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If you have seen the very nice PNAS paper which just appeared

Sahli, R., Pallares, G., Ducottet, C., Ben Ali, I.E., Al Akhrass, S., Guibert, M., Scheibert, J., 2018, Evolution of real contact area under shear, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(3), pp. 471-476.

Here we provide a simple explanation.


Series: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.22190/FUME180108007C

Short Communication


UDC 539.6

18-month post-doctorate position at SRMP, CEA/Saclay, France, starting from April 2018

Title of the project: Ab initio modelling of interactions between dislocations and solutes in body-centered cubic metals

Research area: Solid State Physics, Materials Science

Summary of the project:

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a quite critical comment of a recent set of fretting fatigue experiments


Effect of out-of-phase loading on fretting fatigue response of Al7075-T6 under cyclic normal loading using a new testing apparatu

Article reference: EFM5856
Journal title: Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Corresponding author: Prof. M. Ciavarella
First author: Prof. M. Ciavarella
Online publication complete: 1-FEB-2018
DOI information: 10.1016/j.engfracmech.2018.01.031

Dear Prof. Ciavarella,

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Non-local plasticity effects on notch fracture mechanics (code included)

I hope some of you find this work interesting, the code with the control algorithm (Segurado and Llorca, 2004) to avoid convergence problems in cohesive zone model analyses of crack propagation can be downloaded from (documentation and Abaqus input files are provided).

Non-local plasticity effects on notch fracture mechanics

Emilio Martínez-Pañeda, Susana del Busto, Covadonga Betegón 

Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics (2017)

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brake squeal

An interesting commercial/scientific paper 

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Mechanics of an elastic solid reinforced with bidirectional fiber in finite plane elastostatics

A continuum-based model is presented for the mechanics of bidirectional composites subjected to finite plane deformations. This is framed in the development of a constitutive relation within which the constraint of material incompressibility is augmented. The elastic resistance of the fibers is accounted for directly via the computation of variational derivatives along the lengths of bidirectional fibers. The equilibrium equation and necessary boundary conditions are derived by virtue of the principles of virtual work statement.

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Ph. D position: Mechanics and 3D Printing

Level: Ph.D, start from Fall 2018
When: Apply Now by sending CV to
Fellowship: Deadline 02/25/2018.  (again directly sending CV to
Project: NSF/CAREER award on Chiral Auxetic Composites

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PhD position in “Nano-indentation for sub-miniaturized testing of irradiated materials: FEM analysis and experiments”

As part of a collaborative project between the University of Liege (Belgium), the Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology (Belgium), and the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), there is an open position to develop and validate a full-scale model for the nano-indentation process of neutron and ion irradiated steels.

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PhD position in "multi-scale computational mechanics: impact failure of composites"

As part of a collaborative project between different Belgian industrial partners and Universities related to the study of composite laminate under impacts, the main objective of the doctoral position will be to develop a multi-scale numerical framework to study failure of the synthesized materials.

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Compatible-Strain Mixed Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Nonlinear Elasticity

We introduce a new family of mixed finite elements for incompressible nonlinear elasticity — compatible-strain mixed finite element methods (CSFEMs). Based on a Hu-Washizu-type functional, we write a four-field mixed formulation with the displacement, the displacement gradient, the first Piola-Kirchhoff stress, and a pressure-like field as the four independent unknowns. Using the Hilbert complexes of nonlinear elasticity, which describe the kinematics and the kinetics of motion, we identify the solution spaces of the independent unknown fields.

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Last Call for Abstracts: EMI mini-symposium on Computational Geomechanics, Boston 5/29-6/1/2018 (abstracts due tomorrow)

MS27: Computational GeomechanicsWaiChing Sun, Columbia University
Jose Andrade, Caltech
Ronaldo Borja, Stanford University
Jinhyun Choo, University of Hong Kong
Majid Manzari, George Washington University
Richard Regueiro, University of Colorado Boulder

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Some ideas for a possible new journal

Inspired by the discussion with Mike Ciavarella on, I am thinking about a journal with the following attributes:

Announcing the 22nd International Conference on Wear of Materials

The 22nd International Conference on Wear of Materials will take place in Miami, USA from the 14-18 April 2019.

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IUTAM Symposium on Architectured Materials Mechanics: Call for Poster abstracts

We are still accepting Poster abstract for this event, Deadline for abstract submission: Feb 28, 2018. Abstract submission and all other inquires:

New PhD position at Eindhoven University of Technology - Micro-mechanics of ultra-thin free-standing multi-layer membranes in MEMS ultrasound transducers

Dear colleagues,

a new PhD position has become available at the Mechanics of Materials group, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (

Micro-mechanics of ultra-thin free-standing multi-layer membranes in MEMS ultra-sound transducers.

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Celia Reina and Yihui Zhang are the recipients of the 2017 Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty

It gives me great pleasure to announce the outcome of the 2017 competition for the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty. This award is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers. The selection committee consisted of: K. Ravi-chandar (UT Austin), Huajian Gao (Brown University), G.

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An asymptotic numerical method for continuation of spatial equilibria of special Cosserat rods

We present an efficient numerical scheme based on asymptotic numerical method for continuation of spatial equilibria of special Cosserat rods. Using quaternions to represent rotation, the equations of static equilibria of special Cosserat rods are posed as a system of thirteen first order ordinary differential equations having cubic nonlinearity. The derivatives in these equations are further discretized to yield a system of cubic polynomial equations.

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Tenured Faculty Position in Materials Engineering, Design and/or Advanced Manufacturing at U. C. Berkeley

The DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, University of California, Berkeley, has extended the deadline for candidates to apply to a tenured Associate or Professor level faculty position in the areas of Advanced Manufacturing, Design and/or Materials Engineering, including but not limited to:  Clean energy, green and sustainable manufacturing. Precision and cyber-manufacturing. 3-D additive and subtractive manufacturing. Design, including design theory, product design and design for manufacturability.

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New postdoc opening in topology optimization in thermomechanical problems in Cardiff University, UK, with Rolls Royce

Applications are sought for a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Cardiff University, UK to join the exciting and active M2DO research lab. The primary research focus is to develop topology optimization for thermal-elastic interaction. This will be achieved by building on the level set topology optimization method that the M2DO lab has developed for mechanical and coupled problems. The application of interest is in the high temperature environment in aero-engines. The position is for two years.

Partial constraint singularities in elastic rods

We present a unified classical treatment of partially constrained elastic rods. Partial constraints often entail singularities in both shapes and reactions. Our approach encompasses both sleeve and adhesion problems, and provides simple and unambiguous derivations of counterintuitive results in the literature. Relationships between reaction forces and moments, geometry, and adhesion energies follow from the balance of energy during quasistatic motion. We also relate our approach to the configurational balance of material momentum and the concept of a driving traction.

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PhD position: multiscale computational mechanics of advanced composites

The Composites Materials Group ( at IMDEA Materials, led by Dr. Carlos González and Dr. Cláudio S. Lopes, invites applications for a PhD student position in the field of multiscale computational mechanics of advanced composites. Candidates with interest and knowledge on computational damage mechanics, model development, numerical simulation and optimization methods for advanced composite materials and structures are strongly encouraged to apply.

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<p>Dear colleagues, the 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics (Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems) (ECCM 6) and the 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD 7) will be jointly organized in Glasgow, UK. As co-organizers of the Minisymposium „COMPUTATIONAL MODELING AND VIRTUAL TESTING OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURES“ (MS160), we are glad to invite you to present and share your latest research and perspectives in the field of modeling and simulation of modern composite structures.


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