematical introduction on dimensional analysis (DA), and proposes a six-steps on how to use the dimensional analysis, the universality of the DA will be shown by some typical examples, such as, point blast, pipe flow and a small sphere moving through a viscous fluid.

published: Physics and Engineering, Vol 26, No.6, pp.11-20, 2016. Invited article, in Chinese)

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Welcome to Rio for Mechanics Conference, 19-22 March, 2017

Invitation to attend our Mechanics Symposium

A Conference of the ASCE / Engineering Mechanics Institute


Postdoc position at KULeuven on hybrid self-reinforced composites

The Composite Materials Group is currently looking for a postdoc, with experience in production and characterisation of composites. It's a £2-year position, starting on the 1st of February 2017. The topic is hybridisation of self-reinforced composites with high performance fibres.

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Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 32, Issue 6, 2016 ) is online now !

Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 32, Issue 6, 2016 ) is online now !

Dear everyone!

The sixth issue in 2016 (Volume 32, Issue 6) of Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) is online now.

Mini-symposium on Mechanics of Bioinspired Materials and Structures at EMI2017

Dear colleagues, 

We would like to invite you to submit abstracts for our mini-symposium (MS13) on Mechanics of Bioinspired Materials and Structures in the upcoming EMI conference (June 4-7, 2017) at San Diego. The scope of the mini-symposium is listed below: 

Ph.D. Positions at New York University

Kindly view the PDF announcement for more details. The research will be conducted under the supervision of Professor Maurizio Porfiri, director of the DSL. The Dynamical Systems Laboratory (DSL) is seeking to recruit outstanding Ph.D. students in a number of funded research projects.

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Research Assistant (RA) available at Penn State

We are looking for PhD candidates (Research Assistships) to conduct research in the area of Mechanics of Soft Matter and Living Cells. Motivated individuals interested in either experiments or computational analysis are encouraged to apply by sending emails to Prof. Sulin Zhang at ( 

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Short course: Mesoscale models: From micro-physics to macro-interpretation

Short course at Centre International de Sciences Mechanique (CISM), Udine.

May 22-26, 2017

Lecturers:  S Forest, I Groma, D McDowell, S Mesarovic, J-N Roux, H Zbib

The flyer is attached.  Register at: 


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A review of predictive nonlinear theories for multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials

Since the beginning of the industrial age, material performance and design have been in the midst of innovation of many disruptive technologies. Today’s electronics, space, medical, transportation, and other industries are enriched by development, design and deployment of composite, heterogeneous and multifunctional materials. As a result, materials innovation is now considerably outpaced by other aspects from component design to product cycle. In this article, we review predictive nonlinear theories for multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials.


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