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model a composite laminate in abaqus?

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hi guys, im new to abaqus.

anyone know how to model a unidirectional composite laminate in abaqus?


CAn any one explain me what is the difference between tension and tension-tension loadings....

Can you become a mechanic by reading books?

Well I am really wondering about thsi right now as I read  that I should really try to further my education via Distance learning .

please help!! two solid mechanics problem relating stress, gears etc.


i am having problems solving two solid mechanics problems... can anyone please help??? the problems are:


Question 4:

A 2380 Nm torque is applied to gear D due to input torque from the motor at A, as shown in figure 4. Shafts 1 and 2 are both solid steel, 44 mm in diameter and 600 mm long. Gear B has a diameter of 250 mm and gear C has a diameter of 350 mm. The shear modulus G for steel is 80GN/m^2

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Hard stage materials in Ansys


I'm trying to simulate and compare principal stresses in model of bolt and nut, for different material data. I would like to get the soft/hard stage comparison. The problem is that I just do not know how to define hard stage material, it is not in standard material library in ansys (workbench or classic).

If anyone could help me giving some examples of hard stage materials data I would be greatfull.

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Nominal stress Vs Nominal strain plot in FE simulations

Hi all,

 I want to plot nominal stress Vs nominal strain plot from my FEA simulation. In generally I will get stress and strain at element level, now how can I plot stress-strain for the overall struture. I am applying uniaxual load on specimen. My analysis is non-linear.

Thank you




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Free Energy

For a system in thermal contact with the rest of the world, we have described three quantities: entropy, energy, and temperature. We have also described the idea of a constraint internal to the system, and associated this constraint to an internal variable.

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Evolving small structures

I taught this course at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in Winter 1994, Winter 1995, Spring 1996; at Princeton, Spring 2003; at Harvard, Spring 2004.  The notes posted here are those distributed to the class in Spring 2004.


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How does temperature become a number

An essential step to “understand” thermodynamics is to get to know temperature: how temperature comes down as an abstraction from empirical observations, and how it rises up as a consequence of the fundamental postulate.  I have just updated my notes on temperature.  The beginning paragraphs of the notes abstract temperature from empirical observations.  These paragraphs are posted here.

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sourse of fluid mechanics



I want to learn  fluid mechanics myself,  but  i have no idea how to do and where to search the sourses fluid mechanics ?? 

Thanks in advance


Visualization of point displacements


I'm a new ABAQUS user. I wander if I can get the displacements of any point just by putting the mouse arrow near by it like what is done in the SAP program.

I'm searching for that option but till now didn't find it

Thanks a lot in advance

Viewing the displacement on the deformed shape


I'm a new user of ABAQUS. I want to be able to view the displacements on the CAE deformed shape. Like to put the mouse arrow over a certain node and it writes the exact value of the deformations. (Like what can be done easily by the SAP program)

I just want to figure out how is that possible


Thank you in advance

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Finite elements method monograph (spanish)

Finnally I graduated in Aeronautics Engineering!

Yoy can find a monograph I made during Aeronautics Structures III about FEM in



PS: It is in Spanish, english translation will be available soon.

meshless methods

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good morning sir,
i am masthan rao ,doing final in of engineering specilisation is mechanical,i want to do my projcet on meshless methods.sir plese send the total information about meshless email id is
thanking you sir,
yours faithfully,
p.masthan rao

Basic ABAQUS questions

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I am a novice ABAQUS user.  I've found out that I'm more comfortable using ABAQUS/Standard than the CAE version. The GUI is installled on a central server, thus it is slow, doesn't render images very well and keeps on crashing. I have some questions, which I guess are pretty straight forward for advanced users:

ABAQUS/CAE - How can I model a two-storey shear frame with rigid floors and LUMPED masses?

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This would seem like a simple task. Anyhow, I am having some trouble.

 Problem description: I want to model a two-storey shear frame with rigid floors and lumped masses? I.e., in all its simplicity, a two-DOF system ignoring the mass of the columns and lumping the mass at the two rigid floor beams. A typical example in all books on structural dynamics.

 The columns are modelled with B23-elements while the floors are chosen as analytically rigid parts. I have used 'special - intertia - point masses' to simulate the lumped mass at the reference point of the floors.

How to open .iam or .ipt files in Ansys v11.0?


I have a problem when i try to open .iam or .ipt file in Ansys. The message are:


PlugIn Error: Geometry Interface not found.

PlugIn Error: Attach failed.

By the way, I'm new with Ansys. Perhaps someone can teach me.Thank you.

Neuber Stress Correction method in Detail(Using FE Results)

Hi All,

 Can please explain in detail, Using the Linear Elastic FE Results how can we get the Elasto plastic Stress ( Using the neuber Stress Correction method).??

Thanks in advance,



duplex slip

Hi, can anyone tell me if it is possible for duplex slip of two diferent systems  result in one single slip direction?


problem with meshing

hi friend

   iam new to ABAQUS and 
i am modeling a sample plate in Abaqus with a crack and partitioning the
region at crack tip, but im getting an error such as "24 elements are
within a contour region. The elements are identified in element set

Iam also attaching the   file that i have modelled. please anybody help me in solving the problem

ABAQUS - i need help to define my boundary condition/loads etc. Please help.

Hi All,

 I'm really new on abaqus and currently having tremendous problem with it. Could anyone help with it? I'm trying to simulate a thin sheet clamped by rigid jaws and moves it onto designated position. Could anyone advice me on how to its boundary condition and so on.. ANy advice is welcomed. I'm really2 desperate.

Thanks in advance,



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