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Acurate Size Measurements of Nano Particles and Nano Pores Make Mechanical Understanding Easy

Encouraged by its current and prospective customers, Ebatco’s Nano Analysis and Testing Laboratory (NAT Lab) has expanded its nano/micro scale analytical and measurement capabilities significantly. More than ever before, customers can gain insights and comprehension of what is going on and why it has happened at the nano/micro scale.

IOSO application for casting processes

Dear Colleagues,

New practical case studies made with the aides of IOSO in new engineering fields prove universal capabilities of IOSO Optimization Technology applicable to wide variety of real-life problems. Let us provide you the brief description of the problem that was solved by Italian engineering consultancy company XC Engineering for the well-known Swiss production firm Buhler. The problem was to search for the optimal velocity of the piston in an HPDC process. 


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Micro Scratch Testing CrN Coating on Titanium Alloy

Specific Coatings are used to further increase performance of titanium alloy parts at elevated temperatures. More specifically, Chromium Nitride (CrN) Coatings are designed to perform under conditions of high load and temperature. By using scratch testing it is possible to detect premature adhesive failure of the CrN coating in real-life applications.

Position Available - Solid Mechanics - Houston, TX

Position has be filled and is no longer available 5/4/2010.

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Subsea Integrity

I am teaching Subsea Integrity for the MSc students majoring in Subsea Engineering at the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen. This is a course that combines the fundamental principles (corrosion, fracture, fatigue and material selection) with the industry applications (subsea integrity management and implementation, cathodic protection, case studies on subsea reliability and engineering assurance).


Teaching time schedule

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Mechanics of porous material

Hi all,

I am going simulate a plate of porous material (SiC) to evaluate its strengh.

Would someone share some knowledge on the mechanics of the porous materials.



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Looking for a post-doc position in computational mechanics and structural engineering. I will be your best choice

Having achieved many goals in my career of computational methods in structural mechanics, structure engineering, finite element method and computational simulation of structural construction process, I am interested in widening my professional horizons by seeking new challenges. I am looking for a postdoctoral position in computational mechanics and structural engineering.

Engineering position open

Smith International, Inc., a Fortune 500 Company, is a world-wide leading supplier of premium products and services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, the petrochemical industry and other industrial markets.  We are seeking to hire a qualified candidate to fill the position of Engineer III in our Houston, TX location.   

Sigma Technology shares the success of aircraft buiders (IOSO news)

29 January 2010 New Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter made his first flight. This aircraft was designed by company Sukhoi with the new engines designed by NPO Saturn. We would like to express our proud and mention that both companies have used IOSO Optimization software as a regular part in their design and development technological cycle.

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Ferrari Millechili project --- the next generation of sport car

I am going to Modena on Monday to talk to my collegues in the Millechili lab (MilleChili means 1000Kg in italian)


Ferrari S.p.A.


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Challenges in the finite element analysis of tire design using abaqus

Finite Element Analysis of Vehicle and Tire has become a very important aspect of a tire design and failure analysis to most Tire companies. Tire modeling with ABAQUS is a very complicated process involving complex materials like hyperelastic rubber and textile reinforcements, large model size, prolonged simulation time and various convergence issues. This white paper intends to help in understanding the challenges in tire analysis and several tips and tricks that makes a difference in the quality of the results and processing time.

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Nitinol Webinar next week




An Introduction to the Unique Material Properties of Nitinol

Shell vs. brick elements in buckling analysis

Dear All:

I have a structural problem which deals with "Buckling" analysis of a boom with a rectangular cross-sectional area

and 0.25 in. thickness.

Can I use brick element (8 nodes) instead of shell element to simulate buckling of this type of structure? 

Thank you for your insight.


Disk vs blade natural frequencies

I'm trying to determine the coorelation of a blade natural frequency and disk (nodal diameter) natural frequency on a Turbine wheel in ANSYS Modal analysis.  Is it possible for a blade natual frequency to be excited even though a disk natural frequency is not being excited??  I'm having trouble determining if a blade frequency is related to any disk nodal diameter.  Thanks for any incite on this subject.

FEA Improves Reliability of Flip-Chip Packaging

On Aug 10, 2009, Semiconductor International (SI) Newsbreak published a report on my work in AMD about 3D fracture study of underfill delamination as the top story in that issue.  I have never imagined that. Except the pleasure I received from this good news, I wonder if this work is also interesting to iMechanica community.  For that reason, I attach here the SI news report and the original paper published on ITherm2008 Proceedings. Welcome any comments and thoughts.

The Boundrical Conditions On Knee Model

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Hello All Dear:

I have a model of the knee with its soft tissue between 2 femur and Tibia Bones, then I want to load 2 boundrical condition

s on it , 1- The 6-DOF's of Tibia and Femur Bones Center of Mass, (x,y,z,R1,R2,R3) time dependent. and 2-The

concentrated  load that is exerted on the cross section of the Tibia Shank (Lower Bone) Time Dependent. Then Dear, Can

anyone Help Me,Please how to Put these 2 kinds of Boundrical Conditions on the Model.

Kind Regards.

Amir Hossein.


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Hello All,


Actually I am analysing the FEM software FEAP, it is a free FEM software that can be downloaded from:

Anyone here knows if the software can run ONLY in cmd ?

I mean, I generate an input file I call the solver than the solver generates an output file without opneing any window in my desktop or in my cmd?


Fernando Romagnoli 




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Fatigue to Fracture - paper in print

This article will appear in Journal of ASTM International.  I hope you find it useful.

Xiao-Yan Gong, President, medical implant mechanics LLC


Design Optimization Software HEEDS v5.3 Released

Red Cedar Technology recently released its latest version of their design optimization and process automation software, HEEDS v5.3. It has direct interfaces to Abaqus, LS-DYNA, and other tools.

Check out the press release, or go read about the new features.

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NDE residual stress

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More information about residual stress tester

Assigning Hardness to part in Abaqus

Hello Friends,

I am working with abaqus since last year,

I am facing the problem in assigning the hardness property to the material in Abaqus.

If some one knows ,how to Assign a hardness in Abaqus Please let me Know.

Wear Couple Charactersistics - CRES 347, 17-4 PH and Phosphor Bronze

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Can anybody throw some light on the wear coupling characteristics between SS347 and 17-4 PH, as well as between Phosphor Bronze and 17-4 PH Steel?

It will be helpful if you could refer to some literature where I can learn about Wear Coupling Characteristics...

Thank You,


bifurcation buckling using ABAQUS

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The following is taken from the book Concepts and applications of Finite element methods by Cook, Malkus and Plesha.

 For bifurcation buckling, we have the following eigenvalue problem:

(K+Lambda Ksigma)delta d= 0 

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Question about stochastic Finite Elements

Hi to the community !

I would like to ask if anyone have some experience with stochastic finite elements in an industrial context ?

Would you know some software (free or commercial) package for stochastic finite elements ?

Why do I have the feeling that sfem methods which look to be very promising aren't used much in practice ? Am I wrong when I say that ?

Thank you very much for any help about that !

Thomas Laverne



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