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Bigoni's group gets the 4th cover on Proc Roy Soc for Leonardo catapults

The top italian engineer Davide Bigoni gets his 4th cover in Proc. Roy. Soc. A in just 18 months 

See here.


Two M.S. positions in Computational Mechanics and Materials at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Applications are invited for two M.S. positions in Computational Mechanics and Materials at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The ideal candidate should have a B.S. in engineering, math or physics. The positions will start in Fall 2017.

Several developer positions available at ANSYS

ANSYS just opens several developer positions in aeas of contact mechanics, material modeling, finite element formulation, solver technology. If you are interested, please submit your application on ANSYS company website at 

How to apply a traction shear load on a surface


I wonder if some one helps me in applying shear on a surface of a cube. Do we have to apply it on two opposite surfaces. or I can fix one surface?



ESIS TC4 Conference 2017 - register by 19 May

The 8th International Conference on Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives is organised by the European Structural Integrity Society- Technical Committee 4 on Fracture Mechanics related to Polymers, Polymeric Composites and Adhesives.

It will take place between 10-14 September 2017 at Les Diablerets, in Switzerland. You can register now at


last loading

nt you consider relevant may also be submitted.

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On a systematic approach for cracked rotating shaft study: breathing mechanism, dynamics and instability

We present a systematic approach to deal with the modelling and analysis of the cracked rotating shafts behaviour. We begin by revisiting the problem of modelling the breathing mechanism of the crack. Here we consider an original approach based on the form we give to the energy of the system and then identify the mechanism parameters using 3D computations with unilateral contact conditions on the crack lips. A dimensionless flexibility is identified which makes the application of the approach to similar problems straightforward.

Society of Engineering Science - 2018 Medal and Fellow Nominations

The Society of Engineering Science oversees several awards and honors to members and eminent scholars of the field. A total of five medals are offered on an annual basis as well as election to Fellow grade of the Society. 

Please visit the website for detailed information and electronic versions of the nomination forms. For further information contact Thomas Siegmund (    

SES Fellows Nominations

Two PhD Studentships in Next-generation Aircraft Propulsion Materials (Imperial College London)

We are seeking two motivated candidates for fully-funded PhD studentship in the exciting field of high performance alloys for next-generation aero-engines.The studentships include fees and stipend of £16,553 for suitable candidates ordinary resident in the UK or EU nationals for the durati

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Post-doctoral position in Failure of Brittle Materials at National University of Singapore

We anticipate an opening for a post-doctoral fellow position in micromechanics based failure modeling of heterogeneous brittle materials. The focus will be on characterizing the roles of flaw distributions on rate-dependent failure in materials such as concrete. The objective is to develop an understanding of failure processes with the aim of designing high performance brittle materials.

Particles and VTK

The find out how data from your particle simulations can be written out in VTK XML format, examine

-- Biswajit

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Call for Abstract: USNCCM14 - MS# 701Advanced Computational Methods and Theories for Predicting Material Behaviors at Various Length Scales

Dear Colleagues:

We cordially invite you to submit your abstract to our mini-symposium (MS# 701) for the 14th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM14) to be held in Montreal, Canada on July 17-20, 2017.

Our mini-symposium is entitled “Advanced Computational Methods and Theories for Predicting Material Behaviors at Various Length Scales”, and a description can be found at:

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PhD positions on the mechanics of living epithelial materials in Barcelona

We are looking for highly motivated and creative PhD researchers to study the mechanical organization of epithelial cells and tissues through theory, computations and tight interaction with experimental collaborators, and to use this understanding to a precisely control tissue structure, mechanical properties, and dynamics. The ultimate goal is to predict the behavior of living matter, manipulate it, and use it to engineer new bio-inspired technologies. If selected, you will work in a highly interdisciplinary environment, in an expanding group headed by Prof.

Simpleware Cambridgeshire Workshops, March 2017

We're running a series of free software workshops in the Cambridgeshire, UK area from March 7th to 9th on using Simpleware software for 3D image data visualisation, analysis and model generation.

March 7th: Cranfield

March 8th: Cambridge

Modelling and Simulation of Superalloys 2017

Hands-on tutorials and an International Workshop on Modelling and Simulations of Superalloys will take place 

March 27th-31st at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.

Writing VTK output files in C++

If you're interested in visualizing your data with Visit or Paraview, it's convenient to write out VTK files.  If you are a C++ person you will find my post at of interest.

-- Biswajit

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Call for Abstracts: ASME2017@Tampa: [Topic 11-11] Materials for Biomedical Applications

Topic 11-11, ASME IMECE 2017, Tampa, Florida

This symposium will provide a forum that highlights exciting scientific developments in the design, processing, characterization, and/or modeling of materials to be used in medical devices, or materials to interact with biological systems. The symposium will bring together scholars and engineers working at the interface between the disciplines of materials science, medicine, chemistry, and biology. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

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Call for Abstracts: ASME2017@Tampa: [Topic 11-17] Modeling, Simulation, and Design of Multifunctional Materials

Topic 11-17, ASME IMECE 2017, Tampa, Florida

This symposium will provide a forum that highlights exciting scientific developments in the modeling, simulation, and design of multifunctional materials, hybrid materials, and engineering material systems. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:        

1. Novel concepts of multifunctional materials, hybrid materials, and engineering material systems.         

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Nature paper about mechanical metamaterials violating Betti's theorem

Maybe because I am proud of Betti's theorem being italian, I am curious about this big emphasys on systems violating it.  They may "open avenues for energy absorption, conversion and harvesting, soft robotics, prosthetics and optomechanics".... ?  I'd be curious to hear some comments.   Anyway, the last author Andrea Alu is anyway italian like Betti.

Prony series with temperature dependent stiffness

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 


I have implemented a viscoelastic model (Simo/Hughes approach: Prony series for small strain)

in Abaqus using Umat and it works fine for dynamic isothermal simulations (I validated with the Prony series implemented in Abaqus).

Now, I want to consider thermal loads (I have temperature dependent stiffnesses from a DMA experiment).

How should I use these temperature dependent stiffnesses in the model?


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