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Failure of brittle materials using simple experiments- Part 2

Here is my second video, where I tried to explain the concepts of stress state, principal stresses, Mohr circle and failure theories in layman's language and associated these concepts to explain the failure of a brittle material. This is an educational outreach initiative mainly targeted at the undergraduates (mechanical/civil/aerospace and materials engineering) studying mechanics and also other me

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Assistant Professor in Design of Concrete Structures - 3D printing of concrete

Ass. Professor Structural Design of Concrete Structures - 3D Printing of Concrete


The Department of the Built Environment invites applications for a position as Assistant Professor in the Chair of Structural Design of Concrete Structures within the unit Structural Design. The assistant professorship is a tenure track position, related to 3D printing of concrete, that includes teaching, research, valorization and administrative duties.


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Postdoctoral position in mechanics of architectured materials

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Bioinspiration ( at McGill University has a new opening for a Post-doctoral researcher with a strong background in mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics and experimental mechanics.

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Instabilities in confined elastic layers under tension: Fringe, fingering and cavitation

Under tension, confined elastic layers can exhibit various modes of mechanical instabilities, including cavitation, fingering and fringe instabilities. While the cavitation has been extensively studied, the fingering and fringe instabilities have not been well understood, and the relations and interactions of these instabilities have not been explored yet. In this paper, we systematically study the formation, transition, interaction and co-existence of mechanical instabilities in confined elastic layers under tension.

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Snaking elastic rods

How can an elastic rod model snake motion?

An elastic rod constrained in a perfectly smooth and rigid channel can move through a release of elastic energy and the development of a configurational force.

Enjoy the snaking elastic rod at

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Modeling of Localized Inelastic Deformation 2017 (LID 2017)

Dear colleagues,

on behalf of the course organizer, I would like to bring to your attention to the advanced course on Modeling of localized inelastic deformation that will be taught by Milan Jirásek in Prague, Czech Republic on 18-22 September 2017.

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Concept of state of stress in a simple way

I tried to explain the concept of state of stress in a simple way, here is the link to the video - state of stress

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Ph.D. Position Opening at Penn State University in Computational Biomachinery and Nanomaterials

Applications are invited for a Ph.D. position at the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State University. This position at the Laboratory of Biomachinery and Nanomaterials will be developed in the frame of an interdisciplinary project with the objectives of i) studying electromechanical coupling processes at the nanoscale in biological and bio-inspired soft matter systems and ii) designing novel microstructure patterns for metamaterials with applications in active surface control and energy harvesting.

Postdoctoral position at Ecole Polytechnique, France

The Solids Mechanics Laboratory, in collaboration with the Thin Films and Interfaces Laboratory, from Ecole Polytechnique is seeking a talented candidate, with a strong background in nanophysics and nanocharacterization, for a postdoctoral position.

The objective of the proposed postdoctoral project is to understand the multiscale damage arising in nanodevices under various types of loadings, in view of proposing lifetime models of the devices.

More details can be found in the attached document.

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Research Associate in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Job Description & Specifications: 

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University is seeking for a potential candidate for research position as Research Associate.

The RA will work on a project to conduct the research on Underwater Energy Harvesting. 

The roles of this position include:

•Simulation of water particle movement and fluid-structure interaction using Computational Fluid Dynamics software

PhD Student Positions in Computational Mechanics & Mechanics of Materials at Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D. Student Positions in Computational Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials


Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL)

Director: Dr. Somnath Ghosh

Michael G. Callas Chair Professor

Post-Doctoral Researcher Position in Computational Mechanics of Materials at Johns Hopkins University


Post-Doctoral Researcher Position in Computational Mechanics of Materials


Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL)

Director: Dr. Somnath Ghosh

Michael G. Callas Chair Professor

A Post Doc Position to work on Metallic Nanocomposites


A Post Doc position is available immediately at the University of Central Florida, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department with the focus on metallic nanocomposites. The position is currently designated for two years with annual salary of $50,000+. Interested parties please email resumes and references to Prof Quanfang Chen at  


Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen is actively looking for dynamics engineers/experts

Huawei Technologies in Shenzhen is actively looking for dynamics engineers/experts. Huawei technologies are a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world with its products and services deployed in more than 140 countries and it currently serving 45 of the world's 50 largest telecoms operators. It is also one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. The requirement is as follows:-

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Latest progresses on the phase field model for brittle fracture

Dear Fracture mechanician,

In my group we published 2 articles with novelties on the phase field model for brittle fracture:


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A cohesive zone framework for environmentally assisted fatigue (code included)

I hope some of you find this work interesting, the code with the cohesive zone model for fatigue can be downloaded as a user element (UEL) subroutine for Abaqus from

A cohesive zone framework for environmentally assisted fatigue

Susana del Busto, Covadonga Betegón, Emilio Martínez Pañeda

Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2017)

Post Doc in Mechanics of Polymer Foaming

Polymers are commonly foamed in the solid phase by the expansion of a dissolved gas such as CO2.  The foaming process is sensitive to the constitutive properties of the polymer, and the final porosity is dictated by bursting of the cell walls.  There is a need to model the solid foaming process for a range of polymers in order to determine the sensitivity of foaming to the properties of the polymer and to the process variables (such as thermal history and CO2 content). The foam expansion response is sensitive to the constitutive properties of the polymer.

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the new impact factor for JAM

The 2016 impact factor for Journal of Applied Mechanics has increased to 2.133.  This increase is mainly due to the rapid review process, which has led to significant increase of submissions (and significant decrease of the acceptance rate).  The average time for the first round of review is < 10 days, and that for the second round of review (if necessary), including both the authors' revision time and reviewers' re-review time, is < 3 weeks.  


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Recent Work "Modeling the Energy Storage and Structural Evolution during Finite Viscoplastic Deformation of Glassy Polymers"

The enthalpic response of amorphous polymers depends strongly on their thermal and deformation history. Annealing just below the glass transition temperature (Tg) causes a large endothermic overshoot of the isobaric heat capacity at Tg as measured by differential scanning calorimetry, while plastic deformation (cold work) can erase this overshoot and create an exothermic undershoot. This indicates that a strong coupling exists between the polymer structure, thermal response and mechanical deformation.

Post-Doc position within the International Research Training Group "Integrated Engineering of continuous-discontinuous long fiber reinforced polymer structures” (DFG GRK 2078)

The international research training group "Integrated Engineering of continuous-discontinuous long fiber reinforced polymer structures” offers one post-doc position at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Discontinuous long fiber reinforced polymer structures with local continuous fiber reinforcements represent an important class of lightweight materials. This class of materials has a significant potential for energy savings due to the high specific stiffness and strength as well as the variety of design options in diverse technical applications, e.g., in vehicle construction.

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Postdoc opening in architected materials (or mechanical metamaterials) at Johns Hopkins University

One postdoctoral fellow position is available in the area of architected materials. Interested individuals should have a Ph.D. in related disciplines.  We are looking for a person with strong motivation, publication record, analytical and interpersonal skills and integrity with expertise in the area of mechanics of materials and structures, metamaterials, and finite element methods. A person with previous experiences in simulations and experiments on dynamic behaviors of soft materials and wave propagation in soft cellular structures is preferred.

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CiteScore 2016 indicates soaring impact of Extreme Mechanics Letters

CiteScore is an impact factor based on a 3-year citation window, calculated using data from the Scopus database. CiteScore is free to use, comprehensive and transparent.


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