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One Ph.D. opening in Mechanics of Materials for 2017 Fall

One Ph.D. position will be available in the Applied Mechanics of Materials Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. The position will start in the coming Fall 2017.

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Conference in honor of Lev Truskinovsky's 60th birthday

On behalf of the Organisers, I wish to post the following message: 


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce

Nonconvexity, Nonlocality and Incompatibility: From Materials to Biology

Conference in honor of Lev Truskinovsky's 60th birthday 

Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh

May 5-7, 2017

Conference Website:


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Postdoc position at The Johns Hopkins University in the area of brittle damage and failure

Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Computational simulations of brittle failure


A postdoctoral position is available at The Johns Hopkins University.  The position is in the area of damage-based constitutive modeling and computational simulations of brittle failure.  This postdoc position is in Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute ( The potential candidate should have a Ph.D. in engineering or a science discipline.  


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Book Review On: Extending the Theory of Composites to Other Areas of Science; Author: Graeme Walter Milton

We would be hard-pressed to find an area of research that permeates so deeply in nearly all branches of physical sciences and mathematics as does the topic of homogenization [1].

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Faculty Position Available in Fuzhou University, China

Multiple faculty positions are available in School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, Fujian,China.

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PhD Position in Multiscale Modeling of Materials for Energy

A PhD position is open for summer or fall 2017 in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at Louisiana Tech University on multiscale modeling of materials for energy applications with emphasis on ferroic materials. The candidates must have earned a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering or related fields and have a solid background in theoretical and computational mechanics, specifically continuum mechanics and finite element modeling, and need to be familiar with a programming language (preferably C/C++).

Research Studentship in Impact Engineering

Development of Experimental and Modelling Methodologies for Force Fusing in Structural Dynamics4-year funded D.Phil studentship, available from January 2017 (subject to eligibility requirements)

Further information:

Research Area

Senior Research Fellow in Impact Engineering

Applications to be received by 12pm on Thursday 5th of January 2017Grade 9: £45,562 – £52,793 with discretionary range to £57,674 p.a.

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Extrusion, slide, and rupture of an elastomeric seal

Elastomeric seals are essential to two great technological advances in oilfields:  horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  This paper describes a method to study elastomeric seals by using the pressure-extrusion curve (i.e., the relation between the drop of pressure across a seal and the volume of extrusion of the elastomer).  Emphasis is placed on a common mode of failure found in oilfields:  leak caused by a crack across the length of a long seal.  We obtain an analytical solution of large elastic deformation, which is analogous to the Poiseuille flow of viscous liquids.

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Tenure-Track Faculty Position on Multiscale Modeling at Villanova University (in Philadelphia)

Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Multiscale Modeling of Advanced Materials and/or Manufacturing Processes 

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Tenure-track faculty position in Mechanical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is inviting applicants for a Tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of thermal-fluids to start in August 2017.

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Post-wrinkle bifurcations in elastic bilayers with modest contrast in modulus

Post-wrinkle bifurcations in elastic bilayers with modest contrast in modulus

Anesia Auguste, Lihua Jin, Zhigang Suo, Ryan C. Hayward

Extreme Mechanics Letters

A slip wave solution in anti-plane elasticity


It is shown that a slip wave solution exists for anti-plane sliding of an elastic layer on an elastic half-space. It is a companion solution to the well-known Love wave solution.

Society of Engineering Science - 2017 Medalists and Fellows

The Board of Directors of the Society of Engineering Science is pleased to announce the names of the 2017 Medalists and newly elected Fellows.

2017 SES Young Investigator Medals:

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Postdoc Position in Mechanics of Polymer and Composite Materials Characterization

Applications are invited for an immediate postdoctoral associate opening in materials characterization at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University, Phiadelphia, PA. The project will focus on the mechanical property characterization of micro/nano-fibers and their woven structures for design of high energy absorption materials.

Upcoming abstract submission deadline for the 2017 EMI International Conference in Rio de Janeiro

2017 EMI International Conference 
March 19 - 22
J W Marriott, Rio de Janeiro, 
                                                                  Deadline to submit an Abstract is Dec 15!

Speech of Acceptance of the 2016 Timoshenko Medal by Ray Ogden


Applied Mechanics Division Banquet, Phoenix, Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thank you Arun for the very kind introduction.  However, I think the citation is rather too generous and more than a little exaggerated!

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PhD/masters position in Mechanical Department at University of Hawaii at Manoa

A PhD/masters position is available in AMMI Lab at University of Hawaii at Manoa in the field of surgical robotics. Interested and outstanding candidates should visit my website at Information about general admission process could be found on

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Damage modeling in Small Punch Test specimens

I hope some of you may find this work interesting:

Damage modeling in Small Punch Test specimens

E. Martínez-Pañeda, I.I. Cuesta, I. Peñuelas, A. Díaz, J.M. Alegre

Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 86A, pp. 51-60

A pre-print is available at


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