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flexural vibration beam+ponctual mass

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Hello everyone,

I  modelled  a slender beam (an Euler-Bernoulli beam)  in flexural vibration in Abaqus  in order to do a natrural frequencies extraction. And, then i wanned to analyse the impact of a concentrated mass in its end. but for the first mode, i obtained a result understandable but not for the following modes which i verified analytically. the viewport of this fundamental mode can be found as a file attachement.

Could you please give me an explanation. And Thank you very much for your help

How to define initial stiffness matrix for cohesive elements in ABAQUS

I am trying to  model adhesive failure using cohesive elements in Abaqus. I need to define the elastic behaviour of elements using traction separation criteria.

So I wanted to know what is the E/Enn, G1/Ess and G2/Ett values for my adhesive(E=1650 MPa)?

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Essential parameter/properties masonry structure modelling (ABAQUS)

hai, im haidar (undergraduate-civil engineering from Malaysia)

Kindly please help me, 

currently im working on my thesis which majorly focused on the dynamic analysis of masonry (Concrete Masonry Unit) multistorey building structure,

presently, im modelling the 3 story building (including ground floor) of masonry building with block size of (200x400mm) including 10mm thickness of mortar joint

(macro-modelling) using the ABAQUS program. However, im facing few issues and confusion regarding on masonry modelling:


analysis Composite at Abaqus

Hi every one

I try to analysis my Model at Abaqus. I want to use continume shell model to create the composite layer. The model shape is so complex and I can not use Hex meshing. Abaqus just meshing the model as Tetra element. And my problem is abaqus do not accept tetra az composite layer at element type. I try to daturm the model very smal part until may be can define hex element but its not work. There is any way I can use tetra meshing for continume shell.  

How to convert ls-Dyna to Abaqus file.

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I am doing a project on the effect of forming in fatigue analysis of a component.I have .key file from dyna which I have to run analysis in abaqus. I need to carry the dyna output containing initial stress and nodal thickness into abaqus and carry analysis which I currently am not able to do it. Kindly suggest me how I can do that if u know.

My  contact number : 9900549731.

Mail id :


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How to plot multi contours in tecplot at a time from two different files.

for example i have two different excel data files A & B with node coordinate and its mises value. I  knew how to plot the individual contour in Tec plot using individual files A & B but now i want to plot both the contour on same page using these individual files (A+B). So, anyone can help me......  

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What is the Mechanical properties of Spandex?

   Hello everyone I'm new here, Hope you can help me!

I was looking for an elastic material and I found a material called Spandex or Lycra(its trade name) I tried to find its mechanical properties on internet, but could not find specific calculation such as its Yielding stress and its modulus of elastisity(E), the most important thing i need is to find the maximum force or stress that it can stand.

Thank you.


Overestimated peak strength for cube compression. Abaqus/Explicit


I have done compression test for concrete cube using Concrete damaged plasticity model. I assigned BC in Reference point which I coupled with a surf of the cube.

I have got stress-strain curve that looks nice, but Peak strength is 2-3 times higher than it should be.

Ia have uploaded pic of force-displacement.

Can anybody help me?


ABAQUS: Thermal stresses in a rectangular composite plate

Trying to model a crossply square plate with a sinusoidal temperature loading (uniform along the thickness). I am trying to match the results by Kant et al 2008 and Rohwer et al 2001. I am modeling the compoosite as a 3-D solid elements (making a part and dividing into 4 layers). I always obtain transverse shear stress on the 90 degree layer at 0,b/2,z to be zero.  My results match with that of the paper when I have a single layer of orthotropic material but they dont match when I have 4 layers of equal thickness and an aspect ratio of 5 (length/thickness).


Short Course on Mechanics of Foams

A short course on the “Mechanics of Liquid and Solid Foams” will be offered at CISM, the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences in Udine, Italy, 13-17 July 2015 (see brochure attached).

Need to know information about Hermite cubics & shape function

I am doing my research in nonlinear vibration of beams. In that research, I have to derive the shape function for different end conditions of the beam. Regarding this,I need some ideas. Are there books I can reference?

Regarding my research work, I need to know about hermite cubics in Fem. Can any one suggest a book regarding this?

Can anyone help me to get the following book?

Hi ,

I am doing phd in nonlinear vibration. Regarding my thesis, I want to refer the following book

"Analytical and numerical methods for vibration analysis" by "Jong-Shyong"

Since the cost of this book is very costly, I am not able to afford this book. I am ready to buy the used copy of this book also.

Can anyone have used copy of this book?

If anyone have, plz provide the photocopy of that book.

If anyone knows, free download copy of the book, plz let me know

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Last minute vacancy for Digital Image Correlation course

Following a late cancellation, we have one vacancy left for our one-week intensive course on Digital Image Correlation to be held in Ghent, Belgium, 12-16 January 2015. All details can be found on the course website.

effective properties of laminates

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Is there any SIMPLE (direct) way to obtain effective properties of laminates in Abaqus?

Thanks in advance.


effective properties of laminates


Is there any SIMPLE (direct) way to obtain effective properties of laminates in Abaqus?

Thanks in advance.


Coordinate system in Abaqus data file (*.dat)

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Dear all,

I have a question which seems quite simple but has troubled me for quite some time: 

I have a composite tube modeled using layered solid elements C3D8, and I want to output radial, circumferential, and axial stress components averaged at preselected nodes (defined as a node set) in Abaqus data file (*.dat). Nevertheless, I would like to have those stress components expressed in a cylindrical coordinate system, rather than in local material coordinate system. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone knows whether it is possible to do so. Thanks.

Abaqus Problem

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Sampling data from large numerical simulations - part 2

The new blog post discusses yet another application of the Linear Assignment Problem; in this case the use of the Hungarian algorithm for finding an optimal list of close data points to a set of point generated using Latin Hypercube sampling.  See

-- Biswajit

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The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  When I update the notes, I will post a link on my twitter account:  

Rheology is the science of deformation.  This science poses a question for every material:  Given a history of stress, how do we predict the history of strain, or the other way around?

Sampling data from large numerical simulations

Large numerical simulations lead to large data sets that typically need some sampling to make analysis tractable.  Check out my upcoming series of posts on the topic at

-- Biswajit

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The attached notes are written for a course on plasticity.  When I update the notes, I will post a link on my twitter account:

Expectation of higher order moment (Bayesian Stats)

I am taking a course in Bayesian statistics, which is off my field. In the lecture notes, the instructor showed

E[X^2n] = (2n-1) σ^2n

and E[X^3 . Y] = E[Y^3 . X] = 3.ρ.σ^4  

where  σ = variance

E = expectation

X is a random variable.

ρ = cor(XY) = E[XY]/σ^2

Can anyone kindly explain how these equations were derived or atleast point me towards some text where I can understand this? Is this to do with the moment generating function?

Marginal Probability Density Function of Stochastic Process

I was solving the following question and I derived the Auto correlation function and proved that it is a WSS process. However, I am not sure how to go about finding the Marginal probability density function. Should I find joint probability of a and b and then find marginal probability of each random variable?

Limitations of using Reliability, Availability & Maintainability software applications for engineering asset management

Does anyone have experience in using RAMs software applications?

I am working on a paper that looks at the limitations of managing risk and improving reliability of engineering assets by using RAMs software applications but I have no experience in using any RAMs software application.


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