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Post-doc position in Model Reduction (CU Boulder)

We are no longer accepting appciations for this position.

Qulified applicants will be contacted soon.

Thank you for your interests again.

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Ph.D. Positions in ME@SUNY at Binghamton

We are currently looking for passionate and highly-motivated Ph.D. students to carry out analytical and computational studies on micro-/nanofluidics and soft materials. The focus of our research group encompasses modeling the following phenomena: electrokinetic flows in confined geometries, deposition of colloidal particles during evaporation, dynamic self-assembly of nanoparticles, self-healing polymer nanocomposites, vesicle-particle interactions, and wetting and slip on superhydrophobic surfaces.

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Solid Mechanics Faculty Position at Southern Methodist University

SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY, Department of Mechanical Engineering invites applications for a full‐time tenure‐track faculty position at the rank of assistant professor (Position No. 52632). We are seeking a highly qualified faculty member in the area of Solid Mechanics with particular focus on experimental and/or computational biomechanics, mechanobiology, and micro‐ and nano‐mechanics to start in August 2015. Candidates must have a Ph.D.

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The theoretical ultimate magnetoelectric coefficients of magnetoelectric composites by optimization design

This paper investigates what is the largest magnetoelectric (ME) coefficient of ME composites, and how to realize it. From the standpoint of energy conservation, a theoretical analysis is carried out on an imaginary lever structure consisting of a magnetostrictive phase, a piezoelectric phase, and a rigid lever. This structure is a generalization of various composite layouts for optimization on ME effect.

Course on Design Principles, Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aeronautical Engineers

Dear iMechanicians,

Please note that a 6 day course for aeronautical engineers on design principles, fatigue and damage tolerance will be realized during October and November 2014 in Czech Republic. The course is split to two blocks: Part I - Design Principles; Part II - Fatigue & Damage Tolerance run in the period October 20-22 and November 11-13 respectively.

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Call for Abstracts: "International Symposium on Composite and Multifunctional Materials" at SEM 2015 (Costa Mesa, CA) June 8-11

The International Symposium on Composite and Multifunctional Materials will include sessions in Additive Manufacturing, Digital Image Correlation, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Damage Detection, 3D Imaging, Fracture and Fatigue, Multifunctional Materials, Hybrid Materials, Nano and Particulate Composites, and Recycled Composites, as well as Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Bio, and Energy Applications.  An award will be given to the best paper in the symposium.

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Faculty position at Texas A&M University

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University invites applications for a tenured or tenure-track faculty position at the assistant, associate, or full professor level with expertise in computational materials science & engineering. [...] Applicants should consult the department’s website to review our academic and research programs (

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Call for Abstracts: Symposium on “Multifunctional and Multiphysics Materials for Energy Applications” at SEM 2015 (Costa Mesa, CA, June 8-11, 2015)

Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to Symposium on “Multifunctional and Multiphysics Materials for Energy Applicationsat the 2015 Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Annual Conference, to be held on June 8-11, 2015, in Costa Mesa, CA.

Crack Propagation in Bamboo's Hierarchical Cellular Structure

Bamboo, as a natural hierarchical cellular material, exhibits remarkable mechanical properties including excellent flexibility and fracture toughness. As far as bamboo as a functionally graded bio-composite is concerned, the interactions of different constituents (bamboo fibers; parenchyma cells; and vessels.) alongside their corresponding interfacial areas with a developed crack should be of high significance.

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Future energy needs and engineering reality

Professor Michael Kelly FRS FREng, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge, gave the Closing Plenary at the 2nd International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics, hosted by the North Sea Conference and Journal.

Michael wrote the speech into an article, “Future energy needs and engineering reality”. The paper was published in the Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics.

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The XV Pan-American Congress of Applied Mechanics (PACAM) will be held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on May 18-21, 2015. The conference will feature 4 prestigious plenary lectures, several keynote presentations, and mini-symposia in all areas of mechanics, including Atomistics, Defects in Solids, Nanocomposites, Plasticity, Electro- and Magneto-active Materials, Fracture, Instabilities in Solids and Structures, and Fluid Mechanics.


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Research Position at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, TU Braunschweig

We offer a research position in the area of Computational Mechanics with a focus on isogeometric analysis and collocation methods applied to multiscale material modeling, beginning January 1st, 2015. The position is full-time fixed-term for 3 years.

Postdoc (m/f) on fracture toughness of high performance composite materials

Your tasks: The main objective of this position is to improve the fracture toughness of high performance composite materials. You are expected to plan and implement manufacturing and processing experiments with carbon fibre thermoset prepregs and characterise their fracture properties. Furthermore, you will plan respective processing equipment and thoroughly investigate fracture mechanics of composites. This also includes the development of according numerical analyses and simulations.

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A Ph.D. Position in Mechanics of Nano-composites at Michigan State University

Our Group of Appleid mechanics in Enviormental & Civil Engineering Department at Michigan State University has an openings for PhD positions to work on  Mechanics of Nano-composites  starting Spring 2015.

One research direction is modeling of nano reinforced materials, with combined theoretical and experimental efforts. Highly Stretchable/Flexible composites combines the leight weight of classical composites and mechanical properties of a polymer based composites, and thus do have a very broad biological applications. . 

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Esaform 2015 & Integrated design

We organize at the next Esaform conference, that will take place in April 2015 in Austria (, a symposium on « Integrated design, modeling and reliability assessment in forming » or I-DMR (MS19).  The idea of this symposium is to optimize plastically formed parts obtained from a multi-step strategy, focusing on the technological processes' efficiency as well as the structural performance of the final components.

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A computational study of flexoelectricity

Flexoelectricity is a size-dependent electromechanical mechanism coupling polarization and strain gradient. It exists in a wide variety of materials, and is most noticeable for nanoscale objects, where strain gradients are higher. Simulations are important to understand flexoelectricity because experiments at very small scales are difficult, and analytical solutions are scarce.

Mechanical Engineer – (Borehole Enlargement)

Mechanical Engineer – (Borehole Enlargement)Location: Houston - United States 

Job description:

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Postdoc position – In vivo biomechanics of brain

Seeking a postdoctoral fellow to research on "In vivo  biomechanics of brain" using magnetic resonance imaging, tagging techniques and image processing techniques. 

See attached flyer and instructions to apply.

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A (Possibly Free) Primer on the Finite Element Method

For those of you interested in a terse introductory guide to the Finite Element Method, you might find the latest book by my colleague at U.C. Berkeley, Tarek Zohdi, to be helpful:

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Extremely Curved Cracks


The word "extreme" seems to be "trending" a lot these days, see the recent discussions on the new journal Extreme Mechanics Letters.

My collaborator Ruben Sevilla at Swansea and I were interested in very curved crack paths that develop in nature and have been replicated experimentally in thin films attached to elastic substrates.

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This call was closed

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Journal Club Theme of September 2014: Numerical modeling of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling processes in porous media

Thermo-hydro-mechanics (THM) is a branch of mechanics aimed to predict how deformable porous media behave, while heat transfer and fluid transport simultaneously occur in the pores filled by liquid and/or gas. Understanding these multi-physical responses is important for a wide spectrum of modern engineering applications, such as tissue scaffolding, geothermal heating, mineral exploration and mining, hydraulic fracture, energy piles, tunneling with frozen soil and nuclear waste storage and management.


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