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Wiki surface - an open access encyclopedia of surfaces

Dear Mechanicians,

a new project at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Lucca, Italy) has just been launched to create the first open access database of rough surfaces from nature and technology, see:

People are invited to contribute to the database by providing images of surfaces acquired using experimental techniques, as well as the corresponding elevation data field (raw x,y,z data in columns).

CFD Internship for O&G

Job Title                                CFD Internship for O&G

Duration                                2018, 6 months

International Applications   Yes

Location                                 Schlumberger-Doll Research, Cambridge, MA, US


Job Description and Responsibilities

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Vacancy: Assistant Professor in Structural Health Monitoring, Eindhoven University of Technology

Vacancy: Assistant Professor in Structural Health Monitoring 

Eindhoven University of Technology, Dept. of the Built Environment, Unit Structural Design

The Department of the Built Environment invites applications for a position as Assistant Professor in the Chair of Structural Design (Steel Structures) within the unit Structural Design. The assistant professorship is a tenure track position that includes teaching, research, valorization and administrative duties.

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Postdoc Positions Available at Virginia Tech

Advanced Manufacturing and Metamaterials Laboratory ( directed by Dr. Xiaoyu "Rayne" Zheng at Virginia Tech seeks highly motivated and exceptional postdoc scholars in the broad areas of 1) advanced materials for additive manufacturing/3D Printing, 2) architected materials, mechanics of multi-functional materials.

Textile Strength Testing

Textiles, yarn, thread, fabrics, wool, cotton, and other animal and plant-derived fibers are commonly tested to ensure product quality by assessing the performance of materials and making sure they are acceptable towards proper end-use. This blog post will cover certain mechanical testing methods to test fabric and go over the testing standards.

Full blog post, including the recommended equipment, can be found here.

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Intern Position at Apple

***************Intern Position at Apple*************************************************

Job Summary

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a new book "Contact Mechanics" from JR Barber

I am pleased to suggest a very interesting new book from prof JR Barber of UMich, a leading scientist in the field of contact mechanics.

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Aging-dependent strain localization in amorphous glassy polymers: from necking to shear banding

This study investigates the influence of physical aging on the deformation behaviors of poly(ethylene terephthalate)-glycol. The polymers are subjected to a quenched and an annealed heat treatment, followed by deformation in tension. The digital image correlation (DIC) is used to capture the surface strain. The DIC results show that the deformation localization occurs in the post-yield strain softening region. The quenched and annealed polymers exhibit different localization types, representing as necking for quenched polymers and shear banding for annealed polymers.

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PhD/Postdoc positions at ETH Zurich

The Mechanics & Materials Group within ETH Zurich's Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering has several openings for PhD students as well as a postdoctoral scholar. All positions are within the area of multiscale mechanics of solids with a primary focus on theory and simulations but also an experimental PhD thesis. Please see the attached description of the positions as well as requirements for potential candidates and contact information. The positions are open immediately and applications are welcome.

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Open Post-doc position at Texas A&M University

ECO lab in Mechanical Engineering Department at the Texas A&M University has an immediate opening for a postdoc in CFD and Compressor Modeling. MATLAB and Fluid mechanics knowledge is Necessary for this project. If you are interested send your CV to

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Brown Engineering Professor Huajian Gao Elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Renowned engineering professor Huajian Gao collects another honor for his research in mechanical engineering and materials science.

Huajian Gao, a professor in Brown University’s School of Engineering, has been elected to the 2018 class of National Academy of Science members.

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PhD Position in Fracture Mechanics @ University of Leuven

Ductile and brittle fracture assessment of pipeline steels using advanced dynamic tensile tear testing methodology

University of Leuven

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PhD openings in computational solid mechanics @ University of Kentucky

The MEshfree/MEshless MEthods Group (MEGroup) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kentucky is seeking highly self-motivated individuals who have great interests in research areas of computational mechanics & materials.

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Experimental Laboratory Officer in Impact Engineering (2 posts) at the University of Oxford

We are seeking two full-time Experimental Laboratory Officers in Impact Engineering to join a team of researchers focused on investigation of pressure and strain rate dependent behaviour of engineering for high-performance aerospace applications within the Impact Engineering Team, an integral part of the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group at the Department of Engineering Science (University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park). The posts are funded by Innovate UK for a fixed-term of 1 year in the first instance.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Impact Engineering – Composites, Experimentation for Aerospace Applications

We are seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Research Associate in Impact Engineering to join a team of researchers focused on investigation of pressure and strain rate dependent behaviour of composite materials for high-performance aerospace applications within the Impact Engineering Team, an integral part of the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group at the Department of Engineering Science (University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park). The post is funded by Innovate UK for a fixed-term of 1 year.

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Postdoctoral or Research Assistant Professor and PhD student Position at University of Missouri

Composite Materials & Dynamics Laboratory ( at University of Missouri develops innovative solutions for Solid Mechanics and Structured Materials, in particular the new frontiers of structural dynamics, wave propagation, micromechanics, topological and quantum mechanics, smart materials and dynamical behaviours of multi-functional materials, both man-made and formed naturally, and understanding relationship between microstructures and material macroscopic properties.

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Post-doc and Ph. D positions open

one Post-doc and one Ph.D positions are open in Mechanics, Biomimetics, and 3D Printing lab at the University of New Hampshire.

More information can be found at:

For application, please directly send CV to

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Journal Club for May 2018: Icephobic Materials

Icephobic Materials

Yizhi Zhuo, Jianying He

NTNU Nanomechanical Lab, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


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PhD Position in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

Job Description: Ph.D. students will work on the investigation of degradation mechanisms in electrochemical energy conversion and storage materials using in situ stress and strain measurement techniques. Electrode-electrolyte interaction, structural stability and material performance will be characterized in various of battery and fuel cell systems. Continuum based mathematical model will be derived in order to optimize material properties.

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Novel silicon nanowire-based 3-dimensional devices and systems

A new approach for monolithic integration of silicon nanowires with 3-dimensional devices (for more details of the project see: Integration of silicon nanowires in three-dimensional devices including integrated circuits (ICs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) leads to enhanced functionality and performance in diverse applications.

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PhD position available in the area of elastic wave propagation for materials characterization at Penn State

A PhD position is available beginning at the start of the Spring 2019 semester in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Penn State. The PhD student is to conduct research within the scope of ultrasonic wave propagation in polycrystalline materials for materials characterization. Specific areas of interest include:

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Bioinspired Hydrogel Interferometer for Adaptive Coloration and Chemical Sensing

Meng Qin, Mo Sun, Ruobing Bai, Yiqi Mao, Xiaoshi Qian, Dipika Sikka, Yuan Zhao, Hang Jerry Qi, Zhigang Suo, Ximin He


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Materials-by-design: computation, synthesis, and characterization from atoms to structures In the 50 years that succeeded Richard Feynman’s exposition of the idea that there is "plenty of room at the bottom" for manipulating individual atoms for the synthesis and manufacturing processing of materials, the materials-by-design paradigm is being developed gradually through synergistic integration of experimental material synthesis and characterization with predictive computational modeling and optimization.


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