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Call for Abstracts: "Advances in Computational Methods for Heterogeneous Materials"

As part of the 13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics to be held in San Diego, CA, on July 26-30 2015, it is our pleasure to invite you to submit an abstract to the Symposium “Advances in Computational Methods for Heterogeneous Materials”.

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering ( at University of Chile invites applications for three full time tenure-track faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering. Applicants must have deep interest in undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as the purpose to conduct long-term, externally funded research programs at international level. Candidates are also expected to maintain fruitful work relationships with industry in their respective areas through R&D initiatives.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Soft Tissue Biomechanics and Imaging, University of Pittsburgh

     The Laboratory of Ocular Biomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral fellow position on microstructure-based modeling of soft tissue biomechanics and remodeling. The project goal is to understand aging and vision loss. Specific duties will involve imaging, finite element modeling, analysis and interpretation of results, manuscript preparation and presentation in national and international meetings.

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Effect of variant strain accommodation on the three-dimensional microstructure formation during martensitic transformation: Application to zirconia

This paper computationally investigates the effect of martensitic variant strain accommodation on the formation of microstructural and topological patterning in zirconia. We used the phase-field technique to capture the temporal and spatial evolution of embryonic formation of the monoclinic phase in tetragonal single crystals. The three-dimensional simulations were able to capture the formation of all the possible monoclinic variants. We used the multivariant single embryo as an initial condition to mitigate the lack of nucleation criteria at the mesoscale.

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Mini-symposium on Peridynamics and Nonlocal Models at USNCCM13

Dear Colleagues:

As part of the USNCCM13, we are organizing a mini-symposium on “Peridynamics and its applications”.

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Faculty position in Aerospace Engineering at the Associate or higher level - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The department of Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is currently looking to fill a position at the Associate or higher level in the area of structures. The candidate should have an exemplary record of teaching and scholarly activities including externally funded research. The candidate should be able to teach our structures and fracture mechanics classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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wet adhesion between two soft layers

Two solids can adhere to each other in the presence of a liquid bridge between them, which is called wet adhesion. When the solid is soft, the liquid bridge can cause deformation in the material, and in turn, the deformation may have dramatic effects on the wet adhesion. To investigate the effect, in this article, we calculate the deformation in two soft layers with different separations and connected by a liquid bridge. We illustrate the effect of deformation in the soft layers on the adhesive force.

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Drying-induced cavitation in a constrained hydrogel

Cavitation can be often observed in soft materials. Most previous studies were focused on cavitation in an elastomer, which is under different mechanical loadings. In this paper, we investigate cavitation in a constrained hydrogel induced by drying. With taking account of surface tension and chemo-mechanics of gels, we calculate the free energy of the system as a function of cavity size. The free energy landscape shows double-well structure, analogous to first-order phase transition.  Above the critical humidity, a cavity inside the gel is tiny.

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Modeling of dielectric elastomer as electromechanical resonator

Dielectric elastomers (DEs) feature nonlinear dynamics resulting from an electromechanical coupling.

Under alternating voltage, the DE resonates with tunable performances. We present an

analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of a DE as electromechanical resonator (DEER) configured as a

pure shear actuator. A theoretical model is developed to characterize the complex performance

under different boundary conditions. Physical mechanisms are presented and discussed. Chaotic

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PostDoctoral Position - Itodys, Univ. Paris Diderot, France

no longer available.


A postdoctoral position in france is openened on DFT calculations to get the influence of hydrogen on grains boudaries failure in Al polycristals. This work is a between LSPM and ITODYS labs.

Please find the position attached.



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Postdoctoral research positions at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

We are looking for a few postdoctoral researchers to work on the following topics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  

1. First-principles calculation/molecular dynamics simulation of two-dimensional materials for energy and environmental applications.  

2. Numerical modeling of fracture and fatigue behaviors of metallic/polymeric materials.

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Ripplocations = surface ripples + dislocations ?

Dislocations are topological line defects in three-dimensional crystals. Same-sign dislocations repel according to Frank s rule . This rule is broken for dislocations in van der Waals (vdW) layers, which possess crystallographic Burgers vector as ordinary dislocations but feature surface ripples”  due to the ease of bending and weak vdW adhesion of the atomic layers.

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McMAT 2015 symposium on materials and manufacturing

We would like to invite your contribution to Symposium #18: “Experiments and Constitutive Modelling of Materials in Advanced Forming Processes” in the upcoming ASME 2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference, McMAT2015, to be held in Seattle on June 29-July 1, 2015.

Ph.D. Position in Computational Biomechanics at Villanova University

 A Ph.D. position is available with a start date of Summer 2015 or Fall 2015 at the Computational Biomechanics and Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Villanova University.

The research project is an NSF funded project focusing on multiscale modeling of bone fracture. Candidates with a strong background and interest in biomechanics, solid mechanics, and computational modeling are encouraged to apply.

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Professor Xuanhe Zhao will receive the Journal of Applied Mechanics Award in 2015

Prof. Xuanhe Zhao from MIT will receive the 2015 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award for his paper "Phase diagrams of instabilities in compressed film-substrate systems " (Journal of Applied Mechanics, v 81, article 051003, 2013).  

Call for Abstracts-ASME McMAT 2015: Symposium 10: Fundamental Biomechanics and Biomaterials Invention for Translational Medicine

Dear Colleagues, 

We are inviting you to submit abstracts on ASME McMAT 2015: Symposium 10:

Fundamental Biomechanics and Biomaterials Invention for Translational Medicine.


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3 year post-doctoral position available - High rate testing of materials

As part of my EPSRC Fellowship programme, I am now recruiting the second post-doctoral fellow associated with the project. I am looking for a talented young researcher with skills in experimental mechanics, particularly in the field of high rate testing of materials and high speed imaging for full-field deformation measurements. Informal enquiries can be made directly to me at, attaching a CV.

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Symposium on Mechanics of Materials in Energy Technologies at McMAT2015

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider to attend the symposium entitled  "Mechanics of Materials in Energy Technologies"  at the occasion of ASME 2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference, 6.29-7.1, 2015, in Seattle.The conference occurs every four years and covers all aspects of mechanics and materials: theoretical, experimental, and computational.

The description of the symposium is below.

CFP: Mini-symposium at 13th US National COngress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM13)

We invite you to submit abstracts to this Simpleware-sponsored minisymposium

Deadline: February 15, 2015

13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USCNCCM13)

July 26-July 30, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

Mini-symposium - Biomechanics Modeling: Advances and Applications to Real-World Problems

Organiser: Petr Krysl, University of California, San Diego

Call for Abstract - McMat2015 Symposium 17: Mechanicas of Materials in Extreme Environments

The ASME 2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference (McMat2015) will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA,  June 29-July 1, 2015.  We are organizing a symposium at this conference - Symposium 17: Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments. 

Short Course on Mechanics of Foams

A short course on the “Mechanics of Liquid and Solid Foams” will be offered at CISM, the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences in Udine, Italy, 13-17 July 2015 (see brochure attached).

Recoverable plasticity in penta-twinned metallic nanowires governed by dislocation nucleation and retraction

AbstractThere has been relatively little study on time-dependent mechanical properties of nanowires, in spite of their importance for the design, fabrication and operation of nanoscale devices.

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Positions for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers


Positions for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers
at the Institute of Applied Geometry, JKU, Linz, Austria


 The Institute of Applied Geometry at Johannes Kepler University
( has vacant positions for PhD students and
postdoctoral researchers. Applicants should possess a background
in geometric modeling, computational geometry or numerical analysis.



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