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Ag@Ni Core–Shell Nanowire Network for Robust Transparent Electrodes Against Oxidation and Sulfurization

Silver nanowire (Ag NW) based transparent electrodes are inherently unstable to moist and chemically reactive environment. A remarkable stability improvement of the Ag NW network film against oxidizing and sulfurizing environment by local electrodeposition of Ni along Ag NWs is reported. The optical transmittance and electrical resistance of the Ni deposited Ag NW network film can be easily controlled by adjusting the morphology and thickness of the Ni shell layer.

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Highly Stretchable and Sensitive Strain Sensor Based on Silver Nanowire–Elastomer Nanocomposite

The demand for flexible and wearable electronic devices is increasing due to their facile interaction with human body. Flexible, stretchable and wearable sensors can be easily mounted on clothing or directly attached onto the body. Especially, highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensors are needed for the human motion detection.

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Symposium on Mechanics in Energy Storage and Conversion at SES 2015 meeting

Dear Colleagues:

please consider to attend the symposium titled" Mechanics in Energy Storage and Conversion" as part of the society of engineering science 52nd annual technical meeting to be held at Texas A&M, Oct 26-28, 2015.

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PhD position in the area of mechanics of energy storage materials at NJIT


There is an opening for a PhD student position in Dr. Nadimpalli’s group at the New Jersey Institute of Technology starting from Fall2015. Candidates with good academic credentials and an interest to work in experimental research projects are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidate should have a master’s degree in mechanical/materials science/aerospace or related field with a good background in Solid Mechanics, Materials Science, and Experimental Methods (including but not limited to SEM, TEM, and nanofabrication methods).

Post-doctoral researcher position in CMRL at JHU

Post-Doctoral Researcher Position in Computational Mechanics of Materials

Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL)

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland


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Marie Curie Post-Doc position in Computational Thermomechanics at VESUVIUS (Belgium): deadline May 30, 2015

You will be hired for a 24 months assignment starting as soon as possible by

Vesuvius Company (Belgium) on a FP7 Marie Curie-IAPP project, in cooperation with

a very active group in Solid Mechanics at University of Trento.


The candidate will implement the constitutive models developed for high- temperature behaviour

of materials in external routines for finite elements computations and tested to judge the

numerical stability and accuracy. The software will be subsequently employed in the design

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Full-Time Position in Schlumberger

Modeling and Simulation Engineer – FEA

Category: Full-time position in industry

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: United States, Texas, Sugar Land

Opening Date: 07/06/2015


Job Description

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PhD Position in Experimental Mechanics at Extreme Temperatures

The Mechanics at Extreme Temperatures Lab at Utah State University is looking for qualified research assistants at the PhD level for Fall 2015. Research will be focused on mechanical characterization of two materials for advanced aerospace applications:

1. Molybdenum-base superalloys for advanced propulsion systems, and
2. Ultra-high temperature ceramics for the leading edges of spacecraft and hypersonic aircraft.

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Marie Curie PhD position at University of Trento (Italy): deadline May 14, 2015

If you are strongly motivated to work with a very active group in Solid Mechanics,

we have a PhD position (3 years) available from June 2015,

but the deadline for application is May 14, 2015!

The position is on a EU grant and is addressed to numerical/theoretical modelling of ceramics.

For details on the application see the attachment.

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Median Review Time of all ASME Journals

I attended an ASME meeting during which the Managing Director of ASME Publishing reported on the ASME publications. 


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A Postdoc Position Available in Computational Mechanics at KAUST

The Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) invites applications for a Postdoctoral fellow in Mechanical Engineering at the Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS,

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Discussion of fracture paper #11 - Fracture processes and phase field modelling

In the latest volume of Engineering Fracture Mechanics there is an interesting paper about the calculation of crack growth paths by use of a phase field model. The considered material is inhomogeneous and that causes the crack to follow a winding path through the material. The material structure is from a CT scanned micro-structure of a cement-based porous material. The paper is:

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strain energy density fracture criterion

I'm doing my master degree on fracture mechanics
I want to simulate crack propagation direction on the basis of strain energy density fracture criterion (SED) under mixed loading
I'm using abaqus program but i dont know how to do this
so please if you can help me to know if the program can do this and how

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Evolution of mixed cementite morphologies during non-cooperative eutectoid transformation in Fe–C steels

We numerically investigate the characteristics of concurrent carbon redistribution pathways, as the ferrite–austenite front evolves during an isothermal eutectoid transformation starting from a random distribution of preexisting cementite particle.

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A state of stress is a linear map

A state of stress in a body.  Components of stress.  Subject to a load, a body develops internal forces.  The distribution of the internal forces in the body is usually inhomogeneous. For example, when a rod is bent, part of the rod is in tension, and the other part of the rod is in compression.

If the internal forces are uniformly distributed in the body, the body is said to be in a homogeneous state of stress.  For brevity, we often say a state of stress, or just stress.

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Bifurcation Diagrams for the Formation of Wrinkles or Creases in Soft Bilayers

Subject to compression, elastic materials may undergo bifurcation of various kinds. A homogeneous material forms creases, whereas a bilayer consisting of a stiff film and a compliant substrate forms wrinkles. Here, we show several new types of bifurcation behavior for bilayers consisting of films and substrates of comparable elastic moduli. Depending on the ratios of moduli and thicknesses of the two materials, the critical strain for the onset of creases can be either smaller or larger than that for the onset of wrinkles.

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Professor John Rogers elected to NAS

Professor John Rogers, Swanlund Chair Professor of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Congratulations to John!

Here is the link to the NAS press release:


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