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Faculty Positions in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Alabama, Huntsville

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville invites applications for two tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor positions in

Nonequilibrium interface behavior in Cahn-Hilliard models for Li-ion batteries

Experiments, numerical simulations, and analytical calculations are used to calibrate a diffuse-interface Cahn-Hilliard model of Li-Sn thin film electrodes that experience a transformation from Sn to Li2Sn5. It is shown that a concentration-gradient dependent mobility can be used in the Cahn-Hilliard equation to give the interface a finite mobility and capture its nonequilibrium behavior.

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Call for abstract SEM 2017: Fracture and Fatigue of Composites

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit a paper to the 2017 Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) International Congress session on “ Fracture and fatigue of Composites, organized by the Fatigue and Fracture Technical Division.  See below for further information on this session. 


PhD position at KULeuven

KU Leuven is currently trying to fill a PhD position for the FiBreMoD project. If you are an enthusiastic and motivated candidate with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science or similar, then you should consider applying. You can find all the details on:

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Compatible-Strain Mixed Finite Element Methods for 2D Compressible Nonlinear Elasticity

In this paper, using the Hilbert complexes of nonlinear elasticity, the approximation theory for Hilbert complexes, and the finite element exterior calculus, we introduce a new class of mixed finite element methods for 2D nonlinear elasticity -- compatible-strain mixed finite element methods (CSFEM). We consider a Hu-Washizu-type mixed formulation and choose the displacement, the displacement gradient, and the first Piola-Kirchhoff stress tensor as independent unknowns. We use the underlying spaces of the Hilbert complexes as the solution and test spaces.

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Postdoc Position at Vanderbilt University Multiscale Computational Mechanics Lab

We welcome applications for a post-doctoral position in the Multiscale Computational Mechanics Laboratory (MCML) at Vanderbilt University. MCML is a part of the interdisciplinary Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MuMS) facility.

PhD position available at the University of Luxembourg - Additive Layer Manufacturing - Multi-scale Uncertainty Quantification


Profs. Thierry J. Massart (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), Ludovic Noels (Universite de Liege) and Stephane P.A.
Bordas (University of Luxembourg) have recently been awarded a joint research project by the FNRS and FNR.
The project focuses on the mechanical behavior of discrete metallic materials, such as metal foams and printed metallic structures

PhD opportunities

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Eigenvalue buckling analysis of cracked functionally graded cylindrical shells in the framework of the extended finite element method

Hi everybody

My new paper on the buckling behavior of cracked FGM shells has been published in the Composite Structures.

I would be very happy to answer any further question.

I attached the pdf file of the paper to this blog.

Faculty Position in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering ( at the University of Delaware (UD) invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of thermal fluids with applications in energy, environment or manufacturing.

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Faculty Positions in Mechanical Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder

The Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder invites applications for several tenure-track faculty positions beginning fall 2017. We are particularly interested in candidates with core mechanical engineering disciplinary expertise and demonstrated strong research experience.

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Faculty Positions in Mechanical Engineering @ Boston University

The Boston University Department of Mechanical Engineering anticipates openings for multiple tenure-track junior faculty positions.  Areas of emphasis include (a) Robotics, particularlyMechanotronics (b) the intersection of Nanofabrication and Soft Robotics and (c) Emerging Areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Multifunctional Materials, Photoacoustic Imaging, or Optomechanics.  Additionally, we anticipate hiring a non-tenured Professor of the Practic

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Meet the Editors-in-Chief of Mechanics Journals at SES2016: An Open Forum

The advent of internet era has been driving some significant changes in scientific publication process. The needs for optimizing publication process, from manuscript preparation and submission, to review process and to post-publication dissemination, are ubiquitous for many disciplines. There is no exception for the mechanics field.  

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Faculty Positions in Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC

<p>The Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign invites applications for multiple faculty positions in all ranks. Emphasis is on the areas of (i) manufacturing and (ii) energy and sustainability; however, excellent candidates will be considered in all areas related to mechanical engineering and theoretical and applied mechanics. A doctoral degree is required, and salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applications received by December 4, 2016, will receive full consideration.

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Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Modeling of Polymer at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) focused on molecular modeling of polymer materials – PE and Epoxy. The successful applicant will closely work with Dr. Sanjib C Chowdhury and Professor John W Gillespie Jr to predict thermo-mechanical properties of the model materials through molecular dynamics simulations.

Use of phase change materials (PCMs) to mitigate early age thermal cracking in concrete: Theoretical considerations

Dear all,

We have recently published a paper related to modelling of the influence of addition of phase change materials (PCMs) on early age cracking in concrete. Registered subscribers can view it at:

Here is the abstract:


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SES2016 goes mobile!

Dear colleages,

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PhD Position at McGill University in Smart Advanced Materials

One PhD position is available for Fall 2017 in the Bioresource Engineering Department of McGill University. The research is on the Multiscale Modelling of Smart Advanced Materials. Theoretical, computational, and experimental studies will be conducted for design and analysis of smart advanced materials for energy scavenging. The candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Hamid Akbarzadeh at McGill University. For this position, 


Required qualifications for the position are:

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Free-standing graphene slit membrane for enhanced desalination This study considers two novel ideas to further explore and enhance the graphene membrane for desalination. Firstly, while earlier molecular dynamics (MD) simulations studies have used frozen membranes, free-standing membrane is considered here. Since 2D membranes are usually embedded on porous support in the experimental reverse osmosis (RO) process, the free-standing membrane can more accurately model the behavior expected during operation.

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Hi all,

I am pleased to post the references of my recent paper entitled :



Volume 704 (2015) pp 435-441

DOI: 10.4028/


N.B: The equation (7) has been reviewed with:

[P2](nxg)=[[I](nxn)| [0](nxf)]

and is available at:

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Fourth Joint International Conference organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors at Rome, Italy.


Dear Colleagues,

I am Dr. Emin Taner ELMAS from İzmir, Turkey; and I am also a member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors  The IRED has sent me a request to announce  this below conference "Fourth Joint International Conference organized by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors at Rome, Italy. ". 

Therefore , I am sending you this Conference Announcement since there is also a mechanical engineering conference listed below, so you may interested in.

Best Regards,

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Call for Papers: International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

I am Dr. Emin Taner ELMAS from İzmir, Turkey; and I am also a member of International Association of Engineers and also a member of its Society for Mechanical Engineering with member number 164672. The IAENG has sent me a request to circulate this calls for papers to my colleagues, related to "International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 2017)". 

2 PhD positions in structural engg. at NDSU

Two fully funded PhD positions for Spring 2017 are available in the area of experimental and computational damage mechanics at North Dakota State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Area 1: microstructure and micromechanics based modeling of fatigue in structural steels; Area 2: multiscale computational tools for damage analysis of pavement materials.


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